Connecting to Global TV Canada

Your IP address contains information like your device’s current location. Some countries restrict access to content from other nations, and their websites have codes to recognize the geotag. For sites streaming media, geo-blocking occurs to meet government publication and copyright regulations. You can make Global TV’s servers think you’re still in Canada when you’re not by using a VPN, which allows you to connect to an encrypted network and masks your real IP address. A VPN creates a tunnel between your computer and the network server. This tunnel offers you security, privacy, and anonymity when you’re online. To connect to Global TV Canada: For most content on their site, you do not have to have a username or login. However, if you wish to stream live shows, you must sign up for an account with your cable or satellite service provider ID.

Top 2 VPNs to Use to Connect to Global TV Canada


Over 2,000 servers 30-day money-back guarantee Kill Switch Feature No Logs

ExpressVPN lives up to their reputation with unlimited bandwidth and no restrictions on streaming or download sizes. They employ 256-bit AES encryption and no activity logs to protect users while they watch their favorite shows. Express has four server locations in Canada and allows for simultaneous connections on up to five devices. Try Now Risk Free

2CyberGhost VPN

Over 3,000 servers in over 60 countries Connect up to 7 devices simultaneously 45-day money-back guarantee 24/7 customer support

There’s an app for almost everything you watch, including Global TV, making it ideal to watch on your phone or tablet. CyberGhost VPN also has applications for all primary mobile devices including Android and iOS for iPhones and iPads. CyberGhost offers secure 256-bit AES encryption to shield the online actions of their customers. Their malware blocker gives an additional layer of protection while streaming from your favorite browser. Start Watching Now Each of these VPNs can access content on Global TV Canada and other Canadian channels like CBC and CTV, so you never miss your favorite shows when you’re traveling. Check out each one to see which best serves your needs and budget.