VPNs are a great way to bypass Dubai’s restrictions, but most of them are blocked there. After testing over 40+ VPN apps, I found 5 VPNs that still unblock UK TV shows in the UAE. I recommend ExpressVPN because its proprietary privacy technology guarantees your streaming activities stay hidden. It’s also risk-free to get ExpressVPN to watch UK TV shows in Dubai. If it doesn’t fit your needs, you can get a full refund within 30 days. Get ExpressVPN to watch UK shows in Dubai

Quick Guide: 3 Easy Steps to Watch UK TV Shows in Dubai

Watch UK shows in Dubai with ExpressVPN

FilmOn TV

FilmOn TV is a subscription-based streaming service in the UK that isn’t blocked in Dubai. This means you won’t need a VPN to access it in the UAE. It mainly has old movies from the 1940s – 1980s, so you can watch older favorites like The Man With Two Lives, King of Kong Island, and Snowbeast for free in standard definition. UHD movies and Live TV require a subscription. Since I found the movie quality too fuzzy in standard definition, a subscription might be worth the price if you’re a fan of the classics. If you like to record your favorite shows, FilmOn TV also offers several DVR subscription packages that are priced according to how many hours you’re allowed to record. Once FilmOn TV loads you’ll see a Live TV broadcast from one of several British channels like BBC One, BBC Two, BBC News, CBBC, ITV1, Channel 4, E4, or Channel 5. These are only 30-second previews before you’re redirected to the subscription page. You can watch FilmOn TV in Dubai on its mobile apps available for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android devices, Roku, smart TVs and more.

Sky Go

Sky Go is Sky TV’s mobile app. Your Sky TV subscription grants you access to live broadcasts and on-demand shows from BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, BT Sport, and more. Since Sky also owns NOW TV, you can watch many Sky TV channels like Sky Atlantic and Sky Sports Premier League with NOW TV’s monthly subscriptions. Netflix is included in your plan if you’re a Sky Glass or Sky Stream customer, so you won’t have to pay for it separately. You can also add Paramount+ — I found packages starting from £26. If you have a Sky Mobile plan, you can watch shows on the go without it counting toward your data allowance. The problem is that you can only access your Sky account in Dubai with one of the top VPNs on this list because very few VPN apps unblock the service. The other option for Sky Go is to download favorite shows like Riviera and Chernobyl before leaving the UK and watch them offline from the UAE. Sky Go has apps for smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, and Apple TV.

BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer lets you watch live and on-demand BBC shows for free. You’ll need to sign up to access the service, but then you’ll get personalized suggestions and be able to pick up shows where you left off. The UK government requires a TV license to watch shows on BBC iPlayer and stream live TV. But even as a license holder, BBC is geo-blocked in the UAE and anywhere else outside the UK and can only be accessed with a VPN. You can also use an option within iPlayer to download most shows in the UK so they’re saved in your BBC account when you’re in Dubai.


ITV is another free-to-air TV network in the UK. Its on-demand service has been rebranded as ITVX and it streams exclusive shows like Tell Me Everything, Without Sin, and A Spy Among Friends, 6 months before they’re released on ITV. The on-demand library is free to watch with ads, but you can remove them with a paid subscription. Unfortunately, a premium membership will not get rid of the ads on live TV. But it will give you access to BritBox and the option to download shows. Since it’s not possible to access ITV in Dubai without a VPN, it’s great to have a feature that supports offline viewing. You’ll still have to create an account and log in to watch the free content on ITVX. If you want to sample the boxsets from BritBox or see what it’s like to watch without ads, ITVX Premium has a 7-day free trial period. After that, you can pay either monthly or yearly. You can download ITVX apps on iOS, Android, Fire, Roku, and other devices.


UKTV Play is a free on-demand TV service restricted to the UK. You’ll need to register and sign in to watch any content. You’ll also have to pair your device with your account to use the TV app and streaming devices, but it only takes a couple of minutes. Just type the five-digit code that appears on your TV to your device. Some of UKTV Play’s categories include comedy, drama, entertainment, and documentary from channels like Dave, Drama, W, and Yesterday. Shows are usually available an hour after the broadcast and they stay available for about a month. Unfortunately UKTV shows you ads and there are no paid, ad-free plans.


