As successful as Star vs. The Forces of Evil has been, it does not command a greater international audience because it is only available in certain areas due to its exclusivity on the Disney Channel and its subsidiaries. Disney traditionally geo-blocks its content, meaning if you are not located in a country offering said content, you are unable to watch it. Despite these limitations, it is still possible to watch Star vs. The Forces of Evil from anywhere in the world by using a virtual private network (VPN).

How does a VPN work?

The encrypted connection links your device to a remote server located in a country where Disney streaming services are available. The remote server will decrypt the requests you are sending and attach an IP address to them from its country of origin. The requests are passed on to the website, which identifies the IP address as one it accepts and begins streaming the requested episodes back to the remote server. Once the information is there, the remote server encrypts it and sends it back through the VPN connection to your computer to be decrypted and watched.

How do you use a VPN to watch Star vs. The Forces of Evil?

What are the best VPNs for streaming Star vs. The Forces of Evil?

In order to successfully stream episodes of Star vs. The Forces of Evil, you’ll need a VPN that focuses on speed and security.


When it comes to overall speed, no one can top the legendary numbers put up by ExpressVPN. It tops the charts when it comes to customer service, with 24/7 live chat available. Its ultra-fast speeds come from servers in some 94 countries along with unlimited bandwidth and server switches. ExpressVPN doesn’t scrimp on security, either, with some of the best-in-class encryption. Start Watching Now

2CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN is another solid choice for VPN when you’re craving to binge a season of Star vs. The Forces of Evil. CyberGhost has more than 9633 VPN servers in 91+ countries and is based in Romania. It does not keep logs of your past activities and has impressive 256-bit encryption to keep prying eyes from seeing anything you don’t want them to. You also don’t have to be exclusive with CyberGhost as it can connect as many as seven devices at once. Start Watching Now