If Adobe Illustrator isn’t the right design software for your needs, but you are still looking for a solution, I recommend that you try out Photoshop. While it’s better suited for raster and pixel design, it works with vector-based images as well. Photoshop has a 7-day free trial, so you can test it risk-free. Before starting with a new digital editing software, I’ll show you how to cancel your Adobe Illustrator account and get a full refund within 14 days of purchasing your subscription. Try Photoshop Free for 7 Days!

Quick Guide: How to Cancel Illustrator and Get a Full Refund

How to Cancel Your Adobe Illustrator Account

Illustrator makes it easy to cancel your account within 14 days and get a complete refund without any cancelation fees. What I like about the cancelation and refund policy is that it can all be done without having to talk with a customer service agent who would continuously try to convince you not to cancel the account. Follow the steps below, and I’ll show you how to cancel your subscription and get a full refund without any hassle.

How to Uninstall Illustrator from your Computer

Adobe automatically locks your Illustrator account once you cancel the subscription. Therefore, there is no need to keep it on your computer, taking up more than 1.3 GB of memory space. There are two ways to uninstall Illustrator and all its components, choose either the Creative Cloud option or Windows Uninstaller and follow the steps below.

Creative Cloud

Windows Uninstaller

If you’re still looking for a digital editing program, check out these excellent alternatives below.

Adobe Illustrator Money-Back Guarantee Policy

The Adobe Illustrator money-back policy is straightforward. Cancel any subscription package within 14 days, for any reason, and get a complete refund without any cancelation fees. There are three subscription options:

Monthly Prepaid Annual Annual plan with monthly payments

The monthly and prepaid annual plans do not have the option of getting a refund after 14 days passed from when you purchased the account. If you cancel your account, you will have access to all Illustrator and the 100 GB of cloud-based storage until the end of the current billing. If you purchased the annual plan with monthly payments, you do have the option to cancel at any time and get a refund. However, there is a cancelation fee of 50% of your remaining balance. This means that if you still owe $100 to your account, you will get a $50 refund, and $50 will be paid to Adobe as a fee. If you plan on waiting until the last minute to cancel your plan, keep in mind that it’s exactly 14 days from when you purchased the subscription and not the end of the 14th day. Meaning if you completed the purchase at 9:00 AM, you must finish the cancelation process by 9:00 on the 14th day, or you will not be guaranteed a refund.

Best Alternatives to Adobe Illustrator

1. Adobe Photoshop: Comprehensive Collection of Digital Editing Tools

Photoshop is the gold standard when it comes to digital editing software. It comes with a wide range of professional tools that let you do everything from creating an image or web design from scratch to editing a picture and giving it a polished look. One of the biggest differences between Photoshop and Illustrator (both are a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud) is that while Illustrator only focuses on vectors, Photoshop specializes in working with pixels. That being said, Photoshop also has shape tools that can create vector images. The vector tools make it easy to create shapes, make a path or combine multiple paths to create new shapes. With the combination of vector and pixel designs, your creative potential is unlimited.

Photoshop has a similar interface as Illustrator, which makes it easy to transition from the vector program to the pixel one. You’ll find the selection tools and other popular tools on the left-hand side, while more advanced features and tools are on the right.

Photoshop is not a simple program, but there are plenty of tutorials that will show you how to perform even the most difficult of edits. I really like the layer-based editing workspace. It allows me to work on each element as a separate entity without worrying about affecting other parts of the image. One of the best editing tools that Photoshop has is the selection tools. These let you select different areas or regions of a graphic to edit. Choose between Lasso, Magnet Lasso, Polygonal Lasso, Magic Wand, Quick Mask, and Rectangular Marquee based on what you need to edit. Once an item is selected, you can easily add color, crop, shade, copy, or put a mask on the selected area. When you are done, there are several ways to export and share the finished project. Photoshop can be integrated with PC and Mac devices for easy share options.

You can export the file to your email, contacts, or a connected app that allows PSD or photo files if you’re on a Windows computer. Mac users can instantly export any project to AirDrop, where it can be shared quickly. Photoshop has a 14-day no questions asked, money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with it for any reason, you can simply cancel your subscription, and you will automatically receive a complete refund. Try Photoshop Risk-Free for 14 Days!

2. CorelDRAW Suite: Professional-Grade Vector Editing Tools

The CorelDRAW graphics suite is a collection of easy-to-use apps that you can use for professional designs, vector illustration, photo editing, web or brochure page layouts, and much more.

