When checking which password managers are the best for Windows, I tested each one’s features, security, privacy policies, and integration with Windows. I also took a look at each one’s subscription prices to see if they were worth it. After all my tests, I can safely say that 1Password is my top password manager for Windows because it’s the most well-rounded option. The others are good options as well, though, and are worth your consideration. All 5 password managers are secure, privacy-friendly, and work well on Windows devices. Try 1Password for Windows

Quick Guide: Best Password Managers for Windows in 2023

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The Best Password Managers for Windows — Full Test Results in January 2023

1. 1Password — Top-Tier Security With Seamless Windows Integration

Key Features: 1Password is easily my top password manager for Windows. It has an incredibly intuitive Windows app and comes loaded with many useful features. Plus, it safeguards your data using military-grade encryption and has a strict zero-knowledge policy so only you can view your data. What makes 1Password an excellent choice for Windows users is how seamlessly it works with features like Windows Hello. Simply go to its settings, open the Security tab, and allow Windows Hello to unlock 1Password. After doing this, you can easily use your fingerprint sensor or camera to unlock 1Password. Installing 1Password on Windows is easy as well. It has a straightforward setup process that only took me a few minutes to complete. Even if you’re entirely new to using password managers, you can have 1Password up and running in no time. In all my tests, I found 1Password to be as secure as a password manager can be. Alongside encrypting your data with industry-standard AES 256-bit encryption, it uses a combination of your master password and secret key to decrypt your data. It also offers a secure password generator you can use to generate strong passwords for your accounts. Of course, 1Password also comes with every other much-needed security feature like 2FA and secure vaults for your information. Watchtower is one of 1Password’s best features. It analyzes all of your passwords to let you know if any of them are weak, reused, or vulnerable in any other way. Watchtower also has a data breach monitor that checks the haveibeenpwned servers to tell you if any of your passwords get leaked in a breach. Also, it’ll let you know if any of your credit cards, licenses, or identity cards are nearing expiration. 1Password offers different plans for individuals, families, teams, and businesses. It only offers 1-year plans, but each plan is quite affordable considering how much this password manager offers. Of course, there’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee for 1Password that’ll let you test 1Password risk-free. Also, the individual and family plans even come with a 14-day free trial. Overall, 1Password is one of the most well-rounded password managers on Windows. It offers great security, a privacy-friendly approach, and many useful features at an affordable price to make password management convenient and safe. Try 1Password for Windows!

2. Dashlane — Many Useful Features and Full Support for Windows Hello

Key Features: Dashlane is a great password manager if you want an app with lots of useful features. It has the same industry-standard encryption and zero-knowledge policy as every other option on this list, but it does manage to set itself apart. I like Dashlane because it has many more features than the average password manager. Alongside everything you’d expect, like a password generator, secure vaults for information, and auto-fill features, it also offers a VPN (Virtual Private Network) that you can use. Hotspot Shield powers Dashlane’s VPN, and I found it to be fast and reliable in most cases. Dashlane’s Windows app is very easy to use, and I had no trouble navigating through it. It has a straightforward design with all the features laid out nicely, and I could easily make the most of everything it offers. The installation is simple as well, especially on Windows. I downloaded, installed, and set Dashlane up on my PC in minutes because of how simple and easy the whole setup is. Also, setting it up with Windows Hello is just as easy because all you have to do is enable it from the settings menu. Dashlane features include Dark Web Monitoring which notifies you if any of your passwords are leaked and dumped on the dark web. Also, it has a password health section that you can use to tell how strong and secure your passwords are. I frequently used the password health feature to ensure I used the most secure passwords possible. Another Dashlane feature that impressed me a lot is the one-click password changer. I used it to update weak passwords across many different websites and services safely. This is an excellent feature currently supported on over 200 sites and provides convenience and a safe way to update passwords. Dashlane offers plans for individuals and families, with the family plan allowing up to 6 separate accounts. You can either subscribe to a monthly plan or go for a 1-year plan which is the longest subscription Dashlane offers. The yearly plans are definitely the best value, especially the 1-year family plan. Also, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee and even a 30-day free trial, so you can test this password manager before committing. Overall, I recommend getting Dashlane if you want a password manager packed with features. It has many useful features and military-grade security to safeguard your data. It’s a bit more expensive than other options on this list, though. Try Dashlane for Windows!