Freeview is a UK’s digital broadcast TV service that works with specific streaming channels. Its app provides access to BBC One, BBC Two, ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5. You’ll get 40,000+ hours of free on-demand TV shows. The Freeview mobile app is available for Android and iOS devices and lets you watch live and on-demand almost everything that airs on BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, My5, UKTV Play, and STV. However, you’ll need to download the individual apps to your device for it to work with Freeview, then register to watch content. Unfortunately, FreeView programming is geo-blocked in Dubai so the service won’t work without a VPN. However, you can download shows on-demand on the Freeview mobile app and catch up on episodes you missed.


BritBox is a paid ad-free service from BBC and ITV. It has the largest number of British box sets including over 300 shows from BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5. Some of these include Emmerdale, Downton Abbey, EastEnders, Coronation Street, and many more. It also has many older classics like Grange Hill and Captain Pugwash. Live TV channels are available via web browsers or BritBox’s iOS and Android apps. If you miss a show, you can catch up with the on-demand stream. While it’s available in several countries outside the UK like the US, Australia, and Canada, BritBox won’t work in Dubai without a VPN. Otherwise, you can download your favorite shows on Android and iOS to watch offline.

Peacock TV

Peacock TV is a US-based service, but it’s available to Sky and NOW subscribers in the UK and a few other countries. In the UAE, Peacock TV is geo-blocked. Without a top VPN like ExpressVPN connected to a server in the US (or the UK for Sky and NOW subscribers), it’s not possible to access this streaming service from Dubai. Signing up gives you instant access to 10,000+ hours of free movies and TV shows. If you pay for Peacock Premium, the library increases to 80,000+ hours. The top Premium Plus package removes all ads and lets you download shows. For Sky and NOW subscribers, Peacock TV is automatically integrated to your paid plans. Otherwise, you need to create an account with an email address and US-based zip code. Get ExpressVPN to watch UK TV in Dubai

How to Watch UK TV on Streaming Devices

Watch UK TV on Roku

Roku doesn’t support VPN apps, but it’s still possible to stream UK TV shows by installing the VPN on your router using these steps:

Subscribe and create an account with a VPN that works in Dubai, like ExpressVPN Follow the router setup guide on your VPN’s technical support pages Link Roku to your router Connect to a UK server Download and install your preferred UK streaming app Watch UK TV shows

Watch UK TV with ExpressVPN

The Best VPNs for Watching UK TV Shows in Dubai (TESTED January 2023)

1. ExpressVPN — #1 VPN With TrustedServer Technology to Prevent Spying When Watching UK TV in Dubai

Key Features: ExpressVPN is the best for watching UK TV in Dubai, with TrustedServer technology that stops streaming activities from being monitored by third parties. It uses RAM-based servers so that none of your UK TV show streaming data is ever recorded to a drive. To prove it works, ExpressVPN’s TrustedServer network and no-log policy were audited by multiple independent firms. It also has other top-shelf security and privacy features for Dubai, including:

Military-grade encryption — Uses 256-bit security keys that change whenever you select or watch a show, preventing third parties from seeing your streaming data Privacy-friendly jurisdiction in the British Virgin Islands — Makes your data more privte since the government doesn’t collect your information Threat Manager — Stops trackers from following your online activities online in Dubai and prevents personalized ads while you watch UK TV on iOS or Mac Network Lock — Disconnects the internet when it’s unsteady to keep your location private from streaming services and other parties, though my VPN always stayed stable IP and DNS leak protection — Ensures all your online traffic in Dubai stays hidden with encryption Accepts Bitcoin — Lets you subscribe anonymously ExpressVPN Keys — Allows you to manage all your passwords online for free even after your ExpressVPN subscription expires

