What’s even better is that each Parental Control app I listed here has a free trial or a money-back guarantee. You have an opportunity to test Norton Family, the #1 parental control app on the market, for free with its 60 days money back guarantee, and see for yourself why it’s a necessity for any parent. I’ll be updating this page regularly as new deals are released every day, so bookmark this page and check back often. Try Norton Family Free for 60 Days!

Quick Guide: The Best Deals for Parental Control apps in 2023

Try Norton Family Free for 60 Days!

The Best Parental Control Deals — Updated for 2023

1. Norton Family: The #1 Parental Control App Now Offers You 60 Days Risk-Free!

Key Features: Norton Family is a powerful parental control app that allows parents to create transparent rules for how their kids can use their phones, tablets, and computers. The comprehensive web filter has 47 customizable categories, and you can choose the sensitivity levels based on your child’s age. There is also the option to create screen time limits for all devices that the kids can’t bypass. Norton Family monitors your child’s devices, so you don’t have to. All browsing history, search history, app use, and location history are uploaded to the parental dashboard, so you can ensure that your child isn’t acting inappropriately online. When the system detects an issue, such as a child trying to access blocked or restricted content, it will create an alert on the dashboard, so you won’t miss it. You can track your kids 24/7 and create a geofence to send you alerts when they arrive and leave from specific locations or neighborhoods (this feature is not available in every country). Once you’ve created all the rules, your child can open the House Rules, so they know what you’re monitoring, how much time they have on the screens, and which apps are blocked. With this unbeatable offer you can use Norton Family risk-free for 60 days, and see if it’s a good fit for your family. Try Norton Family Free for 60 Days!

2. Bark: Monitor 30+ Social Platforms Free for 7 days!

Key Features: When it comes to monitoring your child’s social media interactions, Bark is an excellent choice. It connects with over 30 social media platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, Twitter, Gmail, and more. It uses AI to detect conversations, comments, pictures, and videos that are related to cyberbullying, sexually explicit messages, alcohol, drugs, depression, violence, and suicide. The system sends direct notifications to parents to warn or alert them about these potentially dangerous behaviors. Additionally, a high-quality web filter with 17 categories scans and prevents websites and apps from displaying inappropriate content. Bark does more than just monitor social media and the web, it also has a screen time limitation feature. Not only does it allow you to create a daily schedule of what times the phone or computer is available, but you can customize each time segment and allow or block certain apps and websites. This is helpful if you want your child to concentrate on educational apps and websites after school or you don’t want them watching Netflix or YouTube right before going to sleep. Take advantage of the free 7-day trial to get an overview of what a typical week online is like for your children. Then, choose the package with the features you need to ensure their safety online. Try Bark Free for 7 Days!

3. Qustodio: Monitor your children’s online activity and Save Up To 12%

Key Features: Qustodio is a reliable parental control app with plenty of features that allow you to monitor your children’s online activities. The web filter has 29 categories, and you can customize which ones are enabled for each of your children. It also has multiple tools for managing your child’s screen time; set daily screen time limits, create a schedule for when the phone is available, and lock the device from anywhere at any time. When it comes to tracking your child, Qustodio has the tools you need. There is 24/7 live tracking, 30 days of location history, and a geofence. There is also an SOS feature that sends a push notification to your phone that your child needs help and includes their live location. Use the coupon code WIZCASE12 at checkout to save 12% on any of the premium plans! Claim Your Discount Today!

4. Mobicip: Powerful Parental Control Features For Less than $3 a Month

Key Features: The easy to use Mobicip parental control app groups your child’s apps into three categories. You can create general rules for app categories or specific rules and time limits for individual apps. It also has a geofence and live location tracking so you can see exactly where your kids are at all times. The web filter has 18 categories, with sensitivity levels based on your child’s age. Mobicip has a good screen time management tool. You can create rules for which apps are available at different times throughout the day. The coupon makes Mobicip even more affordable than usual, with saving of up to 40%. Get the Mobicip Special Offer Today!

5: mSpy: Save Up To 30% on All Plans

Key Features: mSpy has an impressive feature list that tracks and records every keystroke and takes screenshots each time an application is used. While there is no filter, you can create a keyword list and receive instant alerts if those keywords are detected. However, it does monitor which websites your child visits, bookmarks that are saved on the web browser, and gives the option to create a blacklist of URLs and keywords. All the data mSpy collects is uploaded to the browser-based parental dashboard. The dashboard is well organized, and in addition to displaying all the information, it also has a map with your child’s live location. Register your account now and save up to 30%. Then, install mSpy on your child’s phone or computer in stealth mode, and see exactly what they do on their phone or computer all day long. Get the mSpy Special Offer Today!

6. eyeZy: 30% Savings On Every Subscription Plan

Key Features: eyeZy gives you an inside look at your child’s Android or iOS device. It has a high-quality keylogger and screen recorder that capture everything happening on the phone. All of the recorded data, including browser history, phone logs, social media interactions, and location history, are organized neatly in the cloud-based parental portal. It also has tools to see who your child is interacting with on social media, SMS, and on the phone. You can view reports on the dashboard to ensure that your child is safe, and not speaking with predators, being bullied, or is involved in any dangerous activities. Take advantage of the 30% savings , and you can see all this information for less than a cup of coffee a day. It’s recommended that you jailbreak (iOS) or root (Android) the child’s device, otherwise you won’t be able to access some of the premium features. Get the eyeZy Special Offer Today!

7. Net Nanny: Save 30% With a Family Pass Subscription

Key Features: Net Nanny has a good filter for blocking porn and other adult-themed content. There are 15 categories in total, and you can choose whether to set them as Allow, Block, or Alert. It also has the option to create your own filter by adding keywords and phrases that you want to block and enabling a profanity filter. The dashboard makes it easy to track all of your children at one glance The Family Feed feature creates a timeline of everyone’s activity, and you can view the live location of your entire family on the map. Act now and save up to 30% when you subscribe to the Net Nanny Family Pass. It’s compatible with PC, macOS, Android, and iOS and can monitor up to five devices. Get Net Nanny for 30% Off!

Comparison Table: Best Parental Control Deals for 2023

Try Norton Family Free for 60 Days!

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These deals are here for a limited time. The parental control apps on my list have free trials and money-back guarantees, so you can use this opportunity to try multiple parental control apps and find the best one for your family. When you download an all-in-one app like Norton Family, you’ll get a 60-day money-back guarantee. Use this time to create a web filter, set screen time limits, and monitor how your kids are using their phones, tablets, and computer. It’s never too late to subscribe to a parental control app. Protect your children from the dangers of the internet and screen time addiction while receiving real-time alerts about anything dangerous or inappropriate they might do online. Try Norton Family Risk-Free for 60 Days!