Since Love Island USA is only available in the US, I had to use a VPN to swap my IP address and change my virtual location. However, finding a service that works with CBS proved to be extremely difficult as many VPNs don’t have the right unblocking technology. That’s why I tested 40+ VPNs to find the top 3 that helped me keep up with on-screen drama in high quality — so you don’t have to waste your time searching yourself. To start streaming now, I recommend ExpressVPN as its high-speed servers in the US are perfect for instant access to Love Island USA without buffering or lags. Plus, it’s backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can test ExpressVPN yourself risk-free. If you’re not happy with it, you can get a full refund, no questions asked. Watch Love Island USA with ExpressVPN

Quick Guide: 3 Steps to Watch Love Island USA in the UK, Australia, and Other Locations

Watch Love Island with ExpressVPN

How a VPN Helps You Watch Love Island USA Live From Anywhere

Due to broadcasting restrictions, CBS and other streaming platforms block you from viewing Love Island from outside the US. That’s why when you try to stream the show from abroad, you can only see the error message. A VPN can help you bypass the pesky geoblocks and regain access to your streaming account regardless of your actual location. That’s because a VPN gives you a different IP address which hides where you’re connecting from. As soon as you set up a connection, your traffic gets redirected through a VPN’s server in your chosen country. That server instantly assigns you one of the local IP addresses stored on its database making it seem like you’re in the country with Love Island broadcasting rights. As long as you connect to a VPN before you start watching Love Island USA, streaming sites won’t be able to tell where in the world you are, so you won’t be blocked from the show. Watch Love Island on CBS with ExpressVPN

The Best VPNs to Watch Love Island USA in January 2023

1. ExpressVPN — Ultra-Fast Streaming Speeds to Watch Love Island US With Zero Interruptions

Key Features: ExpressVPN is my top recommendation as its lightning-fast speeds helped me stream Love Island USA with no lagging or buffering. My average speeds across 40+ servers reached 60Mbps which is more than enough for smooth streaming in the highest definition. This means you’ll have no problem with checking how loyal the couples are during the ultimate Casa Amor challenge (and more). Out of the best VPNs on the market, ExpressVPN is one of the easiest services to use across all compatible devices. I only had to double-click the “United States” on the list of countries and the VPN connected me to a server in 10 seconds. The vendor also let me create shortcuts within its app so I could open CBS, Paramount+, and other streaming sites directly through the VPN. The only annoying thing is that ExpressVPN offers slightly more expensive plans than other recommended VPNs. But the VPN regularly releases great discounts so you can save even 49 on your ExpressVPN subscription. This makes its pricing much more competitive. If you’re not convinced yet, I suggest you put ExpressVPN to the test yourself without any risk. The VPN is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you’ll have no problems getting a refund if you change your mind during that time. I signed up for the VPN to check if the money-back policy wasn’t just a marketing gimmick. After using the vendor for 24 days, I connected to a 24/7 live chat advisor to cancel my account. Many other VPNs tried to change my mind by offering further discounts, but ExpressVPN approved my refund in 20 seconds without asking any questions. I received my money 3 days later making the refund process super quick and easy. Watch Love Island USA with ExpressVPN

2. CyberGhost — Servers Optimized to Unblock CBS and Stream Love Island US in High Definition

Key Features: CyberGhost is another solid option since it offers servers optimized for high-quality Love Island streaming. I connected to CBS, Hulu, and YouTube TV servers to find they have no problems with bypassing tough restriction technologies other VPNs struggle with. This meant I easily logged in on every platform to watch Love Island USA without wasting time looking for a working connection. Better yet, the streaming servers provide the best video quality so I didn’t experience any interruptions at all. As a reality TV addict, I was glad that CyberGhost’s streaming servers unblock American Netflix, HBO Max, and more. This gave me access to shows like Below Deck, Too Hot to Handle, and The Bachelor, so I can fill the void in my heart once Love Island USA is over. Unfortunately, the streaming servers may occasionally become full — especially when Love Island USA is live. I was relieved to see that CyberGhost’s standard connections could also unblock Love Island USA, though my video quality was a bit lower. This didn’t really impact how much I enjoyed the stream and I was happy to keep up with the latest recoupling without missing any drama. You don’t have to make a final decision straight away. Due to its 45-day money-back guarantee, you can try CyberGhost completely risk-free and get a refund if you don’t like it. Getting my money back was very simple as I only had to connect to a 24/7 live chat representative and ask for it. Similar to ExpressVPN, the CyberGhost agent didn’t even try to convince me to stay and approved my request straight away. The money was in my bank account 5 days later. Watch Love Island USA with CyberGhost CyberGhost unblocks: Netflix, Hulu, CBS, HBO Max, YouTube TV, DirecTV, Paramount+, BBC iPlayer, fuboTV, AT&T TV, and more.