With servers in 5 locations in the UK, ExpressVPN easily unblocks British TV channels in Dubai. It has plenty of UK IP addresses to offer in locations like Docklands, East London, London, Midlands, and Wembley. These servers unblocked popular shows like The Crown, EastEnders, Downton Abbey, and more on: All of ExpressVPN’s 3000+ servers in over 94 countries support P2P file sharing. I downloaded a 4GB public domain British documentary in just 23 minutes after connecting to a server 2,000+ miles away. But you can use ExpressVPN’s Smart Location feature to connect to the fastest server near you in Dubai to download torrents at optimum speed. Tests also showed that ExpressVPN is the fastest among the VPNs on this list. Servers far away typically take longer to encrypt your data, but ExpressVPN’s server in the UK 5,000 miles away played Coronation Street without any delays.

With ExpressVPN, you can watch UK TV shows on 5 devices at the same time without any bandwidth issues. Since the VPN has native apps for all major devices, there’s no need to manually configure anything to use it in Dubai. I installed the app on my Windows computer and iPhone in less than 5 minutes without any problems. I also found that ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer unblocks UK TV on incompatible devices like some smart TVs. It usually works with BBC iPlayer and Channel 4 but if you’re subscribed to another channel, a live chat agent can help you get it to work. Just remember that MediaStreamer is a DNS service that unblocks TV, but doesn’t encrypt your data like a VPN. Although it comes with a premium price, I find it fair considering its security and privacy features and lightning-fast speeds for smooth TV streams. Plus, you won’t have to test multiple servers to find one that works with your streaming subscription in the UK. For the best value, get ExpressVPN’s 1-year + 3 months plan for $6.67 per month. Whichever subscription you choose, ExpressVPN is completely risk-free as it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. I even tested it by asking for a refund via live chat. It was approved right away and I got my money back in 5 days. Get ExpressVPN to watch UK TV

2. CyberGhost — Optimized Servers for UK TV Streaming Sites to Reliably Unblock UK Shows in Dubai

Key Features: CyberGhost has optimized servers for instant access to top UK streaming sites in Dubai. Since they’re regularly tested and updated by the CyberGhost team, these servers seamlessly unblocked shows like The Crown on Netflix UK during testing. The optimized servers in the UK are available for: Though not as fast as ExpressVPN, CyberGhost’s optimized servers are consistently fast for zero-lag streaming of shows like The Graham Norton Show on BBC iPlayer. The optimized BBC server averaged 88Mps when tested from 6,000+ miles away. This proves distance is not an issue for CyberGhost’s optimized servers whether streaming from the UAE or somewhere else in the Middle East. Additionally, CyberGhost has optimized P2P servers in the UK to download popular shows quickly. The encrypted tunnel hid my IP address from ISPs, trackers, and torrent seeders when downloading a public domain British movie. I downloaded the fastest when I used a torrent optimized server near me. I recommend connecting to one of CyberGhost’s 70+ specialized servers worldwide in Egypt, Turkey, or Iran to download faster in Dubai. Besides these, CyberGhost also has WiFi protection if you stream using public networks in Dubai hotels or cafés. WiFi has poor security, so I always set CyberGhost to activate automatically when it detects a new network. This prevents hackers from intercepting and stealing my data. CyberGhost also safeguards your security and privacy in Dubai with:

Military-grade 256-bit encryption — Makes it impossible to hack your connection with even the most powerful computers Kill switch — Stops your device from transmitting data and exposing your activities in case your connection is interrupted in Dubai Headquarters in privacy-friendly Romania — Doesn’t conduct surveillance or share your data with members of the 14 Eyes Alliance countries IP leak protection — Ensures your streaming activities take place within an encrypted tunnel that no third party can see Cryptocurrency payment mode — Protects your privacy with Bitcoin payments A no-log policy audited by Deloitte — Proves it doesn’t store your UK streaming history in Dubai

