1 A VPN Hides Your Information From Your Third Parties

If you use Kodi to stream TV shows and movies, you don’t want any third parties to have access to that information. Many ISPs and other entities have the tools and technology needed to spy on everything you’re doing online. With a VPN, you can reroute your traffic so they don’t have access to it. Unfortunately, some ISPs share the information they find with government agencies. Even if everything you download is freely available in the public domain, you could run into issues with certain ISPs and countries. Even if your activity isn’t reported to authorities, they have started sending out notices to any customers pirating content. They’ll also throttle your speeds to prevent you from copyright infringement.

2 Accessing Regional Content

When you connect to the best VPN for Kodi, you’ll receive the option to connect to servers from around the world. Once you choose the country you want, your Kodi add-ons believe you’re from that region. Then, all the previously blocked content becomes available to you. This feature allows you to access the home content that you paid for even while you travel abroad.

3 Stream Anonymously

With a VPN you can download, stream, and browse anonymously. Any prying eyes are blind to all your traffic including your ISP, government agencies, cybercriminals, and hackers. All the sites you visit, content you download, and your location remain hidden. The only information the servers you visit receive is an anonymous IP address given to you from your VPN provider. As long as your VPN doesn’t keep logs, no one would ever know it was you.

4 Enjoy Live Content

Similar to regional content, you might find that some live sporting events impose blackouts where you need to be from a certain region to view them. ESPN, NFL GamePass and NHL.tv all utilize blackouts for live games. If you want to watch your favorite team live while you travel abroad, you’ll need a VPN to give you access to your home region’s content. Just connect to a server in your home region and enjoy.

5 Stay Safe From Hackers

When using Kodi, you’re vulnerable to hackers and snoops. They prey on the weak and look for any loophole into your system. Before you know it, you might face identity theft, viruses on your device, or credit card fraud. Using a VPN is like having a bodyguard watch over your Internet connection. It’s a security barrier no one can get through.

6 Safe Browsing From Public Networks

Another place hackers love to infiltrate is public Wi-Fi networks. Anytime you connect to these hotspots, you put yourself at risk. If you travel and want to access Kodi, you need to protect yourself by installing a VPN.

7 Protection From Prosecution

Of course, WizCase isn’t encouraging you to do anything illegal; we’re simply showing you the tools that are available if you ever find yourself in a sticky situation. There’s no denying that some people use Kodi add-ons for unlawful activity. If you deploy Kodi for purposes that aren’t lawful, you might be in trouble sometime soon. It’s a common myth that Kodi protects users, but copyright owners aren’t messing around. A quick peek on Reddit shows pages and pages of complaints from people that faced prosecution or had to pay outrageous fines, even when they didn’t realize they were doing something wrong. On top of that, copyright laws continue to evolve. You can’t possibly keep up with everything that’s legal and illegal so it’s extremely important you protect yourself and hide your online activity.

8 Improve Your Speeds

If you’ve already received warnings for your ISP about downloading, it’s possible they’ve also throttled your Internet connection. Signing up with a premium VPN provider fixes this issue. Get back to streaming, downloading, or torrenting at normal speeds once again. In some circumstances, your ISP would have already been throttling your internet connection, so when you download and utilize a VPN, you may even notice an increase in your connection speeds!

Finding the Best VPN for Kodi

When you search for a VPN provider, you’ll find hundreds of options. Not all of them are ideal for Kodi. Some won’t offer the protection you need and many of them don’t have the technology to access regional content. To find the best VPN for Kodi, it must have:

Fast server speeds An extensive collection of servers around the world Premium custom support Trial period or money-back guarantee Technology to get around Netflix and other geo-blocked sites Plenty of applications for any device No-log policy

We’ve done all the research and found the top options for you.


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3CyberGhost VPN

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4SurfShark VPN

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Final Thoughts

Kodi offers everything you could hope for with online content. Use it safely and protect yourself with a premium VPN from hackers, malware, and snoops. It’s better to pay now to ensure your activity remains private than to risk opening yourself up to trackers.