Luckily, a good password manager can help you protect and manage your business login credentials and communications. However, finding the best password manager suited to your type of business can be a considerable challenge. I spent a couple of weeks searching for the best password managers for all businesses. After much research, I determined the top 5 best password managers for businesses. 1Password topped the list, but you’ll find that the other options on this list also offer competitive features. Try 1Password for your business!

Quick Guide: Best Password Managers for Businesses in 2023

Try 1Password for your business!

The Best Password Managers for Businesses — Full Test Results in January 2023

1. 1Password — Best Password Manager for Businesses With a Wide Range of Integrations

Key Features: 1Password is the best password manager for all types of businesses. It has a wide range of features and app integrations that helped my team quickly manage our digital items, workflow communications, and payments. My IT team found 1Password easy to set up and integrate different services with. I could invite all our team members to join the team on 1Password, allowing them to get automated posts and notifications. I also like how easy it was to create multiple secure vaults (shared and private) to store company assets and grant access to some users. This allowed us to create a shared vault for our marketing team and a separate one for the Accounts team. As an admin, I could also grant permissions and access to different team members, giving them access to specific vaults and resources. I also get to monitor all employee activities.

1Password also had other valuable integrations and tools. It allowed my team to create virtual cards for our account department and set spending and time limits. I also found it helpful that 1Password supports Single Sign-On (SSO) and SCIM provisioning. It is easy to automate tasks and processes with supported identity providers like Azure Active Directory, JumpCloud, Okta, OneLogin, and Rippling. I was pleased to see that 1Password offers 5GB of storage for each team member, free family accounts for each user, and up to 20 guest accounts that you can share items with. 1Password has 3 plans for businesses — the Team Starter Pack, the Business plan, and the Enterprise plan. Both the Team Starter and Business plan offer a 14-day free trial. However, you’ll have to request a quote to sign up for the Enterprise plan. Try 1Password for your business

2. Dashlane — Personal and Team Vaults for Each User

Key Features: Dashlane offers an impressive password manager for businesses. It has an easy-to-use app and simple admin console, making onboarding my team members pretty easy. Each team member has tons of features, including dark web monitoring to check for compromised passwords, a password health dashboard to monitor weak and reused passwords and a sharing center where each member can share sensitive information with other users. Dashlane also offers personal and team vaults for business accounts that are secured with industry-standard AES-256 bit encryption. Dashlane’s Admin Console made it easy to manage my team members. I found Dashlane’s activity log dashboard intuitive. It provided a detailed report of the action of each team member, allowing me to track each member’s activity on the admin console. I was also able to invite new members to the team, manage permissions and assign rights. I easily created groups for each of our departments. I got an error message initially when I tried adding members to the groups, but everything worked perfectly when I tried again the next day.

I like that Dashlane is compatible with popular SAML-based SSO providers and SCIM provisioning. My team uses Okta and it was easy to integrate it with Dashlane. This offered every team member a convenient way to sign in to the team and personal vault using existing identity providers. One exciting thing about Dashlane is that even if a team member forgets their master password, an admin can approve a password change from the activity log and help them recover the master password. Dashlane has 2 plans for businesses — the Team and the Business plan. The Team plan is great for small organizations, while the Business plan is the best for large organizations and supports advanced features like SSO, SCIM provisioning, and a free family plan for every seat. Dashlane offers a 14-day free trial, so that should be enough time to test the service thoroughly. Try Dashlane for your business!

3. RoboForm — Best Auto-Filling Feature for Businesses

Key Features: RoboForm is an excellent password manager that excels at auto-filling websites. Whether you’re a small or big business, you’ll find RoboForm helpful. I found it easy onboarding new team members. There’s the option to add users individually or import a CSV file with the email address of each team member. Once my IT team onboarded users, I was able to create shared groups for each of our departments and add the respective members to the group. As an admin, I could grant permissions, deploy security policies, share credentials with individual users or groups, and view reports on the management console. But what I liked most was that I could limit the IP address permitted to access the group vaults. For example. I was able to make it so that the IT team only allowed office WiFi connections to access vaults. This way, hackers cannot access company secrets even if they know an employee’s master password. RoboForm auto-fill feature works efficiently, beating competitors like Dashlane and Keeper. It is the best password manager for auto-filling your business social media profiles, payment forms, HR forms, real estate forms, insurance forms, medical forms, and more. I also like that RoboForm can be integrated with popular SSO providers and supports 2FA for an additional layer of protection. RoboForm is one of the cheapest brands among the password managers on this list. While it has fewer features than 1Password and Dashlane, it offers discounted prices for short-term and long-term uses. You can even try RoboForm for Business risk-free using the 14-day free trial. Try RoboForm for your business!

4. Keeper — Best Password Manager for Team Communications

Key Features: Keeper password manager protects all your business logins while ensuring secure communication among team members. Its security architecture is designed to be zero-knowledge, meaning all your business secrets cannot be known to anyone you don’t authorize, including Keeper employees. It was easy for the IT team to onboard all employees, and it was easy for all team members to use. I like how Keeper makes it easy to communicate securely with all employees. Each team member could easily share passwords, files, and folders with other team members from their private vault. That’s not all. Keeper has an encrypted chat app (KeeperChat) that allows my team to communicate securely, share sensitive files, and set a message to self-destruct after a while. One thing I like about Keeper is its obsession with security. Admins can set policies to enforce strong master password creation and two-factor authentication requirements. Keeper offers different multi-factor authentication options, including 2FA apps like Google authenticator and hardware keys like YubiKey, allowing me to designate specific authentication types required for different employees. Its BreachWatch feature monitors the dark web for compromised employee logins and recommends updating passwords for those accounts. Keeper offers 2 plans for businesses — the Business and Enterprise plan. Unlike 1Password, which provides a wide range of integrations on all the Business plans, Keeper’s Business plan doesn’t offer advanced Single Sign-On (SSO) and SCIM for passwordless login. You can only get that on the Enterprise plan. You can try Keeper for Business using its 14-day free trial. Try Keeper for your business!

