However, VPNs like VIP72 can bypass these blocks, although the services aren’t always consistent. To continue to gain access to your preferred Netflix library, there are a couple of solutions to try when you’re experiencing issues.

Try a different server Check if other countries allow you to stream your show Use a different VPN service

 Watch Netflix with VIP72 The platform may not have servers in the locations you want, or you may not use the service enough to justify the cost.

Three Solutions if You’re Unable to Unblock Netflix with VIP72

1 Try a Different Server

Sometimes, you may find that Netflix doesn’t work with one server but does with another. Experimenting using different servers is one of the most successful ways of accessing Netflix using VIP72. The only downfall is that it can become time-consuming and frustrating. While VIP72 only has servers in 13 different countries, the service also has more than 2,500 Proxy/Socks servers in more than 180 locations. To test this method, connect to your desired server and go to the Netflix website. If it doesn’t work, try another server and refresh the Netflix page.  

2 Check If Other Countries Allow You to Stream Your Show

You may sometimes find that another Netflix library allows you to stream your preferred show. For example, today, US Netflix streams a variety of French shows. Better yet, you can change the settings on your account to get all the right subtitles or dub tracks. With the above in mind, check which countries allow you to stream your show. If you can’t access French Netflix for example, you may find that US Netflix offers the same selection of movies that you’re trying to watch.

3 Use a Different VPN Service

While VIP72 does allow you to access different Netflix libraries, the service doesn’t have the same selection of servers as other VPNs. Moreover, the VPN is extremely expensive compared to some of the industry leaders. If you can’t access your preferred show and don’t want to continue paying high prices to use VIP72, changing services may be your best option. You can find out more about these services below.

Why Can’t You Access Netflix Abroad?

Countries with the strictest censorship laws include but aren’t limited to:

North Korea China Iran Cuba

Furthermore, Netflix isn’t available in every country. While you can access it in more than 190 countries worldwide, you won’t be able to watch your favorite shows and movies in China, North Korea, Syria, and Crimea, to name a few.

Best VPN for Netflix in January 2023

ExpressVPN – Blazing speeds are great for streaming

3,000+ global servers Netflix specific servers Fast speeds for streaming No bandwidth caps or throttling

ExpressVPN is an industry leader when it comes to unblocking Netflix. While slightly more expensive than other services, the tool has an incredible reputation when it comes to security and speed. For security, 256-bit encryption, DNS/IPv6 leak protection, split tunneling, and an automatic kill switch protect your network. Moreover, you’ll enjoy a 30-day money back guarantee so you can get a full refund if you’re not happy with the service. Try Now Risk Free


Yes, you can access Netflix with specific VIP72 servers but, is it worth the hassle? After all, ExpressVPN is particularly good as it will help you gain access to different libraries across the world.