I tested the money-back guarantee myself and got a refund after using CyberGhost for 28 days. I didn’t even get pushback from the customer support team when I said I wanted to cancel. It only took 3 quick steps to get my money back. If you need a replacement VPN, I highly recommend ExpressVPN. Compared to CyberGhost, it offers much better speeds and even tougher security measures. It’s backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try ExpressVPN as an alternative to CyberGhost without any risk. It’s easy and hassle-free to get a full refund if you’re not satisfied. Try ExpressVPN risk-free

Quick Guide: 3 Easy Steps to Cancel CyberGhost and Get a Full Refund

What You Need to Know to Get a Refund From CyberGhost

While it’s super easy to get a refund from CyberGhost due to its 45-day money-back guarantee, make sure you:

Don’t delete your account before requesting a refund — CyberGhost customer support needs your account to be active to process your money and cancel your subscription. Ask for your money back within the right timeframe — The 1-month plan only has a 14-day money-back guarantee, whereas any plan longer than 18 months has a 45-day money-back guarantee. You need to cancel in the same way that you signed up — If you signed up through the official website, then you can use the 45-day money-back guarantee to cancel your subscription and get a full refund over 24/7 live chat or email (live chat is fastest). If you signed up through an app store, then you need to cancel on your iOS or Android device.

How to Cancel CyberGhost and Get a Refund

 24/7 Live Chat (The Fastest and Easiest Way)

Cancel Your CyberGhost Account Via Email

How to Cancel CyberGhost on the Apple App Store (iOS)

Unfortunately, you can’t automatically get a refund with 45-day money-back guarantee as you’re subject to Apple’s own Terms and Conditions. It’s still worth trying to get a refund — here are the steps below.

How to Cancel CyberGhost on the Google Play Store (Android)

Like the App Store, you’ll have to cancel CyberGhost through Google if you signed up with the Play Store. Unlike with Apple, you’ll need to contact CyberGhost directly for a refund as Google will not issue an automatic refund.

The Best VPN Alternatives to CyberGhost (Tested in January 2023)

1. ExpressVPN — #1 VPN in 2023 With Blazing-Fast Speeds and Powerful Privacy Features

Key Features: ExpressVPN is the top alternative for CyberGhost. During my tests, my speeds were excellent and only dropped by a tiny 10%. This is barely noticeable, allowing me to stream videos in HD quality, torrenting large files, and even game online without any lag or interruptions. The same goes for torrenting — you can download torrents on all of ExpressVPN’s 3000+ servers worldwide. Your traffic is secured by military-grade encryption, which uses a 256-bit code that’s impossible for hackers to break through. A kill switch ensures that your real IP address will never be exposed when you’re switching servers (or if the VPN unexpectedly disconnects) as it automatically blocks all internet traffic. I even ran additional tests on IPLeak.net to check for IP and DNS leaks — and I’m pleased to report that no leaks were detected. ExpressVPN has a strict no-logs policy to ensure none of your internet activities are tracked, which is easily upheld as the company is based in the British Virgin Islands. Under this jurisdiction, ExpressVPN isn’t legally required to collect or share user data. This makes ExpressVPN a highly-secure VPN to use in countries with oppressive internet regulations, like China, Russia, or the UAE. The no-logs policy has even passed an independent audit by PwC. Similar to CyberGhost, ExpressVPN is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not fully satisfied, you can get a refund. It’s hassle free as it’s a “no questions asked” refund policy. I tested this by requesting mine over 24/7 live chat — I was impressed when a friendly representative instantly approved my refund. I received my money back just 4 days later. Try ExpressVPN risk-free

2. Private Internet Access — Large US Server Network Easily Unblocks Local Streaming Content

Key Features: Private Internet Access has a huge network of servers worldwide, with the majority of servers based in the US. Similar to CyberGhost, PIA helps you find the best server for your needs by having a separate range of streaming-optimized servers. These servers are available in the US, Italy, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Japan (to name a few countries). You can stream global platforms like Netflix and Disney+, as well as regional streaming services like Hulu, Hotstar India, and 9NOW. When I ran tests, my speeds only dropped by 30% — this is still fast enough to prevent streaming interruptions. You can boost speeds by switching to 128-bit encryption. This is still a strong level of protection, although I recommend 256-bit encryption if you’re using unsecured networks (like public WiFi hotspots). Where PIA beats both ExpressVPN and CyberGhost is it’s built-in MACE feature, which blocks trackers, ads, and malware. In tests, MACE blocked all annoying pop-up and banners on eBay, The Pirate Bay, and other adware-riddled sites. It even helps to speed up page loading times as well. In fact, I’m a fan of PIA’s app for Windows and Mac — it’s easy to use and all the settings are clearly laid out. The Android and iOS smartphone apps are user-friendly as well, but there’s no split tunneling or MACE on iOS (there’s a Safari Content Blocker instead). Regardless of which plan you choose, you can make the most of PIA’s 30-day money-back guarantee. To make sure the money-back guarantee works, I contacted customer support through live chat after 27 days. While the representative offered to troubleshoot any issues, my refund was immediately approved after I said I just wasn’t interested anymore. The chat was done in 3 minutes and I had my money back in 7 business days. Try Private Internet Access risk-free

