The VPNs in this article aren’t all free, but they do come with reliable money-back guarantees so you can test them out with Hotstar risk-free. I tested 30+ VPNs and found 3 that come with India servers to access Hotstar from abroad and a free VPN with UK servers for Hotstar/GB. ExpressVPN is my #1 recommendation for unblocking Hotstar. It provides ultra-fast speeds for lag-free Hotstar streaming. While most VPNs on my list aren’t entirely free, you can buy ExpressVPN in confidence as it’s backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. Stream Hotstar with ExpressVPN

Quick Guide: Best Free VPNs for Hotstar in 2023

Access Hotstar with ExpressVPN

The Best Free VPNs for Hotstar in 2023

1. ExpressVPN — #1 VPN With Blazing-Fast Speeds for Streaming Hotstar Lag-Free

Key Features: ExpressVPN is the best VPN for streaming Hotstar thanks to its fast and reliable network. Its proprietary Lightway protocol is built for high-bandwidth activities, such as 4K streaming, without compromising on security. Due to the recent change in Indian data laws, ExpressVPN has withdrawn its India servers, however, it does give access to Indian IP addresses via its Singapore and UK servers. This means you can virtually connect to India to enjoy your Hotstar account from outside the country. In order to test ExpressVPN’s speeds, I connected to a distant server in Sydney. I found that my speeds never dropped more than 7%, which is extremely impressive. The farther away a server is from you, the more time it takes for data to exchange between your device and the server, usually resulting in extreme speed loss. Servers in the US, the UK, and India also performed extremely well, giving more than enough speed for lag-free Hotstar streams. I charted ExpressVPN’s performance metrics in the table below: Its extensive roster of 3000 servers in 94 countries means that ExpressVPN can easily access multiple streaming platforms, including: There’s no risk of your IP address leaking when using ExpressVPN to stream Hotstar. I ran multiple DNS, IP, and WebRTC leak tests and found no leaks whatsoever. ExpressVPN also has the option to disable IPv6 traffic, the most common culprit behind data leaks. It offers top-shelf security features, such as:

Military-grade encryption — Encrypts your internet traffic with a 256-bit cipher to ensure full anonymity while browsing the web and streaming Hotstar TrustedServer network — Uses RAM servers that are physically incapable of storing your data to protect your privacy and implement its strict no-logs policy Kill switch — Disconnects you from the internet if the VPN server becomes unsteady or your computer goes into sleep mode to prevent accidental data leaks Split tunneling — Allows you to use certain apps with a VPN, so you can stream Hotstar in India and access your local banking site simultaneously.

Stream Hotstar on 5 devices with ExpressVPN. It works on all mainstream platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. You can also set it up on your smart TV or configure it on your router to encrypt your entire internet. The only issue is that ExpressVPN isn’t technically free. It’s actually one of the more expensive VPNs I tested — but you get what you pay for. I highly recommend it because of its rare combination of excellent performance and security. It also has great deals on at the moment, and you can get it at a bargain price of $6.67/ month with its 1-year + 3 months plan. You can test ExpressVPN out for yourself, and, if you’re not satisfied, you have up to 30 days to claim a refund. I asked the 24/7 live chat agent to process my refund request. Without any questions, the rep approved my cancellation, and I got my money back within 4 days. Stream Hotstar with ExpressVPN

2. CyberGhost — Dedicated Servers in India for Unblocking Hotstar

Key Features: CyberGhost’s dedicated servers make it one of the best VPNs to access Hotstar from anywhere. Each server is optimized to unblock a specific platform. There is 1 server in India optimized for streaming Hotstar, along with 29 regular servers in the country. During tests, I discovered that most of the standard India servers also work well. I like having more server options because it prevents congestion issues and allows you to hop to an alternative server if one is underperforming. My speeds dropped to 82Mbps when I connected to a regular server in India, an 18% drop from my baseline levels. The optimized server for Hotstar was 11% faster than regular ones, providing fast speeds for lag-free streaming. None of the servers got unsteady or overcrowded throughout my 3 hours of continuous testing. I even streamed a 4K video on YouTube without buffering. A huge network of more than 9633 servers across 91 countries means CyberGhost can unblock most geo-restricted platforms, including Netflix US and: Accessing Hotstar from a high-censorship country isn’t a problem with CyberGhost. It provides all the top-grade security and privacy features to make your streaming experience spotless.

