I don’t have any real complaints about iMazing, although some actions are slower than using iTunes. Therefore, I tested over a dozen free data transfer and media management tools for iOS. I found that most of the free programs were very limited and not reliable. I’m also nervous about giving these apps access to my iOS data since I assume they will try and monetize it since their service is free. While I didn’t find anything better than iMazing, I found three alternatives with similar features that you can use to replace iMazing. The top choice is UltFone iOS Data Manager. It has a single-click transfer, backs up and restores data without going through iTunes, and repairs over 100 iOS system problems.

Quick Guide: The 3 Best iMazing Alternatives in 2023

What I Look for in a Free iMazing Alternative

When it comes to transferring data and creating secure backups from my iPhone, iMazing is the best tool I’ve seen. It uses a wireless connection, seamlessly transfers all my files, and has powerful security features that protect my data. While I didn’t find a free app that does a better job, I found a few reliable apps for transferring data. Throughout my testing process, I focused on the following criteria:

Cross platform compatibility: I have an iPhone and iPad, a windows computer at home, and a Mac at work. Therefore, I wanted an app that works with all major platforms, so I could access my data from any device. Secure Transfers: I have a lot of sensitive information on my iPhone, including personal notes, business contacts, pictures, and credit card information. I will only use a transfer app that encrypts my data at rest and in transit. Ease of Use: I don’t want to spend too much time learning how to use the software. It should be self explanatory and automated. I prefer an app that lets me schedule automatic transfers and backups so that once I set it up, I won’t have to think about it anymore. Free or REAL Free Trials: While I prefer free programs, I found that most free options are not secure or lack the features I need. Therefore, I expanded my search to include free trials that don’t require a credit card or other payment information to start the trial period.

Ty iMazing for Free!

3 Best Free iMazing Alternatives with Similar Features

1. UltFone iOS Data Manager: Seamless Data and File Transfer Without iTunes Sync

The UltFone iOS Data Manager is a solid data manager for iOS. It has the tools needed to backup, restore, manage, and transfer the data and files from your iOS device without iTunes. It has easy to use apps for Windows and Mac, so you can execute a transfer or view your files with just a few clicks. In addition to transferring data, the app has several helpful features:

Customize your iOS backups: Backing up your iPhone with iTunes can be a complex process. The iOS Data Manager simplifies the entire process. You can choose which files and folders you want to backup, so you don’t have to waste time and bandwidth with a complete device backup. Move, delete, or add files remotely to your phone: The app allows you to manage the data on your phone from your computer. It will show you a directory of all the installed apps, files, folders, and pictures from the phone. You can import files from your computer to the phone, permanently delete items, or move them from one folder to another. Single-click photo transfer and conversion: You can transfer all your pictures to your computer with a single click. There is also a format converter that quickly converts pictures from Apple’s HEIC format to a more convenient JPG. You can convert up to 1,000 pictures at a time.

The free version of UltFone iOS Data Manager severely limits the number of files you can transfer, add, delete, and export. To put it in perspective, the free iMazing app lets you work on 10x the number of files, plus transfer data like media, photos, messages, contacts, and more.

2. iExplorer: Lightweight Tool to Transfer Files from iOS to a Computer or Mac

iExplorer is a fast device manager that gives you complete control over your iOS data. You can transfer your messages, pictures, files, folders, and music to your computer for a secure backup. The software is easy to use, and you’ll have the access you want without having to jailbreak your iOS device, although if you jailbreak the device, you’ll have even more options. With iExplorer, you can connect your device to Mac’s Finder or Windows Explorer, and you can use it as a USB drive. Drag and drop files onto the phone, move them to different folders, or permanently delete items. It’s a good tool for organizing your music. Not only can you move music files from the computer or Mac to your iOS device, but you can search for songs through the Explorer interface and then add it to your iTunes account. There is an Auto Transfer option that will move your entire music library to your iTunes. While Explorer has a free version, I was annoyed by the constant pop-up ads for signing up for a premium account.

3. iFunBox: Manage Multimedia Files From PC and Mac

Connect your iOS device to your computer and use iFunBox to manage your files. Once connected to the computer, the iFunBox turned the iPhone into a USB drive. It has a well-designed dashboard that makes it easy to choose which media files to import or export to or from your iOS device. I didn’t have any issue with the transfer times. Large media files moved between my computer and iPhone at a pretty good pace. There is also a batch install and uninstall option. I found this to be a nice time saver when it comes to managing apps and files. However, I did have some consistency issues with iFunBox that I never experienced with iMazing. It frequently disconnected from iTunes, which stopped file transfers or prevented me from seeing all the files. While you don’t have to jailbreak your iOS device to use iFunBox, it is recommended. Try iMazing for Free!

Is UltFone iOS Data Manager free?

While there is a free version of UltFone iOS Data Manager, it is very limited. It will end up frustrating you, as the features that you want are blocked behind the paywall. Not only that, but overall, iMazing has a much faster transfer rate and its free version gives you access to nearly all the premium features. 

Is UltFone iOS Data Manager secure?

During my tests, I didn’t find any viruses, malware, or spyware included in the UltFone iOS Data Manager. Additionally, the company states in the Privacy Policy that they take “technical and physical measures to safeguard your personal information against theft, misuse, and unauthorized access.”  

What is better, UltFone iOS Data Manager or iMazing

Based on my testing, iMazing is a better data management tool for iOS. It gives you remote access to your messages, contacts, and your calendar. It transfers all types of files between your computer and iOS device at blazing speeds and has powerful security features. Additionally, there is a comprehensive photo manager to help you organize the photos that you transfer and convert them to a more common file format. Download iMazing for Free!