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If there’s anything wrong with ExpressVPN, it’s that it costs more than other VPNs. But I discovered there’s a discount. You can save 49 on a yearly plan, and it should help you save some good money on a subscription. All of ExpressVPN’s premium features are what make this the #1 VPN to choose. Test ExpressVPN out for yourself risk-free. If you don’t feel like it’s right for you, you can get a full refund within the 30-day money-back guarantee period. They won’t even ask why you’re canceling. I tried it out myself. On the 24/7 live chat, I asked the agent for a refund, and it was processed right away. I had the money back in my account in just 5 days.

Key Features:

PrivateVPN’s interface was especially easy to use and provided numerous useful features, like choosing between any of the servers. The interface will also let me select one with a dedicated IP address for when I want to torrent media files in the public domain. You can mark your favorite servers if you like, and the interface is really simple. There’s an advanced view if you want to change program or security settings. I never have to leave Simple View, though. I can click, connect, and watch Midsomer. The only minor thing wrong with it is there aren’t many servers to connect to. They have 200 servers in 63 countries. But the speed is good for the size of the network. Despite the limited servers, it also has unlimited bandwidth and never throttles your speed, so the viewing experience is pleasurable. PrivateVPN has some good features. You can try it out; PrivateVPN has a 7-day free trial, and you don’t have to put your payment info in when you sign up. It also has a 30-day money-back guarantee if the VPN doesn’t work for you. I found it simple to contact support with the form in the “Support” tab of the website. They got back to me by email quickly, and handled my request. I had my refund back in 3 days

Key Features: There’s another handy resource it has to help you out: VyprVPN for business cloud. This feature gives you a dedicated business VPN server of your own with its own IP address.VyprVPN makes it so you can connect to your programs and apps you already have, like Salesforce. It’s a secure access point and locks your cloud infrastructure down, protecting your internet connection. VyprVPN’s only minor con is that there’s no cryptocurrency payment. You can’t pay anonymously, but you’re safe with VyprVPN. You have to pay with some form of national currency through a credit card or Paypal. But the company is based in Switzerland, where they have to follow a host of privacy laws. I felt safe using VyprVPN for my viewing experience. If you want to try VyprVPN, it has a free 3-day trial, so you can evaluate it and see if it’s for you. You can try VyprVPN without risk; it has a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you decide it can’t do what you want it to in that time, there’s no risk. You can use its form to request a refund. I did it and got a response in my email within 15 minutes. They processed my refund that day, and I had the money back in my account in 5 days.

Key Features: You can start Zenmate with a 7-day free trial. Then you can get the full version with the flexibility of paying with Paypal or credit card. When I thoroughly tested ZenMateVPN for its features such as speed, servers, safety, ability to get past geoblocks and more while I was playing games, surfing, and streaming video, I tried the free trial first to see if it would work for my needs. There’s one minor drawback to this VPN. They don’t have chat support. You can only fill out a form for support and get a reply back by email, but ZenMate’s support responds promptly. Sometimes this means several emails back and forth, but with their quick response rate, they handle your issue in a timely manner. I thought ZenMate VPN’s 7-day free trial to evaluate its service was excellent. Better yet, it also has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can keep trying risk-free. Remember, you can only get a refund if you pay by credit card. You can try ZenMate VPN and decide if it’s the one that’s best for you.

5. Tunnelbear — Free Version Streams Video But Runs Out of Data Quickly

Key Features: If there’s a minor issue with TunnelBear, it’s that you can’t choose your server when you connect to the VPN. All you do is connect and go on with your streaming, torrenting, etc. But it’s easy to connect, and there are servers in 47 countries to choose from when you get online. I found TunnelBear to have great connections to its servers, and it was always fast, even at peak times. TunnelBear does not have a money-back guarantee for their paid plans. The free TunnelBear option out there is pretty good. With the free version, there aren’t any server network restrictions, but it only offers 500MB of data per month. The paid service provides unlimited bandwidth and you can connect more devices. You can download and try TunnelBear’s free version. Be aware, though; refunds aren’t granted for the Unlimited version.

Quick Comparison Table: 2023’s Best VPNs for Watching Prime Video in France

3 Easy Steps To Watch Prime Video From France

Period If you’re connected to a VPN, streaming sites can’t tell where you’re located. Now you can watch all the excellent content you’d watch at home. Watch Your Shows Anywhere With ExpressVPN

Do these VPNs unblock other streaming sites, like American Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and more?

Yes. A quality VPN like ExpressVPN should be able to unblock other streaming sites such as American Netflix, HBOMax, ESPN+, Hulu, Disney+, and live TV providers like Sling and YouTubeTV. VPNs can unblock these content providers, and more so you can watch US catalogs with all the best content. You can even watch your cable channels online with a VPN. Just pick a server, connect, and go.

What devices can I watch Prime Videos on using these VPNs?

I tested multiple free VPN options and found that most have extraordinarily strict bandwidth restrictions, which means you won’t get to watch much. Forget about binge-watching. The limited servers are overrun with users, which means you can’t get a good connection and have to suffer through lags and buffering. They have another, more alarming problem, these free VPNs. There’s typically a lack of quality security. They don’t protect your privacy, and some will actually sell your personal data to advertisers and governments. You’re subject to malicious use of your own data against you, or even worse, identity theft. I suggest you use a premium VPN like ExpressVPN that uses zero-knowledge DNS and AES-256 bit encryption.