Source: Pixabay You’ve read online that CyberGhost is an awesome VPN for safely accessing the internet when traveling to China. So, you head over to the company’s website to download the app but, for some unknown reason, you can’t download it. Why can’t you download CyberGhost in China? Using CyberGhost to securely access the web when visiting China is simple, but you can only use the VPN if you download it before you travel. Since the Chinese government and ISPs block VPNs and other websites, downloading the application once you arrive could be challenging. Keep in mind that using a non-government-approved VPN is illegal in China but there have been no cases of tourists being penalized by the Chinese government. The common practice is that China is fighting VPNs by technologically blocking them, and not by chasing after the people who use them.

Using CyberGhost in China

If you haven’t left home yet, follow these steps to install CyberGhost on your device before you do:

  • Additionally, CyberGhost suggests you configure your VPN to L2TP protocol to ensure you can safely access the internet and your online accounts while abroad in China. 

Reasons to Use CyberGhost in China

CyberGhost is an excellent VPN for securely connecting to the internet when traveling to China. It provides top security features and a choice of more than 3,000 servers globally. With it, you can improve your online security, anonymity, and connection, and access the content you would usually get at home while you travel.  

Source: Pixabay The CyberGhost apps support Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and routers, and it’s easy to download and use.

Alternatives to Using CyberGhost

1. Use a Proxy

A proxy will allow you to access websites and applications of your choice by assigning you a different IP address. A proxy server will redirect your web browsing data so that no one can detect it. Some proxies are more secure than others, and some won’t work in China.

2. Choose a Hotel With a VPN

As China is a popular location for work and tourism, people from all over the world visit each year, and many hotels now offer VPN connections for guests. These services are usually only available for elite or VIP guests. That said, you’ll likely be able to use this VPN service in exchange for an additional fee. You can find out which hotels have a VPN service by visiting online forums and travel websites, as VPNs are illegal in China so it can’t be advertised. Using a hotel’s VPN, you can connect to a server and download the CyberGhost for further connectivity.

3. Use Someone Else’s VPN

If you’re traveling with a group, ask if anyone currently uses a VPN. If they do, you can use their connection to download a VPN onto your own devices. Source: Pixabay

Bottom Line

Ultimately, the best practice is to download CyberGhost before you arrive in China, but if you fail to do so, there are ways around it. The options we’ve outlined will help you access the content you’ve paid for or download CyberGhost to do so.