Every deal comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee, so you’ve got plenty of time to test out CyberGhost’s full range of features. I even tested the refund policy to confirm it works — it took minutes to get my refund approved over 24/7 live chat, and the money was returned to my account in only 5 days. Get CyberGhost at an 83% discount!

Quick Guide: Get 83% off a CyberGhost Subscription in 3 Easy Steps

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When you claim your CyberGhost coupon, you automatically qualify for the 45-day money-back guarantee. You can cancel your subscription anytime during the 45 days and still use CyberGhost for the remainder of the money-back guarantee period. Just sign up for a plan longer than 6 months (you only get a 14-day money-back guarantee if you choose the 1-month subscription). I tested the refund policy by signing up for the 1-year subscription and using CyberGhost for 36 days. When I asked for a refund over 24/7 live chat, my request was processed immediately — the customer support agent didn’t even hassle me to stay or ask for a reason for canceling. I got my money back in 5 days.

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Step-By-Step Guide: How to Redeem a CyberGhost Coupon in Minutes

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Warning! Avoid Fake CyberGhost Coupons and Offers

Spotting fake offers used to be easy, but scammers are getting a lot better at producing real-looking CyberGhost coupons. Most of these are counterfeits that simply won’t work, but sometimes false discounts hide malicious software you install on your device when you click on the deal. There are many red flags you should watch out for when searching for a new CyberGhost coupon. When you see a good deal, check for the following: These are usually good signs of a scam, so if you spot even the smallest discrepancy, don’t make any purchases through that site.

My team and I ensure all the CyberGhost coupons on this page are valid and regularly updated with the latest deals. That way, you can save money on your subscription and avoid wasting time browsing through hundreds of dodgy websites. Get a valid CyberGhost coupon

Why Choose CyberGhost?

Key Features:

Optimized Servers for Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, and More

CyberGhost offers servers optimized for specific streaming services configured to get around the toughest VPN blocks, so you can access your usual streaming accounts no matter where you travel. You can connect to dedicated servers for the following platforms: I was impressed that CyberGhost even works with Netflix US — most VPNs struggle to bypass Netflix’s restrictions. Better still, the video stream started immediately, and there was no buffering or sudden pixelation throughout the Stranger Things episode.

I noticed that CyberGhost doesn’t have streaming-optimized servers for some popular streaming services like Curiosity Stream, Rakuten Viki, and Showtime — although you can check out ExpressVPN if you want a VPN that works with these streaming services. Try CyberGhost’s streaming servers

Dedicated Servers for Lag-Free Online Gaming and Seamless Torrenting

In addition to streaming servers, CyberGhost also has dedicated gaming and torrenting servers. Its optimized gaming servers ensure a smooth and lag-free gaming experience. When I tested it, I closely monitored game latency (the time your connection takes to reach the game server), and it was lower than most other VPNs on the market. This means you can even play fast-paced FPS games like Call of Duty: Warzone without lag. When I played PUBG Mobile on one of its London gaming servers, the ping was under 100 ms most of the time, and the game didn’t lag even once. For those who want to download torrents, CyberGhost provides servers that are configured for P2P file sharing, which allows for superfast torrent downloads. At the same time, these servers keep your activity private and prevent your ISP from throttling your connection speeds. I tested these servers with uTorrent to download a copyright-free movie, and the 1.4 GB movie finished downloading in 13 minutes. Try CyberGhost for gaming and torrenting

Advanced Security Features to Keep You Safe and Anonymous

CyberGhost protects your online activity with AES 256-bit encryption, leak protection, and multiple VPN protocols (including OpenVPN, WireGuard, and IKEv2). Other features include

NoSpy servers — Operated independently by CyberGhost and located inside the VPN’s headquarters, ensuring no third-party interference. No-logging policy and tracking blockers — Prevents anyone from recording and storing your personal information. Kill switch — Stops your connection as soon as the VPN detects unsecured traffic or connection drops, so your data isn’t accidentally leaked. Headquarters located in Romania — the company isn’t subject to any data-retention laws and is outside the 5, 9, and 14 Eyes Alliance. Data leak protection — CyberGhost consistently protects IP and DNS leaks to prevent exposing your identity and location. Dedicated IP — You can buy a dedicated IP address from CyberGhost. This feature uses a unique token system that makes it nearly impossible for anyone to trace back to you. WireGuard tunneling protocol — This protocol ensures that your connection is super secure while giving you the best possible speeds.