The 7-connection limit lets you watch UK TV shows in Dubai on multiple devices. I don’t ever need to use more than 4 connections, but CyberGhost worked flawlessly even when I watched content on the maximum number of platforms allowed at once. Plus, each app is easy to use with a large button that automatically finds the fastest server for you. I was also impressed that the support agents on the 24/7 live chat responded within a minute when I asked what cryptocurrencies they accepted. My only small issue was that CyberGhost’s monthly plan is the priciest on this list. Still, there are great prices on the longer-term options. The 2-year + 2 months subscription is only $2.19 per month and comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee. If you’d like to try CyberGhost to watch UK TV in Dubai, I tested the return policy so you can rest assured that the VPN honors its word. I asked for a refund through the live chat and got my money back within a week without having to follow up. Get CyberGhost to watch UK TV

3. Private Internet Access (PIA) — London Streaming Server Delivers Buffer-Free UHD British TV Shows in Dubai

Key Features: PIA’s super-fast London server is optimized for smooth UHD UK TV shows from Dubai and elsewhere. During my tests, its download speeds averaged 68Mbps in spite of my location being more than 6,000 miles away. This far surpasses the minimum of 25Mbps needed for UHD streaming — Heartbeat episodes played for hours without buffering on ITV. One of PIA’s standout security features is MACE which blocks ads, trackers, and malware. While sites like ITV and UKTV Play wouldn’t stream until the ad blocker was turned off, PIA has many other features to protect your privacy and security in Dubai such as:

Military-grade 256-bit encryption — Protects your traffic from hackers and other malicious third parties in Dubai Anonymous payment option — Accepts gift cards from major brands like Coach, Apple, Nike, and more to keep your VPN purchase anonymous No-log policy — Doesn’t record your data so you aren’t vulnerable to thieves and eavesdropping third parties Split tunnel— Uses a server in the UK to stream while sending traffic from other apps through the local connection, maintaining your security while increasing speeds DNS leak protection — Ensures none of your data can sneak past encryption on PIA’s servers

When it comes to torrenting, PIA supports P2P networks on all its 35000+ servers, including in Dubai and the UK. I used the auto-select feature to connect to the fastest server near me. My 2GB public domain silent movie download finished in only 12 minutes, which was only a little slower than when no VPN was connected. After turning on port forwarding I got even faster speeds, reducing the download time by a full minute. The VPN allows a maximum of 10 connections, but mine started to slow down slightly after the 7th device. Still, I could stream movies with PIA on all of them. Downloading the app took under 3 minutes and once I logged in, I saw the servers arranged in order of latency to make it easy to find the fastest one. Typing ‘UK’ in the search box will display a ‘UK London-Streaming’ server, which is the best option for streaming UK TV from Dubai. Unfortunately, PIA’s regular networks can’t unblock BBC iPlayer like ExpressVPN can. But the streaming optimized server in the UK worked during tests, and had reliable speeds. PIA’s streaming server in London can also access many services on the first try, like: If you want to watch UK TV in Dubai with PIA, I suggest the 2-year + 2 months plan. It’s only $2.19 per month and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee so your purchase is risk-free. To ask for a refund, just send an email with your order number. I personally tested the process and got my money back in less than 2 weeks. Get PIA to watch UK TV

4. PrivateVPN — Stealth Mode Bypasses Firewalls That Block VPNs in Dubai for Hassle-Free UK TV Streams

Key Features: PrivateVPN’s Stealth Mode can bypass firewalls that block VPNs in Dubai and access UK TV. This setting makes VPN data look like regular traffic, which allows PrivateVPN to instantly access geo-blocked sites like ITV and BBC iPlayer from within the UAE. Besides this, Private VPN also protects your device security and data privacy with:

Military-grade 256-bit encryption — Makes sure nothing you do online in Dubai can be seen by third parties Kill switch — Disables all connections when a network is interrupted, preventing any data leak No-log servers — Prevents your IP address, connection times, shows watched, and other information from being stored when you stream UK TV Dedicated IP servers — Avoid bans by UK streaming services by providing a unique IP address that’s not shared with other users, evading anti-VPN algorithms

