Enter ProtonMail; a highly-encrypted, private email service, which offers both free and paid subscriptions to protect you and provide total anonymity.

Steps to create ProntonMail anonymous email account

Setting up a ProntoMail account is no more complicated than setting up any other email account with the providers you know and may already use.

Sending Options

These features are optional, but they can add another layer of security to your email.

Encryption: You can use encryption for sending an anonymous email to recipients not using ProtonMail. The encryption icon is a padlock in the lower left of your Compose Email screen and will allow you to set a password that will be needed to be able to read the contents. Message Expiration: You also have the option to set an expiration time for your message by clicking the hourglass icon next to the padlock icon. Once you set the expiration, click “Set.”

Free VS. Paid Features and Options:

As with any free software options, some of the features and space capacities will be limited, and ProtonMail is no different.

A free account includes.

500 MB storage (enough to test the features, but not much for long-term use) The Capacity to send up to 150 emails per day Limited customer support

A paid account includes.

5 GB storage The capacity to send up to 1,000 messages per day Organizable labels, custom filters, and folders A facility to send encrypted messages to external recipients Create up to five aliases Premium Customer Support

A few reasons you may want to send a message anonymously:

With the prevalence of public shaming and more sensitive attitudes, online content can cause problems that range anywhere from mere embarrassment to endangering your employment or even safety. Consider using anonymous email for the circumstances below:

Making a consumer complaint Sending an anonymous tip to authorities Whistleblowing concerning an essential legal or moral issue Protecting journalistic anonymity for you and your sources Sharing a personal story Discussing something potentially embarrassing, like a medical issue Addressing your safety Discussing issues in the workplace Discussing political issues Any other number of reasons you’d like to have a private conversation

Never use anonymous accounts to harass, threaten, or spam another individual. Wizcase doesn’t condone illegal activity or improper conduct of any type and only ever provide information purely for education or ethical purposes.

Why can’t you use Yahoo Mail, Gmail, or other leading free email providers?

It’s purported that these accounts sell your information to pay for their enormous bandwidth Annoying ads, spam, and fraudulent email populates in your inbox They lack privacy

Why is ProtonMail a Secure Choice?

Based in Switzerland, ProtonMail promises to obscure your IP address when you send a message. Switzerland has some of the strongest privacy laws in the world. Your ProtonMail address (e.g., Anon@protonmail.com) will be visible but not traceable to you, or even your relative location. If you’d like to send anonymous email without a personal account, services like Anonymouse permit you to do so via their dedicated website.