By utilizing a VPN, you’ll be able to keep yourself more protected when online with PS4. Plus, there are many other benefits to using a VPN with PS4, including early access to new games, lower prices, and faster gaming speeds. Setting up a VPN on your PS4 is easy and only requires a few simple steps that we walk you through below.

How To Set Up A VPN On Your PS4

Firstly, there are a few items you need to prepare before connecting your PS4 to a VPN. You want to ensure you have a decent PC or Mac available and an Ethernet cable. Before you begin, you need to research what VPN you wish to install. The best VPNs ensure fast internet connection speeds, have dedicated P2P and gaming servers, utilize robust encryption and security features, and can bypass any geo-restrictions. We recommend checking out premium services like ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, or PIA for the best results.

Set Up A PS4 VPN Via Your PC

Set Up A PS4 VPN Via Your Mac

The Importance Of Using A VPN On Your PS4

Your PS4 is just like any device that can connect to the internet, and without protection, you’ll be leaving it vulnerable to online attacks. A VPN is the best way to obscure your activity from any third-party, especially those looking to abuse your personal and private information. As your PS4 can be used online to play multiplayer modes, buy games, and even chat with other users, anyone with the knowledge can use that connection to hack into your system.

Benefits Of Using A VPN

Buy games before they become available in your country Find lower prices for games, apps, and products Access online games that are banned or blocked on your network

Depending on your ISP and internet connection, you may even experience a reduction in lag, as VPNs allow you to connect to specially designed servers for P2P and gaming that have faster speeds. Providers like ExpressVPN have dedicated servers for different activities like streaming or gaming. It’s recommended you ensure whatever VPN you choose can accommodate your exact needs.


In the end, you need to be treating your PS4 like any other online device which subsequently means it needs to be encrypted and protected like one too. Forgetting to install a VPN on your PS4 can be detrimental to your privacy and result in your personal information being obtained by unauthorized individuals. You need to ensure that you download a VPN that is compatible with your PS4 and the operating device you’re using to link it. ExpressVPN is a fantastic choice as it has a wide range of dedicated apps for various platforms and will allow you to protect up to five devices meaning you can also hook up your smart TV or mobile device as well. Whatever VPN you decide to implement, make sure you install it before the next time you jump on your PS4.

The Best VPNs for PlayStation in 2023