Many lower-tier VPNs slow down when you use more than a handful of devices to stream simultaneously from Dubai. But besides taking a few extra seconds to load, I didn’t notice any difference while watching shows on PrivateVPN’s 10-device limit. All of PrivateVPN’s servers support P2P if you want to download classic public domain British films from Dubai. The VPN even has an online guide on how to use it to torrent quickly and safely. With port forwarding turned on, I was able to download a 2.5GB movie in 17 minutes using a local server. Additionally, PrivateVPN’s servers in London and Manchester were able to unblock the top streaming services in the UK from Dubai like: Compared to the other VPNs on this list, PrivateVPN has fewer servers — only 200+ globally, which concerned me that options in the UK could be overcrowded and cause shows to lag. Luckily PrivateVPN’s servers in Manchester were fast at an average of 60Mbps, even from almost 7,000 miles away. The hit series Peaky Blinders took only a few seconds to load on BBC iPlayer, and an entire episode played smoothly. If you’re looking for a short-term solution while you travel in Dubai, PrivateVPN is one of the best monthly VPNs. But if you want something that costs even less, I recommend PrivateVPN’s 3-year plan. It’s the least expensive one on this list and will only cost you $2.00 per month. It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee that I confirmed the VPN honors. If you get PrivateVPN to watch UK TV shows from Dubai but then change your mind, just know that I got my money back in a week when I emailed them asking for a refund. Get PrivateVPN to watch UK TV

5. IPVanish — Stream British TV Shows on All Your Devices in Dubai Without Being Logged Out

Key Features: IPVanish lets you use all your devices to stream UK TV shows from Dubai. I connected 2 laptops, 2 smartphones, an iPad, and a smart TV simultaneously and didn’t see a drop in performance on any of them. This is helpful if you don’t want to login and out of IPVanish every time you want to watch an episode of EastEnders. With 2000+ servers in over 75 countries, IPVanish covers multiple locations in the UK to provide easy access to British TV from the UAE. IPVanish’s servers in Birmingham, Glasgow, London, and Manchester instantly unblocked several UK streaming services like: In terms of speed, IPVanish was fast enough for streaming even though its server in London was 6,000+ miles away from the testing site. There was a 24% drop from the baseline internet speed, but it was still fast enough to watch Seven Worlds, One Planet on BBC iPlayer. The show didn’t lag during the 1-hour episode, so there were no interruptions to Sir David Attenborough’s narration highlighting the different natural wonders. Another thing I like about this VPN is that its whole network is owned and managed in-house. That way, your streaming history will never be accessible to anyone at a third party data center. This minimizes the chance of my information being misused or leaked by an irresponsible server operator. IPVanish also protected my security and privacy with:

Military-grade 256-bit encryption standard — Provides the same level of security trusted by US government agencies to protect confidential data An audited no-log policy — Makes sure no one can get hold of your streaming activities in Dubai as long as you’re connected to IPVanish SOCKS5 Proxy — Boosts speeds when downloading torrents of British TV in Dubai

My one mild disappointment with IPVanish is that it doesn’t have a cryptocurrency payment option like the other VPNs on this list. But I didn’t mind giving my credit card details to IPVanish since it protects them with industry-leading encryption. The VPN also has access control technology and it never records your IP address or streaming data in Dubai. I recommend the 1 year  plan for $3.99 per month if you’re ready to get IPVanish to stream UK shows from Dubai. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee that I proved is legitimate. When I canceled my subscription using the online account dashboard, it automatically initiated a refund and I got my money a week later. Get IPVanish to watch UK TV

Comparison Table: 2023’s Best VPNs for Watching UK TV

Get ExpressVPN to watch UK TV in Dubai

Why You Need a UK IP Address to Watch British TV in Dubai

Many streaming services like the UK’s BBC iPlayer and ITV use geo-blocks to restrict their content to specific regions. This is to protect their media licensing agreements. These streaming sites determine your country by checking your IP address. If you’re in the UAE, an internet service provider (ISP) like Etisalat assigns you an IP address that’s associated with your location. As soon as a UK streaming service like ITV detects this non-UK IP address, it automatically blocks you from watching any content. This isn’t a problem as long as you’re located in the UK, which gives you a local IP address that isn’t restricted by streaming sites. But if you’re a paid subscriber of a UK streaming service and you’re on holiday in the UAE, you won’t be able to access your favorite UK shows from abroad. A VPN can provide a UK IP address to access UK TV shows from anywhere. ExpressVPN is the best way to watch UK TV shows from Dubai. This is because all its servers can bypass firewalls that block VPNs in the UAE and seamlessly access live streams and episodes on-demand on every UK TV channel.

