However, a good family password manager is hard to come by. Finding an easy-to-use, affordable, and safe family password manager wasn’t easy. I wanted a password manager that offers family-friendly features, uncrackable security, and intuitive apps that aren’t expensive. After weeks of research and testing, I discovered the best password managers for families. I found the best password managers that made it easy to securely share passwords and other sensitive information with my wife, kids, and relatives. They all offered unlimited device syncing and two-factor authentication (2FA) for extra security. Try 1Password for Families

Quick Guide: Quick Guide: Best Password Managers for Families in 2023

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The 5 Best Password Managers for Families — Full Test Results in January 2023

1. 1Password — Best Password Manager for Families in 2023

Key Features: 1Password is the best password manager for families. It ensures that the whole family stays protected with military-grade security for parents and children, protecting family members from data leaks. Even better, it is so intuitive that even my elderly parents didn’t find it challenging to sign up and use it to access their Facebook accounts securely. I like that 1Password allows for permission control, allowing a parent to determine the logins that each family member can access. I created a shared vault with our shopping logins, streaming service subscription logins, and insurance details, which could only be accessed by me and my wife. The kids had their vault containing subscription logins to YouTube Kids, games, and social media accounts, which I could also oversee. It was pretty easy to share logins and files with other family members. I like that 1Password supports two-factor authentication (2FA) for extra protection and biometric login for convenience where the master password isn’t required to sign in to the vault. 1Password also makes it easy to check for vulnerable passwords in your vault and monitor the dark web to see if any of your family’s passwords have been compromised in a data breach. Apart from supporting 5 family members, 1Password for families provides 1GB of storage for each user, which allows me to store some important documents. If your family is larger than 5 members, you can still add more users for a small fee. 1Password also offers 20% off its family plan to new customers — so it’s worth trying out the family plan before any of 1Passwod’s other plans. The best thing is that you can try 1Password for family risk-free using its 14-day free trial before committing. Try 1Password for Families

2. Dashlane — Intuitive Interface With Extra Features

Key Features: Dashlane is a good family password manager with a simple user interface. It provides excellent security features like the military-grade AES-256 bit encryption to ensure that none of your family’s sensitive information is compromised. Dashlane is also the only family password manager on my list that comes bundled with a VPN that provides privacy when you surf the web. I like how Dashlane was pretty easy to use by all my family members. We could use it on all popular devices, including macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS devices. My wife used it to auto-fill payment forms while shopping for our household items without stress. Dashlane made it possible for us to monitor our password health and replace weak and reused ones. One of the features I like the most is the automatic password changer. It allowed my kids and parents to update their passwords with one click and not have to sign in to the site first before they could change their passwords. I also like how the dark web monitor keeps a watch on the dark web for any compromised password in our vaults. Dashlane is a secure and easy-to-use password manager for families. Unlike 1Password, which allows a base of 5 users, Dashlane supports up to 6 family members. If you want to try Dashlane for your family, I recommend signing up using the 30-day free trial or the 30-day money-back guarantee to test the service risk-free. Try Dashlane for Families

3. RoboForm — Shop Quickly With Excellent Auto-Filling Feature

Key Features: RoboForm is another strong family password manager. It uses robust security features and military-grade encryption so that your family’s passwords don’t get hijacked by hackers. I also like that RoboForm offers a password auditing tool that helps each member of my household check if their passwords are weak, reused, or compromised. Compared to 1Password and Dashlane, one area where RoboForm excels in is its form-filling abilities. The auto-fill feature fills complex forms quickly, allowing me to fill my family’s passport application forms while planning our vacation. After that, I shared all the login details with each family member and other passwords for streaming services and travel details. RoboForm supports two-factor authentication (2FA), which allows each member of my family to add an extra layer of protection. It syncs across all devices, so my daughter could use it on her PC to sign in to YouTube premium and access all her social media accounts on her iPhone. I also like that RoboForm backs up all information in my vault to the cloud so that I can quickly restore any lost saved login. RoboForm is one of the cheapest brands among the family password managers on this list. It supports 5 family members, with each having a separate encrypted vault. You can try RoboForm for your family risk-free using its 30-day money-back guarantee. Try RoboForm for Families

4. Keeper — Best for Private Family Communication

Key Features: Keeper is a secure family password manager. It comes with many unique features, including an encrypted chat app (KeeperChat) that you can use to communicate with all your family members and share files privately. KeeperChat offers up to 50GB of storage which was enough to share images and videos of beautiful outdoor moments I had with my kids when my wife traveled for work. Another cool thing with Keeper is that it allows seamless password sharing, allowing me to share logins, addresses, payment cards, and files with my family. Keeper also provides a simple auto-fill feature, which helped me sign up for health insurance and pay for movie tickets for the whole family easily One other thing I like about Keeper is its focus on security. Apart from securing all data in our vaults with military-grade security, it offered multi-factor authentication options, including 2FA, and biometric login, which allowed my daughter to sign in to her vault using Face ID verification. I also like how the BreachWatch feature monitors the dark web for any compromised password, alerting me to change the affected password. Keeper offers a secure way to communicate privately with family members called KeeperChat, which supports up to 5 users. Unlike providers like Dashlane and RoboForm, Keeper is priced slightly higher. Even though it doesn’t have a free trial for the family plan, you can use the 30-free trial for the individual plan to test the service before committing to the family plan. Try Keeper for Families

