If you still need a digital editing program, I recommend checking out Luminar AI. It has many of the same editing tools as Photoshop, but it’s very easy to use, thanks to its AI technology. It also costs significantly less than Photoshop and you can try it out for free with a 7-day trial. But first, let’s go through the cancellation process for Photoshop. It’s a simple process, and Adobe will quickly refund your money, as long as you know what you’re doing. Try Luminar AI for Free!

Quick Guide: How to Cancel Photoshop and Get a Full Refund

How to Cancel Your Adobe Photoshop Account

Photoshop has a money-back guarantee, which gives you the opportunity to test out the software risk free. If you’re not satisfied, you can simply cancel your account, and a refund will automatically be issued, provided you follow these steps within 14 days of purchasing your subscription.

How to Uninstall Photoshop from your Computer

Once you cancel your subscription, you will immediately lose access to your Photoshop account. There are two ways to delete the software from your computer:

Creative Cloud

Windows Uninstaller

If you’re still looking for a digital editing program, check out these excellent alternatives below.

Adobe Photoshop Money-Back Guarantee Policy

Adobe Photoshop has a no-questions-asked 14-day money-back guarantee, so you can purchase a subscription knowing you cancel without a hassle. The money-back guarantee applies whether you purchase a monthly or annual plan, including when you pay for the entire year upfront. You don’t have to speak with customer support or deal with any retention agents; as long as you follow the steps above, you’ll get your money. The money-back guarantee lasts for 14 days, which isn’t necessarily the same as two weeks. If you sign up on the 1st of the month at 7:00 AM, it will expire on the 14th of the month at 7:00 AM; you don’t have the entire 14th day. If you purchased an annual plan with monthly payments, you could cancel your account after 14 days, but you will have to pay a cancellation fee. The fee will be 50% of the remaining balance left on your plan. If you prepaid for the entire year or you chose a monthly plan, you are not eligible for any refund after the first 14 days.

I canceled my Photoshop Account and Got a Refund – Now What?

Photoshop might not have been the right service for you, but that doesn’t mean that you should give up on digital editing. Whether the reason was price or you just couldn’t figure out how to edit your photos with Photoshop, there are plenty of alternatives that will fit with what you need. I’ve tested a lot of different digital editing programs and came up with the 3 best alternatives for Adobe Photoshop. Each of them comes with professional-grade editing tools, a clean workstation, helpful tutorials, and money-back guarantees. Choose the best one for your needs, and start editing your pictures without delay.

Best Alternatives to Adobe Photoshop

1. Luminar: AI Capabilities Make Quick Non-Destructive Edits

Luminar is the easiest digital editing software that I’ve tested. You’re greeted with a clean and uncluttered workstation, so you can focus on the work ahead. The biggest advantage it has over Photoshop is that it can automatically correct common errors and make basic adjustments with just a click of a button. The tools are easy to use, and you won’t need to take graphic design courses or watch hours of instructional videos to master the software. The tools are divided into four categories and are located on the side of the canvas. The four tool categories are:

Essentials: These are the basic editing tools like cropping, rotating, adjusting or removing colors, and adding structure. Creative: Enhance your images with a large selection of filters, such as sun rays, dramatic lighting, changing the sky, adding AR elements, and more. Portrait: Adjust facial features, change body shapes, add bokeh filters to blur the background, clean up skin blemishes, and change skin tone. Professional: Advanced tools for adjusting colors and tones that will be appreciated by photographers and graphic designers.

Luminar has a good selection of free and premium AI templates that will make automatic adjustments to your pictures. The AI works by inspecting the pictures, recognizing their positive and negative aspects, and then removing the negatives in seconds. In the example below, I took a picture of the sunset over the sea. You’ll notice the terrible glare that comes from the sun. I found a template that reduces the glare and highlights the natural colors of the sun. While the difference is subtle, it’s a major improvement in the image.

I also enjoyed how easy it is to remove unwanted objects and people from the background of my picture. Not only was it easy, but the results were very natural. Whether you want to change someone’s facial features, add or remove colors, or anything in between – all can be easily done with Luminar. Each tool uses a slider; just move it right or left until you get your desired results. If you’re not happy with how it looks, return the slider to the middle. No harm done. Luminar has several different plans that have a one-time purchase for a lifetime subscription, both of which are less expensive than a Photoshop subscription. Additionally, Each plan comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so there’s no harm in trying it out. To receive your refund, you will need to contact the Luminar support team within 30 days of purchasing the software, and they’ll issue the refund within a few days. Try Luminar Free for 7 Days!

