Thankfully, you only have to complete the following steps to get a Filipino IP address: Getting back that little sense of home has never been so easy, and by downloading a VPN, you’ll experience a lot of other benefits too. Get a Filipino IP Address with ExpressVPN

The Advantage Of Having A Philippine IP Address

There are countless local television shows and movies aired exclusively in the Philipines and inaccessible from other countries. Complex geo-blocks ensure that any users located elsewhere don’t have access to the content, which can be particularly frustrating for any Filipino expats. A Filipino IP address is also useful if you’re looking to watch any of the local sports programs. As basketball and other big sports are extremely popular in the Philipines, the only way you can keep up to date if you’re not in the country is to spoof your location with a Filipino IP address.

How To Test To Make Sure You Have A Filipino IP Address

Once you have a VPN installed and have selected a Filipino server to connect to, you’ll need to check if it’s working. While it doesn’t happen often, some servers will be unsuccessful at hiding your real IP address regardless of what server you’re connected to and, therefore, you won’t be receiving an IP address located in the Philipines.

Using the WizCase IP Tool, you can test the location of your IP address The easiest way to test that you do have a Filipino IP address is to use an IP leak test, like the WizCase IP checker. You’ll see the IP address you’re connected to and its location. If the test shows any place other than one in the Philipines, you know it isn’t working. You can try and troubleshoot the problem by switching to a different server or get in contact with your VPN’s support team.

What Makes A VPN Good For The Philippines

When on the hunt for a quality VPN, you’ll need to keep a few essential features in mind. If you can ensure that the service you choose has these features, the likelihood of your success will be much higher. A premium VPN service should provide you with all of these aspects and more, so don’t feel like you must settle for anything less.

The Top VPNs For A Filipino IP Address


Lightning fast speeds Over 3,000 servers in more than 90 countries Can unblock streaming sites like Netflix Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and more

ExpressVPN is one of the top services on today’s market and is well known for its impeccable connection speeds that are practically unbeatable. ExpressVPN is also dedicated to your online privacy and protection with military-grade 256-bit encryption protocols, an automatic kill switch, split tunneling, and a strict no logs policy. When it comes down to Filipino servers, ExpressVPN has some of the most reliable around as you will always be able to get a secure connection. If not they have a lot of backup servers you can switch to, so you’ll never be locked out. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, it’s hard not to give this VPN a shot. Get a Filipino IP Address 

2IPVanish VPN

40,000+ IPs, 1,300+ servers in over 75 countries Fast speeds Connect ten devices simultaneously Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and more

IPVanish VPN ranks extremely high when testing for levels of privacy and security with many robust protocols in place. They will ensure your safety with 256-bit AES encryption, IP and DNS leak protection, a kill switch, and a strict zero logs policy. IPVanish has a large number of servers with six located in the Philipines, giving you a few backup options in case one of the servers has any issues or loses connection. These servers, while not quite up to speed with ExpressVPN, are still incredibly fast and are great at unblocking content. This VPN also has easy to use apps for most devices like Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows. Try it risk-free!

The Bottom Line

Overall, getting a Philippine IP address is an easy task and only requires minimum research. So long as you download and install a VPN with excellent unblocking capabilities and properly located servers, you shouldn’t run into any problems. However, ExpressVPN would have to be our top pick as its incredible speeds and consistency put it above the competition. Whatever you decide, you’ll now easily be able to catch up on your favorite Filipino tv shows, movies, and sporting programs no matter where you are.