Have you traveled to or lived in Bangladesh, and miss their local entertainment and athletic content? If you’re having trouble accessing their top media and entertainment sites like Banglaflix or streaming their local sports tournaments, then you’ve run into their region-based blocking algorithms. Not to worry!  You just need an IP addressed that’s based out of Bangladesh. Using a VPN can help you safely access loads of international content, in addition to everything from Bangladesh-based online financial institutions to consuming Banglaflix movies and TV content, regional news and live sporting events. In fact, Banglaflix is one of the top-rated entertainment apps on Google Play and iTunes. Basically, it is the hub of Bangla video streaming, where you can enjoy endless streaming of Bangla movies, dramas, music videos and so on. You can filter by genre and award-winning productions. Below, we’ll walk you through the two main steps you need to take.

1. Check your current IP address so you can verify it’s correct when you attempt to switch it.

To check your current IP. We have a tool at https://www.wizcase.com/tools/whats-my-ip/ that will make sure you don’t have an IP leak when connected to a VPN and will verify the VPN is actually giving you the right location. Doing so will help you bypass regional content blocks.

2. Get the right kind of VPN.

They also have lagging speeds and content data caps that will limit how much streaming content you can enjoy. Rather than subject yourself to the risks and uncertainties of a free VPN, we implore you to instead take advantage of the free trials of the industry leaders like ExpressVPN, which will provide the protection, speed and reliability of their paid products while giving you the option to cancel your subscription should you choose to. The VPN you want in this case is one that connect you to local Bangladeshi content (news, entertainment, social media, etc). ExpressVPN has server locations based in Bangladesh. If you’re eager to watch the latest film and TV offerings out of Bangladesh, then you’ll want a VPN that sends its signals through local servers. In your VPN’s settings, simply choose a Bangladeshi server to spoof your IP address through.

An excellent VPN to connect you to your favorite Bangladeshi content


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ExpressVPN is a well-established security powerhouse. It has very few rivals that can come close to matching its speed and quality of service. It is the most robust, while being –granted– among the more expensive options. ExpressVPN consistently proves itself capable of bypassing government and commercial firewalls. Easily overcoming geo-restrictions to perform local banking or to access regional and global content. ExpressVPN has server locations in Bangladesh, so switching back and forth (depending on your digital needs) is simple. Try Now Risk Free

The Hallmarks of a Quality VPN

What About Using a Proxy?

Fast Speeds It is an inconvenient truth that most VPNs (especially the free ones) will encumber your internet connection speeds. If you want to avoid sluggish connections and downloads, be sure to use a VPN that can guarantee acceptably-fast speeds so you can enjoy the Internet is all its lightning-speed glory. First of all, while we know several top VPNs with Bangladeshi IP Addresses, it can be much harder to find a proxy with a Bangladesh IP address. Experts agree that a proxy serves as VPN alternative for certain uses, but not as effectively, and often not nearly as securely.  While proxies function in a similar way to VPNs, most proxies don’t encrypt all of your browsing history and online traffic. That means any third-party interloper who want to steal your private data and location details could still do so.  VPNs are much harder to crack.