Protect yourself with CyberGhost

One of the Biggest Global Server Networks

CyberGhost has 9633+ servers across 91 countries — one of the biggest VPN networks I’ve seen. A large server network ensures you’ll always be able to find a fast working connection in the location of your choice. Most of these servers are located in North America and Europe, so you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to popular streaming services. That doesn’t mean you can’t use CyberGhost to access content from other parts of the world. CyberGhost has a fair number of servers in other regions, including Asia, Oceania, and South America. I tested some of the servers in Australia, China, Japan, and Brazil and never faced a slower connection. I could also see the user load on each server to find the fastest connection in my preferred location. In addition, every CyberGhost server offers unlimited bandwidth that lets you stream, download, shop, and browse as much as you want. The servers are even compatible with Tor, so you can safely browse the Dark Web without a noticeable slowdown. Try CyberGhost’s worldwide servers

You can connect up to 7 devices simultaneously with a single CyberGhost subscription. This is more generous than most VPN services, which only let you connect around 5 devices at once (although IPVanish has the rare offer of unlimited device connections per account). Even if you don’t have much experience with VPNs, CyberGhost’s app is easy to navigate for beginners. The servers are listed in different categories, and I found the connections I was looking for in 20 seconds on each operating system. I just had to double-click on the server or press the large power button to set up my connection. The only downside was that CyberGhost’s features differ slightly depending on your device. For instance, split tunneling is only available on Windows and Android, so I couldn’t use it on my iPhone. Try CyberGhost apps risk-free

What’s the best CyberGhost deal in 2023?

As of January 2023, CyberGhost’s best deal gives you a whopping 83% off with 4 months free! It comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee, so you’re not locked into a subscription if you change your mind later. This is the most generous money-back guarantee available and longer than leading competitors like ExpressVPN. I update this page daily with the most current offers.

Does CyberGhost have a free trial?

Yes. CyberGhost offers a 24-hour free trial for Windows and macOS, a 7-day free trial for iOS, and a 3-day trial for Android. If you need more time to try out all the features, you can get 83% off a CyberGhost plan with a 45-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. When you use CyberGhost’s 24-hour PC trial, you don’t have to provide any payment information. However, when you sign up for the trial on Android or iOS, the app will use your payment details in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You must cancel the subscription before the trial expires to avoid being charged.

How do I use a CyberGhost coupon code?

That’s easy! Once you click on the coupon in the step-by-step guide, you’ll be taken to the CyberGhost website. On the “Order Summary” page, you’ll see that the discount is applied automatically. All you have to do is check out! When I tested it, the whole process took less than 5 minutes.

Can I use a CyberGhost coupon if I’m already a customer?

No. You need to be a new user to sign up for CyberGhost with a coupon. However, every plan comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee. This means you can always cancel your existing subscription and sign up with the latest CyberGhost coupon if you’re still eligible for a refund. The 24/7 live chat is the fastest way to get your request approved — the whole process lasted less than 3 minutes when I tried it. The full fee was back in my account that same week.

What should I do if my CyberGhost promo code isn’t working?

First, check that you’re not using a fake coupon from a dodgy website. If you’re sure the coupon is legit, there are other reasons why it may not work, including:

The coupon has expired You’ve already used the coupon You’re not applying the coupon to the right plan There may be typos if you’ve entered the coupon code manually

If you’ve checked all the points above and the coupon still doesn’t work, try the coupon in this step-by-step guide or contact CyberGhost’s customer support. They might be able to fix the issue for you.

Can I use multiple CyberGhost coupons?

You can only sign up with 1 coupon per transaction. However, I check CyberGhost for the latest deals daily (I even check the hidden pricing pages). I can assure you that the 83% deal is currently the best offer on the market as of January 2023.

Does CyberGhost VPN offer a student discount?

No, CyberGhost no longer offers a student discount. However, you can get the best discount for CyberGhost in just 5 minutes. When you use any of the coupons on our page, you’ll save 83% on a 2-year + 2 months subscription and get 4 months free!

Where can I learn about upcoming CyberGhost deals?

You can check this page for the latest CyberGhost deals (right now, you can get 83% off a 2-year + 2 months CyberGhost plan). My team and I test CyberGhost coupons as soon as they appear and post the results on this page. So, I suggest you bookmark this article in case a great deal pops up (hit Ctrl+D on Windows and Cmd+D on Mac). Get 83% off CyberGhost now

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Don’t miss out on the latest 2023 deal — you can save up to 83% on a CyberGhost subscription! I tested this offer by signing up for the VPN myself, so I can confirm it still works in January 2023. Make sure you don’t wait too long, as this deal won’t run forever. Redeeming the coupon doesn’t automatically mean you’re tied into a long-term contract — all plans come with a generous 45-day money-back guarantee. This gives you plenty of time to decide if you want to keep your subscription. If you’ve missed out on the latest CyberGhost deal, make sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly. Alternatively, you can also look at the best deals for other VPNs in 2023.

Summary — The Best VPN Coupons and Offers (Valid in January 2023)