You can stream almost anything, from movies, TV shows, and sport, broadcast by the BBC. However, you can only stream iPlayer content if you’re in the UK or have a UK IP address. So, if you’re traveling abroad or live elsewhere, you’ll only see the message, “BBC iPlayer is restricted in your region.” With a VPN, you can unblock BBC iPlayer with ease and catch your favorite shows no matter where you are. Many of these services come with exaggerated and discouraging payment plans, others are cheap but with little to no features. Below we’ve listed some of the more affordable and reliable VPNs available.

The Most Affordable VPNs for BBC iPlayer

There are many available VPN options, but each is different from the other. For instance, IPVanish is a well-known service but doesn’t work with BBC iPlayer, so it’s essential you do enough research before choosing. We’ve come up with our list based on vital factors, including:

Speed Number of IP addresses or servers Unlocking Geo-restrictions The Server location Privacy Policy

1 ExpressVPN – Just $6.67 per month

More than 1,000 UK IP addresses guaranteeing full access to shows on BBC iPlayer Can connect with up to 5 devices simultaneously Dedicated customer help and support team 30-day cash-back guarantee on all plans

ExpressVPN is known for its fantastic track record when it comes to BBC iPlayer, and its rich number of servers in the UK makes it quite resourceful. Recently, there have been network improvements, boosting speeds and it has a wide array of features to keep you safe online. Most importantly, the software doesn’t store any customer logs or personal information. You can subscribe for 1, 6, or 15 months payment plans. To get the best value for money, I recommend going for the long-term 1-year + 3 months, as it’s cheaper than the shorter subscriptions. Stream the BBC iPlayer with ExpressVPN

2CyberGhost VPN – 45-day money back guarantee

More than 300 UK IP addresses Dedicated profiles capable of unblocking content on BBC iPlayer within seconds Strict no logs policy 45-day cash-back guarantee capped with a 7-day free trial period

CyberGhost VPN had problems unblocking content in the past but has improved dramatically, and it’s now one of the most reliable VPNs for using with BBC iPlayer. What sets it apart from other services is its simple user interface and responsive customer support staff. CyberGhost has more than one payment plan; you can choose one month, six months, or one-year plans. However, to get the best value for your money, we feel that the 2-year + 2 months would suit you just right, saving close to 83%. Stream the BBC iPlayer with CyberGhost

4 Reasons to Avoid Free VPNs While Watching BBC iPlayer

Any VPN that describes itself as free, allows malicious third-party groups to track your online activity and collect your data. Below are some of the reasons why you should avoid free VPNs:

1 Your Bandwidth is at risk!

Some free VPN providers utilize their customers’ bandwidth to handle user traffic to avoid having to expand their server network.

2 They Have an Exhausting Amount of Ads

Free VPNs have to make money somehow, and if they aren’t charging users a subscription fee, odds are they are either selling your data to third-party advertisers or displaying ads to generate revenue.

3 Brace Yourself For Slow Speeds!

A weak or ineffective VPN service will always have speed issues, and they are generally sluggish with regular buffering because they prioritize the needs of their paid subscribers.

4 They Compromise Your Web Security

Using a VPN can protect from malicious activity and content, but some, like Betternet, SuperVPN, and cross-VPN work in conjunction with malware and show distinct signs of computer virus infection.

Final Thoughts

Watching your favorite TV shows on BBC iPlayer despite the geo-restrictions is not simple, but is possible, and a VPN is the most dependable and secure method of bypassing the robust geo-blocks of BBC iPlayer. Consider the services we’ve highlight and avoid being tempted to try free VPNs, as although they sound great, they want to make money and, usually, it is at the expense of their users.