If you’ve made the decision to leave Croatia and are having trouble accessing specific online services abroad, there is a solution. Using a VPN to assume a Croatian IP address, you will be able to overcome any geo-blocks preventing access to secure websites and streaming services anywhere. Get your Croatian IP Address Today

The Advantage Of Having A Croatian IP Address

The most reliable and efficient tool in creating a Croatian IP address is with a VPN. Using a high-quality VPN allows for protection of sensitive data, even when using public Wi-Fi networks.  Using a VPN will securely spoof your location, allowing access to blocked and restricted streams from anywhere in the world.  

Can You Use A Free VPN To Get An IP Address In Croatia?

If you only need to use a VPN for the short term, we recommend getting a free trial or using a VPN with a reliable money-back guarantee. Other than this option, securing a Croatian IP address from a premium quality VPN is the only secure way to obtain unfiltered access to local content and services.

How To Ensure Your IP Address Is Secured

Once you have a Croatian IP address, you must check if it’s working correctly. Occasionally, some servers will unsuccessfully obscure your actual IP address despite the server connection. If this is the case, not only will you not be able to access Croatian websites, but you will be left exposed, and you could become victim to an online attack.  The IP checker will instantly give you vital information about your connection. If your connection is not showing the appropriate location while you are connected to a Croatian server, you have a leak. You can troubleshoot this by switching to a new server, or by contacting the VPN’s support team for extra assistance.

What To Look For In A Croatian VPN

There are several key attributes that make up an excellent Croatian VPN:

The Best VPN For Croatia

We have a few suggestions below as to the best VPNs for Croatian IP addresses, according to the attributes highlighted above.

ExpressVPN – Best VPN for Croatia

Excellent high-speed access Over 3,000 servers across 92 countries Unlimited bandwidth Advanced security features

ExpressVPN has been the market leader due to its reliability and impeccable connection speeds. The provider has a valid server location in Croatia, with several IP addresses. ExpressVPN is compatible with most major platforms and has apps for Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, and even some routers. You’ll also be able to protect up to five devices simultaneously. The company also offers a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked, allowing you to test out their features without fully committing to their service. The only real downside to ExpressVPN is that it is more expensive than other options. However, we firmly believe this product gives you great value for money. Get ExpressVPN today!


Obtaining a Croatian VPN is easy, and can be done within minutes. Ensure you secure an IP address by finding a VPN that makes a sound investment, and that you can trust to keep you safe online.

Summary: These Are The Top VPNs That Work in Croatia in 2023