If you’re planning on taking a trip abroad for business or pleasure, you may find that your content is restricted in countries where it isn’t usually available. That goes for most of your favorite shows, including the likes of Comedy Central’s Broad City. The only way to get around these blocks is by taking advantage of a Virtual Private Network (VPN), which will allow you access to content from anywhere in the world. This beloved Comedy Central show is going out in a blaze of glory with its fifth and final season, so make sure you catch it before it goes offline forever. If you’re not a resident in the United States or have a cable subscription, it might be difficult for you to access the latest Broad City episodes. That’s where a VPN comes in! Read on to find out more.

How to Watch Broad City Online from Anywhere

A VPN bypasses geo-restrictions, protects your identity and keeps your location anonymous. It does this by masking your real IP address and assigning you a new one in the location needed to access the content. This lets you unblock content from your region from anywhere in the world. A VPN also gives you privacy and protection from cyber-criminals, spammers, hackers, and snoopers by using sophisticated encryption and tunneling protocols. Your data is routed through an encrypted digital tunnel, giving you complete anonymity. A new IP address is then assigned to you in your chosen country, such as the US, allowing you to access US-based content.

Hulu with Live TV

Sling TV


How to Sign Up for a US Streaming Service from Anywhere

In order to sign up to Sling TV and Hulu with Live TV, you will need an American credit card. If you do not live in the US, this may be tricky. But luckily, we have a way around this issue – a gift card that can be purchased through your PayPal account will also work.

My Gift Card Supplies:

PayPal Gifts:

Both of these gift card methods will send the voucher to your email address with a redemption code. Find out more about gift cards here.

Best VPNs to Watch Broad City Online from Anywhere


Key features:

5,200+ servers in 62 countries High-speed servers Excellent 256-bit encryption

NordVPN has an unbreakable double encryption protocol that allows you to browse from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, it has excellent connection speeds and servers in more than 62 countries. This VPN allows you to access even the most restricted sites and guarantees your security even if you’re using a public Wi-Fi Hotspot. Start Watching Now


Key features:

2,000+ servers in 148 locations in 94 countries Strict no logs policy Kill switch and DNS leak protection

ExpressVPN offers users a strong military-grade OpenVPN security encryption, an airtight no logging privacy policy and a DNS leak protection system. It also has more than 90 server locations around the world with high download and fast streaming speeds. ExpressVPN has a dedicated team that responds to all your questions and queries quickly, and it also offers a money-back guarantee. Try Now Risk Free

3CyberGhost VPN

Key features:

3,000+ servers in over 60 countries Strict zero logs policy Strong 256-bit encryption

CyberGhost VPN has servers in more than 60 countries including the USA, the UK, Finland, and Norway. This VPN will allow you to connect up to 7 different devices at one time. You’ll also find apps for almost all operating systems including Mac, Android, Windows, and iPhone. CyberGhost offers a free 7-day trial period and 45-day money-back guarantee. Try Now Risk Free

Final Thought

If you want to catch up with the latest episode of Broad City outside the US, the above options are perfect for ensuring you won’t miss out on any laughs or adventures. The best way to get around geo-restrictions is by taking advantage of a VPN, which will allow you access to content from anywhere in the world.