But if you are traveling to South Korea from the US you will find that — despite their big gaming culture — there are games you won’t be able to play while there. That is if you’re not using a virtual private network (VPN). Note: My team and I don’t condone illegal behavior of any sort and the protection of a VPN doesn’t give you license to commit illegal acts. Please exercise a basic level of caution when using a VPN in South Korea.

South Korea’s Gaming Culture

South Korea’s gaming culture is an astonishing sight from the outside looking in. Professional games are seen as A-list celebrities. Their competitions are shown on national television and played to capacity crowds in sporting arenas. Top-flight gamers date Asian supermodels and make enormous salaries. In 2008, the online gaming industry earned $1.1 billion in exports. The entire gaming industry is worth $5 billion a year, and games like StarCraft have sold more than 4.5 million copies in country. South Korea has two 24-hour video-game television networks. There are 10 professional gaming leagues and gaming is so intense that in 2011 the government enacted a Cinderella Law that prevents anyone less than 16 from playing online games between 12 a.m. – 6 a.m. As of early 2019, all VPNs are legal in South Korea and none have been taken down due to censorship by the government.

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