Fortunately, you can stream Sling TV from anywhere — by using a quality VPN. Want to stream Sling TV on vacation? Or perhaps you moved abroad and want to keep up with your favorite shows? The easiest way to watch Sling TV and avoid that annoying error message is with a reliable VPN. Watch Sling TV from anywhere with ExpressVPN

Quick Guide: 3 Steps to Watch Sling TV from Anywhere

Watch Sling TV with ExpressVPN

Why You Need a VPN to Watch Sling TV

Sling TV has broadcasting restrictions to block users from outside the US. If you try to connect from a location outside of the service area, you’ll get this error message: You can bypass Sling TV’s content blocks from outside of the US by using a reliable VPN. You’ll get a new IP address in the US after encrypting your real location and sending your traffic through a US server. Sling TV will think you’re in the service area and lift the content block, letting you stream as much news, entertainment, and sports shows as you want. Get ExpressVPN for free today!

How to Pay for Sling TV Outside the US (PayPal or Gift Card)

Pay for Sling TV With PayPal

You can only pay for Sling TV via PayPal if you have a US PayPal account.

Pay for Sling TV With a Gift Card

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How to Watch Sling TV with a VPN

You can watch Sling TV on a range of different devices, including: Get ExpressVPN today!

Android TV

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Apple TV

Apple TV doesn’t support VPN apps, but you can stream Sling TV using Apple AirPlay. You’ll need a Mac or another iOS device that supports AirPlay. Get ExpressVPN today!

Samsung TV

Samsung TVs don’t support VPN apps. I recommend that you configure your router with a VPN or share your network via a computer to stream Sling TV. Get ExpressVPN for free!


Chromecast doesn’t have any VPN apps. You’ll need to install the VPN app on a router or create a virtual router.

Watch Sling TV with a Router Connection

Watch Sling TV with a Virtual Router Connection

Watch Sling TV with ExpressVPN!

Mobile Devices, Computers, and Tablets

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2 Best VPNs for Watching Sling TV From Anywhere

1. ExpressVPN — Reliable US Servers and Fast Speeds for Smooth Streaming With Sling TV

Key Features: ExpressVPN has 26 server locations in the US that can connect to Sling TV. When I connected to its server locations, I was able to bypass Sling TV’s content blocks without getting the error message. I was impressed with how quickly ExpressVPN connected to the servers. On average, it took less than 5 seconds to connect to a US server from the UK! ExpressVPN uses the best-in-class encryption to get around Sling TV’s content blocks. Also, your ISP can’t spy on your online activity or throttle your bandwidth. You can stream unlimited content on Sling TV without your speed slowing down at all! ExpressVPN’s US server speeds are impressive — my average speed was 32Mbps during testing, which is fast enough to stream Sling TV in Ultra HD quality. If you want to see how fast ExpressVPN is, you can try it out for free with its 30-day money-back guarantee! I contacted customer support via the 24/7 live chat and they processed my refund quickly with no questions asked. Get ExpressVPN risk-free today!

2. CyberGhost — Optimized Sling TV Streaming Server Provides Quick Sling TV Connection

Key Features: CyberGhost’s optimized server quickly connects to Sling TV and easily navigates around the location blocks. It took less than 5 seconds to connect to the server to start streaming my favorite shows. On average, my streaming speed was also fast — 38Mbps! With only one Sling TV server available, sometimes I couldn’t connect when it was full. Then, I tried connecting to its regular servers with varying levels of success. Out of the 15 servers I tried, 10 were able to access Sling TV with speeds between 12 and 18Mbps. I contacted CyberGhost’s customer service via live chat about the non-working servers. The agent suggested choosing a server in a different region, which worked with Sling TV without any problems. CyberGhost gives you 45 days to try out its services for free! You can cancel your subscription through live chat or email to get a full refund! Get CyberGhost for free now!

2 VPNs to Avoid

Not any VPN can be used to unblock Sling TV. Below are a few VPNs aren’t worth using to stream Sling TV:

Hotspot Shield Free

Hotspot Shield’s free version is extremely limited in streaming Sling TV. It has only one server connection in the US, which is frequently full. This means you’ll experience slow streaming speeds and buffering during your favorite shows. If slow streaming wasn’t bad enough, it also has a lot of ads. The free VPN leaks your location to advertisers to give you targeted ads — so your information isn’t private!


HolaVPN fails to keep user data private and allows paid users to use the bandwidth of free users. This means free users could be subject to investigation if there was illegal activity by paid users on their IP addresses.

What else can a VPN do?

A quality VPN can do more than unblock Sling TV. A powerful VPN can help you access websites and streaming services with location restrictions — like Netflix US, Hulu, HBO, BBC iPlayer, ITV, and more! If you shop or bank online, a VPN helps keep your data secure. By encrypting your internet traffic and keeping your activity anonymous, a VPN protects your personal information from hackers and spies. It also prevents your ISP from spying on your internet activity. If your ISP can’t detect the websites and services you’re using, it can’t slow your speeds and throttle your bandwidth. You can stream, game, and download as much as you want with fast speeds. A VPN can even improve your internet speed!

Can I use a free VPN to watch Sling TV?

Unfortunately, a free VPN has a limited number of servers that typically can’t access Sling TV. Sling TV can easily detect and block IP addresses that are linked to multiple users, so a smaller server might not bypass Sling TV’s location blocks. Using a free VPN can also put your privacy at risk. Some free services claim to be protecting your data, but they’re actually selling it. Other free VPNs make money by showing you intrusive ads. Don’t risk losing access to Sling TV or exposing your personal data! By using a quality VPN like ExpressVPN, you can watch your favorite shows with Sling TV and protect your data. Try a money-back guarantee with a premium VPN before you subscribe to a plan. You can test out ExpressVPN’s money-back guarantee for a whole month and get a full refund! Try ExpressVPN risk-free today!

Which Sling TV subscriptions are available? Can I add extras?

Sling TV has 3 packages you can choose from: Sling Orange, Sling Blue, or Sling Orange and Blue. You can choose from a variety of extras, including Sports Extras (with NFL RedZone and MLB Network), Cloud DVR, and LifeStyle Extras (including Hallmark channels). Sling TV also offers a selection of premium add-ons, including Showtime, Starz, and Epix. You can cancel Sling TV at any time. You’re not tied into a subscription — just log in to your account and click “Cancel Subscription.”

What channels can I watch on Sling TV? How can I use Sling TV to authenticate other TV apps?

You can find local channels by looking up the US zip code on Sling TV’s website.

Fox ESPN AMC Food Network BBC America MSNBC Cartoon Network Nick Jr. Bravo Disney Channel And more!

You can use Sling TV to authenticate other TV apps and services if you’re subscribed to a Sling TV package. Visit the TV channel’s website and choose Sling TV from the available list of service providers. Then sign in with your Sling TV account details — easy!

You Can Stream Sling TV From Anywhere With a VPN

Want to watch the latest Premier League match or an episode of The Masked Singer? You can stream any Sling TV movie or show from anywhere in the world with a VPN and never miss a moment of the action! By using a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN, you get premium security features and super-fast speeds for smooth, buffer-free streaming. You can even try it risk-free with its money-back guarantee! Just contact its customer service and get a full refund easily. Get ExpressVPN risk-free today!