3. RoboForm — Best Form-Filling Password Manager for Windows

Key Features: I consider RoboForm the best Windows password manager for anyone who often needs to fill in forms. It was initially a form-filling tool that eventually became a password manager, and it now offers the best of both worlds to whoever uses it. It not only fills login forms, but it can also instantly fill other forms that require addresses and card details. Its auto-capture features are great as well. RoboForm immediately captures the login details you use and asks if you want to save them for later. These features work great on both browsers and desktop apps, so I consider RoboForm to be a great password manager for Windows. Installing RoboForm on Windows is incredibly easy. The process consists of simply downloading the app from its website and going through a simple setup. You’ll have the password manager running in minutes, even if you haven’t ever used one before. RoboForm’s desktop app is very intuitive, thanks to its simple design that makes it easily navigable. I could browse through the app and use all its features without any trouble. RoboForm doesn’t disappoint in terms of security either. It comes with the highest-end AES 256-bit encryption, paired with the fact that it handles decryption locally on your devices. This combination keeps your data secure and keeps it away from prying eyes. RoboForm is also quite privacy-friendly. It’s fully compliant with GDPR and is also Privacy Shield certified, which means it follows all the necessary data protection and management practices. Its privacy-friendly approach gives me great peace of mind while using RoboForm because I know my data is always in good hands. RoboForm comes with many different plans for individuals, families, and businesses. Interestingly, it starts with yearly options and offers plans up to 5 years long. Its plans offer great value for money and are the cheapest on this list. Plus, RoboForm offers a 30-day money-back guarantee that’ll let you get a refund if you aren’t satisfied with what you get. It doesn’t get better than RoboForm if you want safe storage for your logins and best-in-class form-filling features. It’s an incredibly secure password manager that’ll let you speed through forms with a few clicks. Plus, it’s the most affordable option on this list. Try RoboForm for Windows!

4. Keeper — Comes With Secure Storage for All Your Files and Sensitive Information

Key Features: Keeper is a reliable password manager offering a well-rounded mix of security and features. It isn’t the most innovative option on this list in terms of extra features, but it certainly gets the job done. It offers top-notch security and privacy, some useful features, and great customer support to assist you whenever needed. Keeper’s Windows app is well designed, intuitive, and easy to navigate. It has an excellent interface that even newcomers can get the hang of quickly because all the features are easily visible and accessible. Also, the installation process is straightforward. You can make your account, install the app, and have it running within a couple of minutes. Like all the other password managers I’ve recommended here, Keeper will safeguard your data using AES 256-bit encryption. Plus, it has a strict zero-knowledge policy meaning that you’re the only person who can access your data. Keeper also decrypts your data locally, so there’s no way it can fall into anyone else’s hands. To keep you as secure as possible, Keeper offers the useful BreachWatch feature. As the name suggests, BreachWatch monitors the dark web to see if any of your passwords get leaked in a data breach. It’ll immediately inform you if any of your passwords are found on the dark web so you can change them as soon as possible. Keeper also has a helpful security auditing feature that tells you how secure your passwords are. I frequently used this feature because it specifically told me which of my passwords were weak and needed changing. It also gives a security score based on your overall password strength and makes it easy to have the most secure passwords possible. Of course, Keeper also has a password manager that you can use to generate the secure passwords you’ll use to replace the weak ones. One thing Keeper offers that isn’t available elsewhere is a built-in messenger called KeeperChat. KeeperChat is easily accessible on the Windows app and has many interesting options like retracting sent messages and setting messages to delete after a while. It’ll even inform you if someone takes a screenshot of the conversation. Keeper comes with 2 different plans. One is the standard plan, and the second is the Keeper Plus Bundle which includes all the standard Keeper password manager features including Dark Web Monitoring and secure file storage. There are separate plans for individuals and families, and they’re only available as 1-year-long subscriptions. Also, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee that’ll allow you to test all of Keeper’s features risk-free. Anyone looking for a great Windows password manager won’t be disappointed with Keeper. It may not be the cheapest, but it’s well-rounded with a balanced mix of security, privacy, and features, all at a fair price. Also, it has very responsive customer support that’ll usually give you the answers you need in minutes. Try Keeper for Windows!

