Using security measures that scan web visitors’ IP addresses, TV networks are able to block users from outside their home countries from accessing streaming content. What’s the logic behind this? Well, TV networks sell the rights of their best shows to networks in other countries to be rebroadcast, and usually subtitled, for a fee. The original network makes a profit, the secondary network gets to air popular shows for its audiences and charge advertising companies to buy space. However, if TV viewers in those other countries can watch the imported shows via the Internet, they won’t watch them on TV, which means the secondary network won’t find advertisers and will have wasted its money. If they can’t make money on a program, they won’t buy it from the original network. Thus, countries like Indonesia put geo-restrictive software in place so that viewers outside the island nation can’t watch networks like RCTI unless they have an Indonesia IP address. The best solution for this problem is to connect to the Internet via a virtual private network (VPN).

What is RCTI?

Launched in 1989, RCTI broadcasts from West Jakarta and airs sporting events, soap operas, and news reports. RCTI was the network that broke TVRI’s television monopoly in Indonesia.

Tips for selecting the best VPN

When it comes to shopping for anything, price is obviously a concern for most consumers. If you’re living, working, or traveling outside Indonesia but anxious to watch your favorite RCTI shows, you will also need to find a VPN that offers great speed and security.

Why security? For many reasons, the simplest being if your security is lousy, the website you’re trying to access will figure it out and block the IP you’re trying to use. More importantly, security on a VPN keeps your connection safe from third parties, including cyber criminals and hackers, particularly if you are using public WiFi such as what one might find in an airport, library, or on a college campus.

Best VPNs for watching RCTI outside of Indonesia

1Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN

Like the previous entry, Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN does not hail from the most favorable country for VPN users, calling the United States home. Despite that, it has proven time and again that it considers user privacy to be paramount, thanks to a kill switch, DNS leak protection, SOCKS5 compatibility, and lots of encryption options. It has more than 3,000 servers worldwide and allows you to connect to the VPN on up to five device per license. Start Watching Now


VyprVPN is a security powerhouse among VPNs, based in Switzerland, which has some of the best privacy laws in the world. VyprVPN has its own NAT Firewall as a part of that security, as well as 256-bit AES encryption and a strict no-logs policy. It is also an ideal set up for streaming lots of video by offering unlimited bandwidth as a standard feature. VyprVPN has one of the biggest repositories of available servers with more than 200,000 IP addresses housed by more than 700 servers. Start Watching Now