NoSpy servers — Provide complete anonymity in restrictive countries 100% leak-proof — Prevents DNS, IP, and WebRTC leaks to guarantee seamless access to Hotstar without being blacklisted Military-grade encryption — Ensures no one can snoop on your browsing activities by ciphering your data and making it unreadable to any third party Kill switch — Automatically disconnects you from the internet if your computer goes into sleep mode, preventing accidental data leaks.

I used CyberGhost on 7 devices, including my Windows PC, iMac, Macbook, iPhone, iPad, and Android phone. All apps were easy to use, and I had no trouble setting up smart WiFi protection and changing VPN protocols with its clear instructions. Even though CyberGhost has servers located in India despite the government’s new data retention policies, I’m confident in CyberGhost’s strict no-logs policy because it’s audited by Deloitte. The auditing firm confirmed that CyberGhost uses airtight server configurations to protect user confidentiality, and it verified that CyberGhost will not store your data. The only issue with CyberGhost is that it offers a shorter refund period on its more expensive monthly plan. But you can subscribe to CyberGhost’s 2-year + 2 months plan to get the full money-back window of 45 days. It’ll also cost you much less, at just $2.19 per month, and you can test it risk-free before purchasing it. I tested its refund policy first-hand by asking for my money back over 24/7 live chat — the rep didn’t ask any questions, and I got my refund within 4 days. Stream Hotstar with CyberGhost

3. Private Internet Access (PIA) — Next Generation Network Provides Fast Speeds for Streaming Hotstar

Key Features: Private Internet Access uses Gen4 servers with 10GB network cards that provide buffer-free Hotstar streaming. These servers are designed for high-bandwidth activities, such as UHD streaming, torrenting, and online gaming. Like ExpressVPN, all servers use RAM disks instead of hard disks so that your data is erased at the end of the VPN session. Note that the only way to access India Hotstar with PIA is by using its virtual location in Singapore. I ran multiple tests and got speeds of 93Mbps on a nearby server in the US. However, they fell by 23% on a distant virtual server in India. This was still a great result and provided your baseline speed is high enough, you should be able to watch your favorite Hotstar shows without lag. All of PIA’s servers are reliable, with premium technology to ensure you get smooth streams and fast access to your usual platforms. PIA’s remote India server is able to access the following streaming services: If you want to boost speeds on distant servers to enjoy Hotstar without interruptions, I recommend enabling the “small packets” feature in PIA’s Settings area. It breaks down your internet traffic into smaller pieces to make it easier to transfer, reducing data loss and the chances of leaks. Besides solid leak protection, PIA offers:

Military-grade encryption — A 256-bit cipher scrambles your internet traffic, making you anonymous online Kill switch — Prevents accidental leaks by cutting your internet if the VPN server drops MACE — Blocks ads, trackers, and malware while you browse the web to protect your data from prying eyes.

Stream Hotstar on up to 10 devices with PIA. I installed it on my Windows PC, laptop, Macbook, iPhone, iPad, and Android phone — each app took 2 minutes to install and had a consistent, easy-to-navigate user interface. Alternatively, you can set up PIA on your router to cover your entire network. There are easy-to-follow steps on the website for this, and contacting 24/7 customer support is easy if you get stuck. I received prompt replies to all my queries and had PIA configured to my router in 15 minutes. The only problem with PIA is that it’s headquartered in the US, a core member of the 5 Eyes alliance. This is a data-sharing agreement, so I was concerned that PIA may be subject to strict data retention policies. However, PIA has a no-logs policy verified by Deloitte. This was also proven in court — the US government requested data related to ongoing investigations in 2015 and 2017. In both cases, PIA had nothing to hand over, proving it does not store logs. You can get PIA at a low price of $2.19 per month if you subscribe to its 2-year + 2 months plan. It’s not technically free, but you can use it for 30 days and get a refund within that time. I emailed my refund request and got a confirmation reply from the support team in just 4 hours. I got my money back after 5 business days. Access Hotstar with PIA

4. Tunnelbear — Servers in the US, UK, and Canada to Access Hotstar Libraries

Key Features: Tunnelbear is a truly free VPN with servers in the US, UK, and Canada to access the countries’ respective Hotstar libraries. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have servers in India and can’t access the Indian catalog, which has the most movies and shows. Still, Tunnelbear is the only free VPN that can unblock Hotstar from anywhere. While Tunnelbear’s unblocking capabilities aren’t as good as the top 2 contenders on my list, it can still unblock many geo-restricted platforms besides Hotstar, such as: During my speed tests, Tunnelbear reduced my speeds by 28% and 65% on nearby and distant servers, respectively. It didn’t impact streaming performance much as I have fast internet, but it could be a problem for users with less than a 20Mbps connection. I suggest switching to the WireGuard protocol and using the TCP override feature to minimize speed loss. I ran multiple leak tests, and Tunnelbear kept my IP address masked throughout. It also includes the following top-level security features to prevent being blacklisted by a geo-blocked site:

GhostBear — Uses obfuscation technology to get past anti-VPN detectors in restrictive countries and provide access to Hotstar and other geo-blocked platforms VigilantBear — Cuts internet connectivity in case the VPN server drops, preventing any accidental leaks.

