Turkey’s Blogspot Blowup

On 24 July 2018, Istanbul’s 10th Criminal Court of Peace issued a ruling to block a single blog which had lobbed complaints and criticisms against Turkish educational and training services company Bilge Adam. The court ruled that the single blog should be blocked but failed to properly express the Internet address of it, reading the URL as “http://bilgeadam-magdurlari@blogspot.com”. The “@” symbol was incorrectly added and should have been replaced by a period as in “http://bilgeadam-magdurlari.blogspot.com”. That singular typo saw all of Blogspot banned in Turkey, a ban that lasted until almost noon the following day. Blogspot is a subsidiary of Blogger, a Google owned company that lets anyone create blogs quickly and creatively.

People going to blogspot got a rude awakening, namely an “ERROR 404 Page Not Found” warning inside of their blog to a friend’s favorite.

Keeping out of Trouble with VPNs

A simple error by Internet oversight companies can cost your business thousands of dollars. To make sure you are personally protected against such mishaps, consider investing in a virtual private network (VPN). A VPN can overcome blocks instigated by regional or national governments through the use of remote server technology and encryption.

When a connection is made, the user can begin requesting websites such as blogspot.com. These requests are encrypted and sent to the remote server where they are decrypted. Once there, the requests are decrypted and assigned an IP address representative of the country the remote server is in. The request than heads to the Internet. The reverse situation works exactly the same. When information is downloaded from the Internet, it travels first to the remote server. There it is encrypted and sent through the tunnel to your computer to be downloaded and viewed. The more servers a VPN has to connect has to connect to, the greater chance you have to avoid whatever block you are trying to avoid.


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2Private VPN

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