It makes sense that you’d want to experience all the features before handing over your hard-earned cash. And whether you need a VPN for unblocking sites like Hulu and Netflix, or you want a more secure connection for online banking or work-related privacy, it’s vital that you take it out for a test-drive first.

Once you’ve read up on it and you’re ready to try it out, follow the easy steps below to get started. Step 1: Go to PureVPN. Step 2: Select your preferred subscription option.

If you select the monthly option, it will warn you that you won’t get 74 percent savings like you would with a two-year plan. All three offer a free trial, but for significant savings you’ll want to use a more extended commitment plan of one or two years. Be sure to turn off recurring payments to avoid getting hit with a bill later on. Step 3: Choose your payment method.

Please note that PureVPN mentions a few payment methods that will not be eligible for any refund. Again, if you think you’ll need a refund, do not pay with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or with gift cards. Step 4: Fill out your payment info and click “Pay with…” to move forward. Step 5: Your login and password will be emailed to the account you used when subscribing. Follow the emailed link and log in. You’ve successfully begun your free trial!

Final Thoughts