This added service does cost more, but is the expense worth it? Let’s take a closer look at some dedicated IP VPN services.

Why You Would Want a Dedicated IP Address

There are several advantages to using a dedicated IP address through a VPN provider. Here are the main aspects to consider.

1 Blocked IP Addresses

When you share an IP with other users, it’s possible for the server to get blacklisted. Some sites will block IP addresses shared by several users. This is a good measure because it’s meant to prevent fraud. Once you have your own IP address, this won’t happen any longer.

2 Authentication

How annoying is it to get around the annoying reCAPTCHA tests? These are triggered because the site saw multiple connections from a shared IP address. You might see this when you attempt to get to your e-mail or while attempt to shop online. Either way, a dedicated IP address reduces the hassle.

3 Streaming Content

4 Access to Banking

Financial institutions also block shared IP addresses to prevent fraud. Using a dedicated IP address works around this and helps you do your banking, even when you are out of the country.

5 Gaming

Another area that often blocks shared IP addresses is when you participate in online gaming. Get online fast and prepare to beat your competitors.

6 DDoS Protection

When a server faces a DDoS attack, the entire network is at risk. While these assaults tend to occur most frequently on public Wi-Fi networks or during online gaming, it’s also possible that you’ll find yourself in trouble while utilizing a shared IP address.

2 Best Dedicated IP VPNs

1IvacyVPN – Lots of Country Options

IvacyVPN is another VPN that deserves recognition for their dedicated IP service. They have global coverage through their shared IP platforms but really shine with the number of options for those seeking their own coverage. You can choose from servers in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Germany, UAE, the UK, United States, and Singapore. On top of that, they offer impressive customer support and have apps for most platforms. If you aren’t satisfied with the service, they even provide your money back within 30 days of signup. Get it Now

2TorGuard VPN – Ideal for Torrenting

TorGuard VPN is a popular VPN for users that choose to torrent. That’s because they are known for fast speeds and several add-ons such as proxy services plus privacy e-mail. They currently provide dedicated IP addresses in eight U.S. cities, the UK, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Singapore and Spain. It’s compatible with many apps and they also feature Safari and Firefox extensions. They don’t keep logs on users and provide 24/7/365 support. While they don’t offer a money-back guarantee, they do have a seven-day risk-free trial. Get it Now

Dedicated IP VPNs to Avoid

After evaluating hundreds of VPN providers, we know which ones you want to avoid. Here are some that rank at the bottom of our list.


While they do provide dedicated IP addresses, you probably won’t want their service. They’ve shown both IPv4 and IPv6 leaks as well as DNS leaks. Users also report the kill switch is often broken and the servers are regularly slow. In addition, they turned over customer data to the FBI even though they claim they keep no logs. So much for privacy!

VPN Unlimited

Again, this provider happily offers dedicated IP addresses, but you aren’t going to want one from them either. Some of their issues include IP address leaks, DNS leaks, lack of kill switch, connection complaints, and variable speeds.

Disadvantages of Using a Dedicated IP VPN

Now that we’ve discussed the reasons to consider using a dedicated IP and showed you which providers are the best (and worst), we need to touch on one main reason you don’t want one. No one can argue that having your own IP address has real benefits. After all, you don’t have to share the server resources with hundreds of other people at the same time. The downside to this is a lower level of anonymity. Part of what kept you anonymous on a VPN was that you mingled with all those other people using the same address. Shared IP addresses might be a hassle, but if you desire the highest level of security, it’s the choice you want to make. You could utilize both solutions. Use your dedicated IP address for your common everyday activities and then switch to a shared IP when you need more anonymity. This is always an option available to you.

Final Thoughts

As you attempt to figure out what VPN solutions are best, you will face the choice between getting a shared or dedicated IP address. You need to evaluate the pros and cons of each to determine which option is right for you. With a shared IP, you have top-notch anonymity. With a dedicated IP, you encounter fewer hassles.