However, it isn’t necessarily for everyone, so I wanted to check its refund policy. I was surprised to see Grammarly doesn’t have a money-back policy. This is because it offers a completely free version of the software that you can use to test the grammar checking accuracy before purchasing a subscription. Since I wasn’t getting a refund after purchasing the premium account, I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t get any unexpected charges. I canceled my premium account to confirm that I wouldn’t be billed for an additional month. If you’re still searching for a grammar checker, I recommend the Editor in Word . I found that it caught many of the same mistakes as Grammarly, plus a few that Grammarly missed during my tests. Before we discuss Editor and other Grammarly alternatives here are the steps you need to take to turn off recurring billing and cancel your premium  Grammarly account. Try Word Editor for Free!

Quick Guide: How to Cancel Grammarly and Avoid Unwanted Charges

How to Cancel Grammarly and Avoid Unwanted Charges

Grammarly doesn’t have a return or refund policy. When you purchase a subscription, you commit to keeping the Grammarly Premium for the length of your plan. To avoid unwanted charges, you will need to cancel your account before the next billing cycle begins. The one exception to this rule is if you bought Grammarly through the Apple store. In that case, you can get a refund by following the simple steps below. If you’re not satisfied with Grammarly, follow the steps below to cancel your account to avoid being charged at the start of the upcoming billing cycle.

How to Cancel a Grammarly Account Through Apple and Get a Refund

As I mentioned above, the one exception to the Grammarly no refund policy is if you purchased your subscription through the Apple Store. The refund must be made within 24 hours of purchasing the subscription and is subject to Apple’s terms. If you qualify for a refund, you will receive a notification from Apple, and the money will be refunded to the card associated with your Apple account.

How to Uninstall Grammarly from your Computer

If Grammarly Premium isn’t the right grammar and spell checker for you, it can be removed from your computer in a few simple steps.

How to Remove Grammarly Plugin from Chrome

How to Remove the Grammarly Addon from Firefox

How to Remove the Grammarly Extension from Edge

Grammarly Money-Back Guarantee

Grammarly’s money-back guarantee is simple; there are no refunds. When you subscribe to any of the account options, you agree that you will fulfill your financial obligation and pay for the entire length of the contract. According to its Terms of Service, Grammarly may change its subscription or fees at any time, with 10 days’ notice. You should receive the notice via your account email address and it will most likely be posted on the Grammarly website. If you don’t want to continue with the new fees or account costs, you can cancel your account within 10 days, and your account will be canceled, and you’ll receive a refund for the remainder of your original subscription. If you use Grammarly 10 days after the initial email was sent, it’s assumed that you accept the updated costs.

I canceled my Grammarly Premium Account – Now What?

One of the best things about Grammarly is that the free version is good enough for most users. When you cancel your Premium account, you will be downgraded to the free version at the start of the next cycle. The free version of Grammarly comes with basic writing suggestions and checks for:

Spelling Grammar Punctuation

If this is good enough for you, you don’t have to do anything, and your free account will last forever. If you’re looking for a different premium grammar checker, I recommend getting Microsoft 365 and using the improved Editor feature in Word. It does a great job highlighting mistakes, and you can correct them directly from the Editor interface. Word, as part of Microsoft 365, comes with a free 30-day trial.

Best Alternatives to Grammarly Premium

1. Editor with Word: Checks Spelling, Grammar, and Refinements

Word has always had a nice spelling and grammar checker built into its interface. When you saw the red or blue squiggly line under a word or group of words, you knew you made a mistake. Over the past few years, Word has improved its basic spelling and grammar checker with a feature called Editor. The Editor highlights all spelling and advanced grammar mistakes and has eight Refinements categories:

These categories can recognize over 150 types of writing mistakes, including passive writing, inconsistent pronouns, oxford commas, and words out of context. You can set Editor to one of three writing styles to understand your tone. This can affect whether it marks something as an area of improvement or allows it to stay as written. The writing styles are:

Formal Professional Casual

One of the nice features of Editor is that it gives each piece of content an Editor score. The score is based on the writing style, spelling and grammar mistakes, and various refinement suggestions.

Editor is available as a browser extension for any Chromium-based browsers (such as Chrome, Edge, Opera, and dozens more). You can use it to check social media posts, emails, and more. It’s also built-in for both the browser-based and standalone Word and Outlook apps. While there is a free version of the browser extension, it will only check basic spelling and grammar mistakes. You can unlock the full potential of the Editor feature by subscribing to Microsoft 365. Try Microsoft 365 free for 30 days, and see how the Editor improves your writing. Try Editor Free for 30 Days!