The five apps that make up the CorelDRAW Graphics suite are:

CorelDRAW: A powerful vector illustration tool that gives you the tools to design page layouts, create marketing materials, and graphic design. Corel PHOTO-PAINT: Enhance your pixel images with a comprehensive toolset that includes freehand drawing over the images. Corel PowerTRACE: The AI tool can trace or copy multiple images and transform the bitmap to vectors. Corel CAPTURE: A basic screenshot tool that will upload your screenshot directly to your Corel dashboard or project. Corel CONNECT: A unique browser that synchronizes the four Corel apps above and makes it easy to connect all the apps into one powerful platform.

Corel has a dashboard where you can store your project files and organize all your different projects. There is also a section for adding client notes, saving specific fonts that you’ve used so you can maintain brand consistency, and uploading your favorite graphics for quick access. The software comes with the ability to integrate Microsoft Teams with your CorelDRAW account. With Teams, you can easily share your work with teammates, colleagues, or clients, leave live comments, and open a whiteboard for authorized users to view. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite has a proven 30-day money-back guarantee. This gives you plenty of time to download and test the program with no need to commit to a subscription package. Try CorelDRAW Free for 30 Days!

3. Canva: All-in-One Drag and Drop Graphic Design Tool

If you found Illustrator to be too intimidating a program for creating and designing logos and marketing materials, Canva is an ideal alternative. The program uses a drag and drop interface, making it incredibly easy to design everything from logos and brochures to banners and social media posts. You can upload your own images, choose shapes and colors and add them to the canvas, or use the pen tool and draw your design. The program has thousands of royalty-free images and videos to incorporate into your design, giving it a polished look. You can also choose from hundreds of fonts and font styles to give your work the style that matches your brand. Canva has a Brand Kit feature, so you can upload your logo, font, and preferred colors, and Canva will incorporate them with the templates. Choose different fonts and sizes for titles, headers, subtitles, and the main content.

Canva has animation elements that can help grab the attention of potential clients. It’s easy to set up; just select the element you want to animate and assign it to one of the animation masks. Then, create a timing schedule to ensure that all the moving elements are in sync and looking good. The software makes it easy to publish your content from the editing board to social media with seamless integration with your social media accounts. You can set up a schedule and connect your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts. Write the posts ahead of time, and let Canva automate the publishing process for you. Canva has a free and Pro version. The advantage of getting the Pro version is it gives you over a hundred million elements, stock photos, video, and audio clips, and you can save up to 100 Brand Kits. You can try the Canva Pro version risk-free, with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and if it’s not the right program for you, get a refund and downgrade to a free Canva account. Try Canva Pro for Free!

Does Adobe Illustrator have a monthly subscription option?

There are two ways to pay for your Adobe Illustrator account on a monthly basis. You can get a monthly subscription. This is the most expensive option, and the subscription automatically renews each month until you turn off recurring billing. You can also purchase a year-long subscription and make monthly payments. Both plans are covered by the 14-day money-back guarantee.

Is there a cancelation fee if I cancel my account after 14 days?

Only the annual subscription with monthly payments has a cancelation fee when canceling the account after 14 days. The fee is 50% of the remaining balance on your subscription. The monthly and prepaid annual subscriptions don’t have a refund option, and if you cancel the account, it will remain active until the end of the billing cycle.

What happens when I cancel my Illustrator account?

If you cancel your Adobe Illustrator account within 14 days of purchasing a subscription, just follow the steps above to get your full refund. You will instantly lose access to the account, and your Creative Cloud storage will drop from 100 GB to 2GB, although you will have 30 days to clear space before files are removed. As long as you still have an active Adobe account, you will still have access to some basic features and free apps. Should you cancel the account after 14 days, you will continue to have complete access to your account until the end of the billing period.

Why won’t Adobe give me a refund if I cancel Illustrator within 14 days?

Adobe will only honor the 14-day money-back guarantee if you purchased the subscription through its website and not through a store or third-party reseller. Additionally, if you purchased and canceled an account within the previous year, you will not be eligible for a refund.

The Bottom Line

Adobe Illustrator is the best vector-based digital editing software that I’ve used. There is a steep learning curve, as some of the tools and features are very advanced. If it’s not the right program for you, I recommend sticking with Adobe Apps and trying Photoshop. It has a wide range of professional tools and plenty of step-by-step tutorials to help you learn even the most difficult techniques. While Photoshop specializes in raster and pixel images, it still does a good job when working with vectors. Since the same company owns it, you already know how easy it is to get a refund if you’re not satisfied before the 14-day money-back guarantee, so you can test it out risk-free. In addition to the 14-day money-back guarantee, Photoshop has a 7-day trial, which lets you use the software without any restrictions, so you can see for yourself if it’s the best program for your needs. Try Photoshop Free for 7 Days!