3. Private Internet Access — Log in on Up to 10 Devices to Watch Love Island With Loved Ones

Key Features: Private Internet Access (PIA) supports 10 simultaneous connections so you can share your login with friends and family to watch Love Island USA together. My tests showed that you won’t experience slowdowns when you max out your connections because my PIA speeds didn’t change even with 10 devices connected. So you won’t risk dealing with lags or annoying pixelation while organizing a virtual Love Island watch party. I watch shows on my PC, so I’m happy PIA is one of the best VPNs for Windows, Mac, and other operating systems. Its app interface is very intuitive so you won’t have problems navigating it even if you’ve never used a VPN before. Though there are so many servers, PIA selects the fastest connection as soon as you choose which region you’d like to connect to. It takes under 30 seconds after which you can sit back and enjoy the rollercoaster of emotions Love Island provides. During my tests, I noticed that PIA servers tend to be slower than its competitors, but that difference didn’t change my streaming quality. My Love Island USA streams took a few seconds longer to load initially, but there were no further interruptions once the episode started. To make sure you’re fully satisfied, I suggest you try PIA with Love Island USA yourself as the VPN offers a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee. It’s a legitimate policy, but the refund process takes a bit longer than with other VPNs as I had to explain why I was canceling my subscription. Luckily, the PIA agent processed my refund after I said I didn’t want the VPN anymore and I received my money back that same week. Watch Love Island USA with PIA PIA unblocks: Netflix, Hulu, CBS, HBO Max, YouTube TV, DirecTV, Paramount+, fuboTV, AT&T TV, and more.

Where to Watch Love Island USA in January 2023

Though CBS has exclusive rights to broadcast Love Island USA, the channel is available live and on-demand through a range of other streaming providers: Viewers in the UK can also watch Love Island US for free on ITV Hub. However, the show usually isn’t available on the platform until September, so you won’t be able to watch it live there. Love Island USA is also broadcasted on CTV in Canada. The channel is available as a part of multiple TV packages, so if you already have one, just use your login details to watch the show live or on-demand. Unfortunately, CTV doesn’t offer online subscriptions so you need a cable TV plan to cheer your favorite couples on. Watch Love Island with ExpressVPN

How to Sign Up for CBS and Watch Love Island USA

You can watch Love Island USA on CBS on-demand without signing up for the streaming service. Just search for the episode you want to stream and press play to enjoy the show. Since it’s a free-to-use site though, you’ll have to sit through multiple short ad breaks. However, if you want to watch it live, you have to sign up for the Paramount+ Premium plan using your US credit card or PayPal. Remember that you need to sign up before you travel, because signing up for Paramount+ abroad, even using a VPN, could breach its Terms and Conditions. Watch Love Island on Paramount+ with ExpressVPN

Can I watch the 2023 Love Island USA on Hulu or Netflix?

CBS has exclusive rights to broadcast Love Island USA, but the channel is included with the Hulu + Live TV subscription. You can also watch it on other platforms that offer CBS in their channel lists — but sadly, you won’t be able to watch the show on Netflix. Regardless of which website you choose to watch the show, you’ll have to connect to a US VPN server to access it abroad. CyberGhost has multiple streaming-optimized American servers for unlimited streaming of Love Island USA from anywhere. You can even test CyberGhost for yourself without any risk thanks to its 45-day money-back guarantee.

How do I watch Love Island USA for free?

CBS lets you watch Love Island USA on-demand free of charge — you don’t even need to sign up. Simply connect to a VPN, search for the episode you’d like to watch, press play, and enjoy the show completely for free. Since the service is free to use, you’ll have to sit through multiple 2-minute add breaks throughout each episode though. If you want to keep up with the plot twists as the show airs in the US, you can watch Love Island live using a free trial on Hulu, Paramount+, and other sites with access to CBS. AT&T TV offers the longest trial period that will let you stream the reality TV drama for free for 14 days. However, keep in mind you need to sign up to any US platform before you leave the country as subscribing from abroad could breach the site’s Terms & Conditions. No matter which website you want to use, you also need to sign up for a VPN service to watch Love Island as you travel. Even though you’ll have to pay for a subscription, it doesn’t mean you’re automatically bound to a long-term contract. In fact, you can test PIA’s features for up to 30 days to see if you want to keep your account. If you change your mind, the money-back guarantee lets you get a full refund.