2. ProWritingAid: Checks Grammar, Styles, and Plagiarism

ProWritingAid is a grammar and style checker that integrates with many different platforms. This way, you won’t need to worry that your emails, social media posts, or blog posts have mistakes that can harm your credibility. The software doesn’t just check for mistakes, but it has videos, quizzes, and information that will help you learn from mistakes, so you won’t make them again in the future. Some of the helpful features in ProWritingAid are:

In-depth reports: Generate over 20 different reports to understand your strengths and weaknesses as a writer. Contextual Thesaurus: Stop repeating the same words multiple times. ProWritingAid will recommend different words that you can use. Plagiarism Checker: The software will check your content against millions of published articles online to ensure that you didn’t copy someone else’s work.

ProWritingAid has a free trial, so you can test it out before you commit to an annual subscription. However, based on my tests, and I write a lot, Editor by Word does a better job finding and correcting mistakes and has better integration with leading browsers and platforms.

3. Sapling: AI-based Grammar Checker and Writing Assistant

Sapling is a feature-rich writing assistant that can save you time and improve your writing at the same time. Its two unique features are Autocomplete Everywhere and Snippets.

Autocomplete Everywhere: If you’ve used Gmail in the past year, you should be familiar with the concept of this feature. It uses deep learning to give suggestions when writing common words or phrases. The autocomplete analyzes your writing, so the suggestions improve over time. Snippets: Create macro shortcuts to automate common phrases or automatically update information, such as days, months, or the year. You can create a library of snippets and share them with coworkers. The snippets are also accessible through the various browser and platform extensions.

Sapling is a reliable grammar and spelling checker. You can see your mistakes as you make them, correct them by clicking on the word or words and replacing them with the Sapling suggestion. While Sapling has some unique features, it is an expensive program. Unless you need the Autocomplete or Snippet features, you’ll be happier going with Editor by Word to check your writing.

Does Grammarly have a monthly subscription option?

Grammarly has three subscription options:

Annual Quarterly Monthly

The monthly subscription is the most expensive option, more than twice the price per month as an annual subscription. It’s important to remember that if you don’t follow the instructions above and cancel your account, it will automatically renew each month. If you don’t plan on canceling, I strongly recommend trying the Quarterly or Annual plans, which will save you a lot of money.

Is there any way to get a refund from Grammarly?

The Grammarly refund policy is very clear. under normal circumstances, they do not offer full or partial refunds. However, in special instances, such as there is a price increase in the middle of your contract or the software just doesn’t work, you can contact customer support and make a refund request. Grammarly will make the decision on a case-by-case basis.

What happens if I forget to cancel my Grammarly account?

Grammarly subscriptions are set to auto-renew at the beginning of each billing cycle. You should receive a reminder email shortly before the renewal, which gives you time to cancel the account. There is no automatic refund if you forget to cancel or decide that you don’t want Grammarly after the renewal date. You can submit a claim and plead your case, but it is up to the discretion of Grammarly whether they refund your money or not. Therefore, to avoid any unwanted charges, it’s a good practice to follow the instructions above and cancel your Grammarly account right away. You will still have access to your premium account until the end of the billing cycle. Then, if you decide to continue using the spelling and grammar checker, you can always reactivate your account.

Is the free version of Grammarly any good?

After you cancel your Grammarly Premium subscription, your account will be downgraded to a free account. The free account includes all the extensions and add-ons for different browsers and Microsoft 365 apps. It does a great job of catching spelling and basic grammar mistakes. I find that it’s helpful when writing emails or social media posts, but for long-form blog posts or articles, I recommend using Grammarly Premium, as it catches many more errors and makes suggestions for improving the writing.

Bottom Line

Grammarly Premium is the best grammar checker that I’ve tested, and it’s what I use for my writing. I like that it’s flexible, seamlessly integrates with my browser and Word, and helps improve my writing. While it would be nice if it had a free trial or a money-back guarantee, the free version will give you a good idea of whether it’s the right grammar checker for you. If not, check out Editor from Microsoft 365. It has undergone major improvements over the past year, and it integrates nicely with several non-Microsoft applications as well. You can try Microsoft 365 for free for 30 days and see how much your writing improves. Try Microsoft 365 Risk-Free for 30 Days!