You can use Tunnelbear on up to unlimited devices. It took me less than 2 minutes to install it on my Windows PC, Macbook, and iPhone, and I enjoyed the user-friendly interface with fun bear graphics. However, I noticed some features were missing across platforms. For instance, the iOS app lacks a kill switch and obfuscation servers. Similarly, the split tunneling feature was absent on the Windows and Mac apps. Still, for a completely free service, I was impressed with what Tunnelbear has to offer. The only problem with Tunnelbear’s free plan is its monthly data cap of just 500MB — that’s barely enough to watch 1 movie on Hotstar. You can get a 1GB data boost by promoting Tunnelbear with a tweet, but that won’t be enough if you’re an avid streamer. However, you can get unlimited data with Tunnelbear’s premium plan. Subscribe to Tunnelbear’s 3-year plan to get the lowest price of $3.33 per month. Unfortunately, Tunnelbear doesn’t offer a fixed refund guarantee but issues refunds on a case-to-case basis. You can request a refund, but that doesn’t mean you’ll always get one. Access UK Hotstar with Tunnelbear

Easy Comparison Table: 2023’s Best Free VPNs for Hotstar

Stream Hotstar with ExpressVPN

4 Free VPNs to Avoid and Why


Avoid CrossVPN at all costs as it’s infested with malware and can put your data at serious risk. It has an AV rank of 11, which means it tested positive for malware on 11 antiviruses.


Throughout my tests, Betternet leaked my IP address and failed to keep me anonymous on the web. As a result, it has poor unblocking abilities and can’t access Hotstar. In addition, it lacks essential security features like military-grade encryption and a kill switch, so you’ll be vulnerable and exposed if the VPN server drops.


Although it has a popular app on PlayStore, SuperVPN is an unreliable VPN due to its intrusive logging practices. For instance, it monitors IP addresses against IP blacklists, which violates a user’s privacy. Its privacy policy states that it keeps users’ data secure in the US and UK. Besides that, it has servers in only 8 countries and can’t access Hotstar.


Affiliated with SuperVPN, LinkVPN also has privacy issues with links to China. Its privacy policy seems to be pasted from elsewhere and has contradictions. On the one hand, it says, “we don’t monitor your traffic,” and on the other, it states the opposite. I wouldn’t trust a VPN service that isn’t transparent about it handles its users’ data. Due to the current issues surrounding Indian servers, I can’t recommend any free VPN for accessing Hotstar’s Indian library. Instead, choose a tried-and-tested VPN like ExpressVPN, which has reliable Indian IP addresses and fast speeds for streaming.

How I Tested and Ranked the Best Free VPNs for Hotstar

I considered the following features when picking the best VPNs for Hotstar:

Accessing Hotstar and Disney+ — All VPNs on my list have servers in countries where Hotstar is available, including the US, UK, Canada, and even India. Data allowance — I picked VPNs with unlimited bandwidth, but the only truly free VPN was Tunnelbear, which has a data cap of 500MB on its free plan. Compatibility — The VPNs I chose work with all mainstream platforms, such as Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. Speeds — I only chose VPNs with high speeds to stream Hotstar without lag. Server location — I have listed the few VPNs that have servers in India for accessing Hotstar’s Indian library, as well as the US, the UK, and Canada. Money-back guarantee — I tested each VPN’s refund guarantee and assessed how long it took to get my money back (as Tunnelbear is free there is no money-back offer).

Stream Hotstar with ExpressVPN

Is there a free VPN Chrome extension that lets you watch Hotstar outside India?

I didn’t find any during my tests. However, ExpressVPN has a Chrome extension and can access Hotstar outside India. While it has recalled its servers in India following the government’s introduction of data retention policies, you can get an Indian IP via servers in the UK and Singapore and watch your usual Hotstar shows while you travel.

Where is Hotstar available?