5. LastPass — Easy Password Sharing and Account Recovery Options

Key Features: LastPass offers a user-friendly dashboard for sharing all types of passwords with family. It allowed me to store and organize passwords for different needs like entertainment, medical, and payments into folders and then share these folders with specific members of the family. For instance, my wife and I alone had access to the payments folder to store insurance and shopping information, while the kids had access to the entertainment folder. I like that LastPass has multiple account recovery options, which came in very handy when my daughter forgot her master password. The available options include a one-time password, SMS recovery, and master password hint, but she chose the mobile recovery option, which allowed her to use the Face ID recovery method. LastPass offers multi-factor authentication security options like 2FA, which allowed my whole family to add an extra layer of protection. I was impressed that LastPass has an automatic password changer, but it wasn’t as effective as Dashlane. It took a very long time to load and use. What stood out for me was its Credit Monitoring feature (only for US customers) that monitors your credit report and alerts you about any errors or identity theft issues. LastPass’ family plan is a good value for money. It supports 6 users with encrypted vaults, a family manager dashboard, and shared folders. However, if you have a larger family, you can’t add extra users like 1Password permits. You can try LastPass for your family risk-free using the 30-day free trial. Try LastPass for Families LastPass announced that one of its developer accounts was recently hacked and portions of source code and technical information were stolen. LastPass has ensured users that: 

Your master password has not been compromised No data within your vault has been compromised There’s no evidence that your personal information was compromised

No action is required from LastPass users at this time. This is a good reminder to always follow best practices when setting up and using a password manager and to only use vetted companies.

Quick Comparison Table: 2023’s Best Password Managers for Families

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How I Tested and Ranked the Best Password Managers for Families in 2023

Strong security — I selected only the family password managers that use AES-256 bit encryption as it’s virtually unbreakable. I also ensured that two-factor authentication (2FA) and zero-knowledge policies are offered so that no one apart from your family members could access family data. Family-friendly features —  I prioritized the family password managers that support password sharing, at least 1GB of storage for each user, permission control, and unlimited device syncing. I particularly like that 1Password allows you to add new licenses beyond the standard 5 users. Ease of use — I ensured that all the password managers that made it to my list were easy to use, even for non-tech-savvy users. This way, my children and parents could easily navigate through the apps and browser extensions seamlessly. Value for money —  I focused on shortlisting the most affordable family password managers that offer quality features that meet your family’s unique needs. Moreso, all password managers on this list offer free trials that allow you to test the features before committing to a paid subscription.

Can my child easily use a password manager?

Yes, but not all password managers are easy to use. Only a few password managers are intuitive enough so that your child would find easy to use. All the password managers on my list can be used by non-tech-savvy and tech-savvy family members, including your child. The best of them all is 1Password, featuring user-friendly apps and browsers. I also was surprised to see how easy it was for my 7-year-old to log in to her YouTube Kids account using 1Password’s autofill feature. The best thing is that there were graphical instructions to help navigate and use every app feature.

Are password managers safe for families?

Absolutely. While not every password manager on the market is safe, all the password managers I curated in this list are the best in security and safe to use for the whole family. All the passwords in your vaults are secured with military-grade AES-256 bit encryption. You can also implement two-factor authentication (2FA) for each family member to ensure an additional layer of protection. 2FA was too complex for my parents, so we adopted biometric login where they could quickly sign in without needing to type in their master password. 1Password and Dashlane even offer dark web monitoring that allows you to check if the password of any family member has been found in a data breach. I also like the permission control features that each password manager has. It allowed me to separate the logins that are accessible by each member of the family. Only my wife and I could access our credit card logins and insurance information, whereas our children could access streaming service logins and other logins that they could use.

Can my family use a free password manager?

Not quite. There are free password managers, but they often have limitations that make them unsuitable as family password managers. For instance, most free password managers only cover 1 user, which already defeats the purpose of having a password manager for families. Worst still, many family-friendly features like unlimited password sharing, file storage, unlimited device syncing, and permission control are lacking in free password managers. However, you can still find family password managers that won’t break the bank. The password managers on my list are affordable and feature-rich, offering unlimited password sharing and unlimited users for large families as 1Password offers. Moreover, providers like Dashlane even offer a VPN to protect your family’s privacy. And all the password managers have a free trial that gives you time to test each option before committing. Try 1Password for Families

Keep Your Family Protected with a Password Manager

Having a password manager for your family is very important if you want to protect your digital life. A password manager will help you organize your family’s passwords for entertainment, payments, and health care information, allowing only specific family members to access the passwords they need. Apart from sharing passwords, a family password manager helps keep your family safe online and secures your sensitive information with bank-grade security. After testing multiple family-friendly password managers, I found 1Password to be the best, supporting the whole family (even large families). It has intuitive apps, protects my family and our sensitive information, and has all the features my family needs to manage our passwords securely and efficiently. You can sign up your whole family and test 1Password risk-free using its 30-day free trial before committing. Try 1Password for Families

Summary – 5 Best Password Managers for Families in 2023