Who are the Love Island USA contestants?

As a general rule, Love Island contestants are usually in their 20s and reside within the US. There is no other requirement to be accepted for the show, but most of the time, those who possess outstanding beauty features are more likely to be chosen. The lack of specific qualities results in a real mix of personalities that regularly clash or match with one another in the villa. Depending on how long they stay on the show, the Love Island USA contestants grow a significant social media following. This enables them to continue their fame journey through brand deals, regular TV appearances, and more. Elizabeth Weber, who won the first season of the show, has since become a model and worked with Adidas and Dr. Martens. Season 2 winners, Justine Ndiba and Caleb Corprew have also worked with multiple popular companies and make a living through Instagram. Other contestants who became famous on the show include Caroline Viehweg, Alexandra Stewart, and Weston Richey.

Will free VPNs help me watch Love Island USA?

In theory, yes, but I wouldn’t recommend it since even the most popular free VPNs struggle to reliably unblock Love Island-streaming sites. If you somehow find a vendor that works with CBS and other platforms, your streaming quality will be extremely poor. Since free VPNs can’t afford to upkeep large server networks, their connections are often slow due to overcrowding giving you constant lags and buffering. The lack of appropriate funds also means free vendors limit your monthly bandwidth and data usage making it impossible to finish even one Love Island USA episode. Worse yet, free VPNs put you at risk of identity theft, scams, phishing, and other cyberattacks. That’s because they make their profit by collecting your personal data and selling it to shady third parties, including advertisers and hackers. For guaranteed and secure access to Love Island USA, you should consider getting a quality premium VPN. You can try ExpressVPN completely risk-free to watch the reality TV show without interruptions from anywhere. Its 30-day money-back guarantee ensures you have plenty of time to check how well it works and request a refund if you’re not satisfied. I checked the policy myself and received my money back only 3 days after requesting it through the 24/7 live chat.

What is Love Island USA about?

Just like the original UK version, Love Island USA is a matchmaking show that sees 11 or 12 young and hot individuals couple up to find long-lasting relationships. Whoever ends up single risks being dumped from the villa, but no one is ever safe as new people come in, couples break up, and friendships are destroyed. The show ends with a grand finale with only 4 remaining couples when you get to vote for the people you want to win. The winners then have to decide whether they want to split the prize of $100,000 in half or keep the cash to themselves. But if they both choose to keep it, neither of them walks away with the money.

Where can I watch the other versions of Love Island online?

When you connect to a VPN, you’ll be able to unblock Love Island UK and Australia for free on ITV Hub. Hulu also offers previously aired episodes of the show in its on-demand library. Even though Love Island Australia is available on ITV Hub, the show’s latest episodes are added to its library after they already aired in its original country. So if you want to watch Love Island Australia live, you have to sign up for a free 9now account. You can also watch Love Island South Africa on M-Net, Love Island Norway on TV2, Love Island Germany on RTL Zwei, Love Island Poland on Polsat, and Love Island Sweden on TV4. These versions aren’t as widely known, but they’re still worth a watch with highly dramatic plot twists, new bombshells, heartbreaking recouplings, and more. Watch Love Island USA with ExpressVPN

Start Watching Love Island USA From Anywhere Today!

Trying to find a long-lasting relationship is tricky, especially if you’re stuck in a Hawaiian villa with a group of extremely good-looking people. Every Love Island USA episode serves new looks and drama you don’t want to miss out on just because of your temporary location. Luckily, you can use a top-quality VPN to watch which Love Island couple becomes the nation’s favorite in 2023. As not many VPNs are designed for high-resolution streaming, the tried and tested VPNs on the list are your best options to learn which Love Island couple becomes the next big thing. I recommend you get ExpressVPN to watch the exciting plot twists without additional risk. The VPN is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try it in confidence. If you decide it’s not worth the money, you’ll receive a full refund — no questions asked.

Summary — Watch Love Island USA Now With These VPNs (Updated 2023)