2. DxO PhotoLab: Fast RAW Processing and Intuitive Tools

DxO PhotoLab has made some significant improvements with the release of PhotoLab 5. When the program first opens, you can customize your workstation by selecting the tools that you want in the quick access toolbar. What separates PhotoLab from other digital editing tools is the U Point Editing technology. It’s an intuitive tool that is perfect for editing large sections of a picture, such as a background or a sky. The tool works by letting you choose a Control Point or Control Line, which the AI technology uses as a reference point. Then, select the radius you want to edit, and the AI software will inspect the colors, pixels, and other aspects of the picture and automatically apply a mask or edit for you. This can include adjusting the colors, adding shadows, fixing the contrast, and removing glare. One of the biggest updates in the new release is DeepPRIME, which significantly speeds up the processing time for raw image enhancement by as much as 1.6x. DxO PhotoLab also is a great tool for uploading, organizing, and storing all your digital photos. You can create albums, add keywords metadata, and tag people to ensure you don’t lose any pictures. A built-in search function also allows you to search for photos using ISO, date of upload, and aperture. While DxO PhotoLab costs more than Luminar, it does come with a 30-day free trial, which gives you unlimited access to all the tools without having to enter your payment information. Try DxO PhotoLab for 30 Days!

3. Adobe Lightroom: Large selection of filters and AI Tools

If you’re already comfortable with Adobe, you will have no trouble using Lightroom. Unlike Photoshop, which is a massive program that can take time to master, Lightroom is super easy to use. For starters, Lightroom has an AI tool called Auto that will make instant adjustments to your pictures. Some of the areas it can fix are straightening a picture, adjusting the focus, adding some color, and removing noise. Of course, you can make manual adjustments. Each tool has a slider that you can move and see the effects right away. Some of the quick edits you can make include adjusting the temperature, saturation, and vibrance to the color or removing or changing specific colors from the image. Lightroom has features that let you add a vignette, remove textures, change the geometric shape, and more fun filters and effects. You can also clone and remove objects from any picture. One advantage that you’ll get with Lightroom is collaborative editing features through the Adobe Creative Cloud. You can share the picture with friends, family, and co-workers and get tips from other users in the Discover section. Lightroom is less expensive than Photoshop and, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy, for any reason, cancel your account, make a refund request, and you will receive a full refund within a few days. Try Adobe Lightroom for 14 Days

How do I cancel Adobe Photoshop on a mobile device?

This can be a little confusing. Adobe released a free mobile app called Photoshop Express. It can handle basic editing tasks but is nowhere close to the powerful desktop application. If you want to cancel that account, simply delete the app from your phone. If you have a subscription to Photoshop and you want to cancel the account and request a refund on your phone, you can do this by logging into your Adobe account through your mobile browser and following the steps above.

Does Adobe Photoshop have a monthly subscription option?

There are three options when you subscribe to Photoshop. You can pay month by month, prepay for a year, or get an annual plan and make a payment each month. Each of these plans is protected by the 14-day money-back guarantee.

Is there a cancelation fee if I cancel my account after 14 days?

The answer will depend on which account option you choose. If you pay monthly for an annual account, you will have to pay a cancellation fee of 50% of the remaining bill. This is because of the big discount you get when purchasing an annual plan. However, if you prepay for a year or pay per month, you won’t receive a refund if you cancel after the first 14 days.

What happens when I cancel my Photoshop account?

If you cancel your account within 14 days Adobe will give a full refund, but your premium account will be locked right away. You will still have free access to the Creative Cloud app, but your cloud storage will be reduced to 2GB. Adobe will give you 30 days to remove any files if you’re using more than your 2GB. If you want to cancel your account after 14 days, you will have access to your full account until the end of the billing cycle, whether that’s a month or the end of the year, depending on your subscription.

Why won’t Adobe give me a refund if I cancel Photoshop within 14 days?

There are two reasons that Adobe won’t issue a refund.

The Bottom Line

I use Photoshop and recommend it to others because it has an excellent selection of editing tools and it can achieve amazing results. However, I understand that most people who are editing pictures don’t need such an intense program. You don’t have to stick with a subscription you don’t want, thanks to Adobe Photoshop’s 14-day money-back guarantee. I found its refund process quick and easy. Once you’ve got your Photoshop refund, you can pick an editing tool that suits your needs. All the alternatives I reviewed above are powerful editing tools that use AI to streamline the process, so you can see the results quickly and with a small learning curve. Of the three, I prefer Luminar since it’s incredibly easy to use, has fun filters and features, and can turn your pictures into share-worthy pictures for all occasions. You can get Luminar for free for 7 days, and try out all the features for yourself.