3. PrivateVPN — Budget-Friendly Alternative to CyberGhost

Key Features: PrivateVPN is a small but powerful VPN. At only $2.00 on the 3-year-plan, it’s a fantastic deal for what it offers. In addition to tough encryption and a strict no-logs policy, PrivateVPN unblocks Netflix, supports torrenting, and even works in censored countries like China. I find PrivateVPN’s standout feature is its dynamic dedicated IP addresses. These are unique IP addresses that no one else is using and it’s available at no extra cost. You can connect via the “Dedicated IP” tab on the app — just double-click on your country of choice and PrivateVPN will allocate you a dynamic dedicated IP. You can only access streaming platforms on the dedicated IP servers. Country options include the US, UK, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, and more. I tested each server with streaming sites like Netflix and Disney+, and I didn’t have any issues connecting. I recommend you try PrivateVPN risk-free with its 30-day money-back guarantee and see for yourself. Since I never recommend anything without testing it first, I went through the refund process myself. I contacted PrivateVPN over live chat and asked for a refund — after I provided a reason (I said I changed my mind), my refund was approved and I got the money back in 5 days from my bank. Try PrivateVPN risk-free

How do I cancel and get my money back from CyberGhost?

Easy! If you’re canceling with the 45-day money-back guarantee period, you can simply contact the customer support team through live chat or email. I even tested the refund policy myself to make sure it works. You don’t even need a reason for canceling — just say that you’d like to use the money-back guarantee. In my case, a CyberGhost agent instantly initiated the refund for me after I confirmed my account details for security purposes.

Can I cancel my CyberGhost subscription anytime?

Yes. You can cancel your CyberGhost subscription for any reason during the 45-day money-back guarantee period. You’re not guaranteed a refund if you cancel outside the 45 days. However, you can always try and explain your case to the customer support team — for example, if you’re having severe technical issues.

How long does CyberGhost take to issue a refund?

In my tests, CyberGhost approved my refund in minutes over 24/7 live chat. I received a confirmation email within 24 hours. You can expect a quick refund if you originally paid with PayPal (2 to 3 days). However, you need to wait up to 10 business days if you paid with a credit or debit card.

Will turning off automatic subscription renewal prompt CyberGhost to give me a refund?

No. Even if you turn off the auto-renewal payments, your subscription stays active for the remaining time of the plan you signed up for. This means that you may miss the refund policy period if you don’t contact CyberGhost to ask for the money back yourself. The easiest solution is to reach out to CyberGhost’s customer support team and let them do the work for you. A VPN agent can instantly stop recurring payments, cancel your subscription, and issue a full refund in less than 2 minutes over 24/7 live chat. If you want to keep your subscription for the duration of your contract — but not renew it once it’s over — you can turn off automatic renewal in your account settings. Simply log in to your CyberGhost account in your browser and click on your subscription in “Overview.” This will display your active accounts and when the renewal is due — press “Cancel subscription” next to that date and confirm your choice on the new page that pops up. That’s it!

Is CyberGhost any good?

Yes, CyberGhost is one of the best VPNs in 2023. However, it comes second to ExpressVPN. If you want to test each VPN and decide for yourself, it’s risk-free as both VPNs have a money-back guarantee. Just make sure you sign up through the official website (not the App Store or Google Play Store) — this is the only way to guarantee a full refund within the money-back guarantee period. The app stores both have their own Terms & Conditions and won’t necessarily honor the money-back guarantee.

What’s the best alternative to CyberGhost?

I’ve tested over 70 different VPNs and found that ExpressVPN is the best alternative to CyberGhost. It’s rare to find a VPN that offers best-in-class features in nearly every category, but ExpressVPN beats its competitors when it comes to speed, servers, and privacy. ExpressVPN is actually my personal go-to for torrenting and streaming — I never have to deal with slow downloads, buffering, or poor video resolution. Plus, it’s backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try ExpressVPN with confidence. Try ExpressVPN risk-free

Don’t Give Up on Finding the Best VPN for Your Needs

If you change your mind within the first 45 days of signing up for CyberGhost, you can get your money back in just 3 simple steps. The quickest way to request a refund is through CyberGhost’s 24/7 live chat. When I tried it, the process took under 2 minutes and I had my money back within 7 days. However, you shouldn’t give up using a VPN as you’ll be leaving your internet traffic exposed to anyone who might be watching. ExpressVPN is the best alternative to CyberGhost with fast speeds and powerful security features. It’s backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can get a full refund if it’s not the right fit.

Summary — Best Alternatives to CyberGhost in 2023