Hotstar is available in India, the US, Canada, the UK, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. If you want to access Hotstar India while you travel, the best VPNs for Hotstar are the only ones that have access to India servers at this time due to data law concerns. ExpressVPN is currently the best VPN for Hotstar because it provides access to the Indian library and has blazing-fast speeds for lag-free streaming.

It’s legal, but it may violate Hotstar’s Terms of Service. Only a few VPNs have India servers at this time due to recent data law changes, making it even more difficult to access Hotstar outside India. We don’t condone using a VPN for illegal use, so always check the laws of your country and the Terms of Service you wish to access before using a VPN to access your streaming service outside of your usual country.

Is Hotstar free with Disney Plus?

It depends where you are. Users in India can enjoy Hotstar with a Disney+ subscription as they’re fused into one package, and you can use a top VPN to access your usual Disney account while you travel. However, if you’re in the US, you can’t access the Hotstar library with a regular Disney+ subscription. Instead, you’ll have to access Hotstar content via Hulu and ESPN+ as part of the premium Disney Bundle plan.

Why doesn’t my VPN work with Hotstar?

Issues could arise for several reasons, the most probable being that you’re not using a quality VPN. You should pick a VPN that offers premium features that help keep your VPN undetected. I recommend you always use a top premium VPN such as the ones listed in this article to enjoy Hotstar lag-free while you travel.

Can I use an Indian proxy server to access Hotstar?

You can try, but it’s unlikely to work. There are just 4 VPNs that can reliably access Hotstar out of 30+ VPNs that I’ve tried and tested, so I suggest using one of these VPNs instead of wasting time with a proxy. Hotstar uses proxy detectors to prevent users from accessing it this way. Furthermore, a proxy doesn’t encrypt internet traffic but only makes it seem as though you’re browsing from elsewhere. This means your ISP or a hacker can easily snoop on your browsing activities.

Can Hotstar ban me if I use a VPN?

Using a VPN may violate Hotstar’s Terms of Service, particularly if you use it to stream from a different country than Hotstar is available. Make sure you avoid free VPNs that can leak data. Geo-restricted platforms know that people mostly use VPNs for privacy purposes, and there are no known instances of a user being banned for streaming while using a VPN. Still, you should always check your country’s laws and the Terms of Use of a streaming platform before you use a VPN to stream.

VPNs are legal in Europe, and Hotstar is available in the UK. Get a top VPN with servers in the UK to easily access Hotstar from Europe. Finding a reliable VPN with servers in India may be difficult since the country introduced data retention laws for VPN providers.

Will using a VPN stop my ISP from throttling Hotstar?

Yes, a top VPN will encrypt your online data and make it invisible to your ISP. Your internet service provider may throttle your speeds if it detects you’re using too much bandwidth through activities such as torrenting. However, using a VPN means that your traffic is sent via one of its own servers, preventing your ISP from keeping track of what you are doing.

How do I change the country code in Hotstar?

It’s easy to change the country code. Open the Hotstar app, go to settings, select your account, and insert the country code you need. Hotstar only works in a few countries, including the US, Canada, the UK, India, and some Southeast Asian countries, so be sure to have the code you need for the right country.

Where can I find Hotstar live cricket scores?

Visit the “Cricket” tab on Hotstar’s homepage or access the “Scores” section. You can even catch up on the latest cricket scores from home while you travel with a top VPN. Simply connect the VPN server to your home country and log into your account as normal.

Can I watch Hotstar with a free VPN?

I couldn’t find any free VPN with servers in India that can access Hotstar India. Due to the latest data laws, only the best VPNs have working India servers. But these are premium services. You can access Hotstar/gb by using Tunnelbear, which has a free UK server, but the UK library is more limited than India. Free VPNs can lack essential security features, such as a kill switch and military-grade encryption. Many even sell your data to third parties for money and can infect your device with malware. You should use a premium VPN like ExpressVPN with a verified and audited privacy policy.

Start Watching Hotstar Today

As most VPNs shut down servers in India, you may have difficulty accessing the full library in India from abroad, especially when you use a free VPN. I tested dozens of free VPNs, none of which had servers in India. The only truly free VPN was Tunnelbear, but it could only access the UK’s Hotstar library. ExpressVPN is my #1 recommendation for streaming Hotstar. It doesn’t have servers in India anymore, but it can give you an Indian IP address via its servers in the UK and Singapore. Although it’s not technically free, you can buy ExpressVPN with confidence as it’s backed with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re unimpressed with its performance, you can claim a refund. Stream Hotstar with ExpressVPN

Other Top VPNs for Hotstar in 2023