5. LastPass — Delivers Reliable Password Management and an Intuitive Windows App

Key Features: I found LastPass to be an effective password manager with everything I needed to safely and conveniently manage my passwords on Windows. With its military-grade encryption, zero-knowledge security model, and intuitive apps, LastPass is well worth your consideration. Among the main reasons I consider LastPass a great Windows password manager is how easy it is to get up and running. I downloaded, installed, and set up the Windows app in just a few short minutes. Using the app is even easier because it features an easy-to-use design that you’ll be able to navigate through without trouble. All of the key features are clearly laid out before you, thus making it easy to access and use each one. LastPass comes with AES 256-bit encryption, so your data will always be secure. Also, like other password managers I’ve recommended here, it has a zero-knowledge model meaning that no one but you can access and see your information. Also, there are many other useful security features like 2FA, a password generator, and a security dashboard feature that gives insights into your overall password security. The security dashboard is very useful, and I found myself using it often to keep track of all my passwords to ensure that none of them are vulnerable. One issue with using LastPass on Windows is that it isn’t compatible with Windows Hello. Other password managers on this list have a simple option in their settings menu that lets them seamlessly work with Windows Hello’s functions. These functions let you authenticate yourself via fingerprint, facial recognition, and some other ways. However, you can still configure LastPass to use biometrics such as your fingerprint on your Windows device, which you’ll do from the settings menu. Unfortunately, no Windows Hello compatibility means that you won’t be able to use facial recognition or your PIN to authenticate yourself. LastPass’ plans are for individuals, families, teams, and businesses. They aren’t the cheapest, but they’re well-priced considering how much you get with this password manager. There’s no money-back guarantee, but there’s a trial you can use to test LastPass before committing. The trial is 30 days long for individuals and families, while businesses and teams get a 14-day-long trial. There are also many other useful features in LastPass, such as easy password sharing, a secure password generator, and an emergency access feature. It’s slightly more expensive than other password managers, but anyone using LastPass on Windows will be happy with its safe, effective, and convenient password management. Try LastPass for Windows! LastPass announced that one of its developer accounts was recently hacked and portions of source code and technical information were stolen. LastPass has ensured users that: 

Your master password has not been compromised No data within your vault has been compromised There’s no evidence that your personal information was compromised

No action is required from LastPass users at this time. This is a good reminder to always follow best practices when setting up and using a password manager and to only use vetted companies.

Quick Comparison Table: 2023’s Best Password Managers for Windows

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How I Tested and Ranked the Best Password Managers for Windows in 2023

Strong security — I only chose password managers with AES 256-bit encryption for the best possible security. Also, I made sure they offer features like 2FA and have strict no-knowledge policies. Quality features — Every option on this list comes with useful features such as auto-fill, a security center, password sharing, etc. Of course, all the features work seamlessly on Windows devices. Integration with Windows — This is one of the main things I prioritized when finding the best password managers for Windows. My top choices like 1Password have great Windows apps and work seamlessly with intuitive features like Windows Hello. Ease of use — I always recommend password managers that you can use even if you’ve never tried one before. All the options mentioned here, like Dashlane and Keeper, come with highly intuitive apps and are very easy to install. Value for money — Alongside being secure, reliable, and easy to use, a password manager must be affordable. The ones I’ve picked out for you come with various affordable plans. RoboForm, for instance, has very affordable yearly, 3-year, and 5-year plans.

Can I use a password manager with Windows Hello?

Yes, you can easily use a password manager with Windows Hello. All but 1 of the password managers I’ve recommended work seamlessly with Windows Hello. LastPass is the only one that doesn’t have complete Windows Hello integration, but you can easily configure it to work with biometrics on Windows.

Are password managers secure?

Completely! All the password managers on this list are secure. They use industry-standard AES 256-bit encryption to safeguard your data. Alongside the encryption, they offer security reports, 2FA, and secure vaults for your information to ensure your data never falls into the wrong hands. Plus, they have strict no-knowledge policies meaning no one but you can ever view your information.

Can I sync my passwords between operating systems?

Absolutely! Every password manager here has apps on multiple operating systems and devices. Also, these apps come with seamless sync features. These make it so that changes you make to your information are updated immediately across all the devices where you use a password manager. Try 1Password for Windows!

Which Is the Best Windows Password Manager in 2023

There are lots of different password managers available for Windows. Unfortunately, many of them aren’t secure, don’t value the privacy of your data, or don’t have proper integration with Windows and its features. Also, the password managers available on browsers like Chrome and Firefox don’t offer enough features to be worthwhile. However, the 5 password managers on this list are secure, privacy-friendly, and feature-rich. All the password managers on this list are easy to install on Windows devices and have easy-to-use apps. Plus, they work extremely well with intuitive features like Windows Hello. LastPass is the only one without proper Windows Hello integration, but you can set it up to work with biometrics. Of course, they all utilize industry-standard security and have strict no-knowledge policies to ensure the safety and privacy of your data. While all 5 of my recommended password managers are great choices, 1Password is my top choice. It is simply the most well-rounded option with strong security, many features, and seamless integration with Windows. It’s also really easy to install and use, so you can have it up and running without any trouble. Try 1Password for Windows!

Summary – Best Password Managers for Windows in 2023