5. LastPass — Multiple Options to Secure Company Data

Key Features: LastPass offers a user-friendly dashboard for businesses to manage team members. It allows all employees to create, store, auto-fill, and share passwords from their secure vaults. My IT team found it really easy to onboard team members and designate the features needed for specific employee roles. As an admin, I created shared folders and groups for all our departments, including marketing and HR, without any difficulty. I was also able to monitor employee passwords if they had been compromised on the dark web. I also found other great features for my team on the admin console. It works with popular Active Directory provisioning providers like Okta and Azure AD. I got advanced reporting for user activities when a new team member is added with detailed security reports on the admin console. I could also create security policies that mandate multi-factor authentication for all team members to protect their vaults from authorized access.

LastPass for business is compatible with 1200+ pre-integrated SSO apps and 100+ customizable policies. You can protect your workstations (Windows and macOS), Active Directory (Microsoft Azure), and on-premise LDAP services. You can also get advanced features such as enterprise APIs and generate SAML keys. LastPass has 2 plans for businesses. The Team plan covers 50 users, shared folders, 2FA, and a security dashboard. In contrast, the Business plan has all the Team features and MFA, and families account for each user, customizable policies, and Single Sign-On (SSO) apps. You can try both plans for businesses risk-free using the 14-day free trial. Try LastPass for your business! LastPass announced that one of its developer accounts was recently hacked and portions of source code and technical information were stolen. LastPass has ensured users that: 

Your master password has not been compromised No data within your vault has been compromised There’s no evidence that your personal information was compromised

No action is required from LastPass users at this time. This is a good reminder to always follow best practices when setting up and using a password manager and to only use vetted companies.

Quick Comparison Table: 2023’s Best Password Managers for Businesses

Try 1Password for your business!

How I Tested and Ranked the Best Password Managers for Businesses in 2023

Strong security — My team and I only chose the business password managers with impeccable security features like AES-256 bit encryption, two-factor authentication (2FA) for an extra layer of security, and zero-knowledge policies to ensure that our company logins are securely managed. Easy onboarding and Integrations — I ensured that the business password managers we decided upon are easy to use by all our employees and have a wide range of apps and integrations like single sign-on (SSO) for a convenient login experience. Quality features — I prioritized password managers that offer basic and advanced features well suited for all types of business. Admin Controls —  I focused on finding password managers that offer advanced reporting, security reports, customizable security policies, and different permission levels for employees. Value for money — Even though most business password managers are highly-priced, I ensured that the features of the selected password managers should justify the pricing. Moreso, all password managers in this list offer free trials that allow your team to decide if the features meet your business needs before committing.

Do I really need a password manager for my business?

Yes, most company-wide data breaches result from weak or compromised employee logins. A password manager for business keeps confidential information secure, enables access to sensitive information across teams, and ensures your practices are kept safe and private. A business password manager will notify you of any compromised employee login and prompt your team members to change it. You can also integrate it with different apps and services and conveniently sign in to multiple services you use using Single Sign-on (SSO) technology. Password managers like 1Password and Dashlane have various features to fit into all types of businesses.

Are password managers secure enough for businesses?

Yes, password managers offer robust security and zero-knowledge policies to secure all your organization’s sensitive information adequately. All the password managers curated in this list are backed by AES-256 bit encryption and have zero-knowledge privacy policies and, as such, keep all your company’s data private. Additionally, they all support multi-factor authentication and 2FA for an extra layer of protection. Some providers like Dashlane even offer a VPN to encrypt your employee’s web traffic and protect them from malicious content. Password managers are actually a necessity for modern businesses to stay protected online.

What is the best password manager for businesses?

1Password is the best password manager for businesses. It offers dozens of basic and advanced features. This includes secure vaults, seamless form-filling capabilities, single sign-on (SSO), Active Directory, SCIM provisioning, and admin controls. These features provide convenient logins, app integrations for secure communications and processes, and managing employee permissions. No matter the stage of your business, you’ll find that 1Password is designed for your business needs. It supports small and large companies alike, allowing you to sign up according to your staff strength. 1Password even offers a 14-day free trial, so your team can get acquainted with the product before committing. Try 1Password for your business

Get the Best Password Manager for Your Business

Every business needs to secure company data and keep sensitive information private. However, many employees have vulnerable passwords that could compromise your business data. You’ll need a reliable and secure password manager for your business to prevent this. Many password managers offer basic features like form-filling capabilities, encrypted password vaults, and a secure password generator. Even then, they are often difficult to use by the average employee. A good password manager for businesses needs to offer more than basic functionalities. It should be easy to use, offer tons of app integrations, have permission controls, customizable security policies, Active Directories, user provisioning, and, most importantly, good value for money. After testing multiple business password managers, I found 1Password to be the overall best password manager for all types of businesses. It has all the features that my team needed to manage sensitive data. It was easy to use by technical and non-technical team members and kept all of our company’s data safe. You can also have your IT team try 1Password risk-free for 14 days to find out if it meets your business needs as it did for ours before committing. Try 1Password for your business

Summary — Best Password Managers for Businesses in 2023