How a VPN Gets You a UK IP Address

VPN providers have servers around the world that you can use to connect to the internet anonymously. When you use a VPN server in the UK, it encrypts your traffic to hide your real IP address and location. The VPN server also assigns a new UK IP address to your device and reroutes your data so that it appears to originate from the UK. This allows you to log into your UK-based streaming subscriptions and watch shows and movies again. I recommend ExpressVPN for watching British TV in Dubai — it has servers in at least 5 locations in the UK that can access streaming sites reliably. It also has the strongest privacy and security features to keep streams hidden from third parties and protect your devices from hackers in the UAE. Watch UK TV in Dubai with ExpressVPN

How I Tested and Ranked the Best VPNs for UK TV in the UAE

I tested all the best VPNs in the market and used the following criteria to find out which are the best to watch UK TV from the UAE:

Unblocking ability — Having servers in the UK isn’t enough, since the UAE has firewalls to block VPNs. You need a one with obfuscation to get around VPN filters. Fast speeds — All VPNs affect your connection speeds because for your data to travel and be encrypted takes time. A slow VPN causes lags and poor quality UK TV. Top-notch security and privacy features — Your VPN needs to have 256-bit encryption, IP leak protection, no-log servers, and a kill switch to prevent your real location in the UAE from being exposed to streaming services and malicious third parties. Selection of UK-based servers — The more servers a VPN has in the UK, the more IP addresses will be available. It also makes the servers less crowded and faster to stream from Dubai without lag. Customer support — Pick a VPN that has live chat support 24/7 so you’ll always get the help you need fast whether you’re streaming in the UAE or UK’s time zones. Money-back guarantee — All the VPNs I’ve listed offer at least a 30-day money-back guarantee. This makes your purchase risk-free in case you change your mind.

Get ExpressVPN to watch UK TV in Dubai

Do I need a UK TV license to watch British shows in Dubai?

No, only you only need a license to watch live TV as opposed to shows on-demand. A UK IP address is always necessary to watch British shows in Dubai, but make sure you use one of this list to unblock UK TV channels reliably. If you live in the UK, Channel Islands, or Isle of Man, you need a TV license issued by the UK government to watch live TV. They define live TV as any live event, news, soap opera, series, documentary or movie broadcasted on TV or an online TV service. If you’re caught watching TV illegally in the UK, you could be fined upwards of £1,000 plus any legal costs. I strongly discourage using a VPN to break the law or violate streaming services’ terms of use, so always do your research before you connect.

Why can’t my VPN access UK TV shows in Dubai?

Many VPNs are banned in the UAE. Only the best VPNs to watch UK TV in Dubai can bypass the firewalls that block VPNs in the country, since most of them aren’t powerful enough to work. Some VPN servers and IP addresses are also blocked or blacklisted by the UK streaming service. If this happens, just switch servers until you find one that works. You can check for IP address leaks using an IP lookup tool. If the pin on the map is located in your actual location in the UAE instead of the UK where you connected to a server, there could be a leak. Contact your VPN service provider for help. Yes, a VPN can help get a UK IP address to watch British TV shows on these platforms in Dubai. Many popular British series like Peaky Blinders, Bodyguard, and Paddington aren’t available on Netflix in Dubai unless a VPN is connected to a server in the UK.

Yes, it’s legal because British shows aren’t banned in the UAE. However, it’s against most UK streaming platform’s terms of service to use a VPN to watch British TV shows in Dubai or anywhere else they’re not licensed. This is because of agreements that restrict the regions they’re allowed to broadcast in. I don’t condone unblocking foreign TV shows in Dubai. Since you’re bound by the terms of your service agreement, streaming platforms have the right to terminate your account — possibly without refund.

Can I watch British TV in Spain, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and other countries besides Dubai?

Yes, you can watch British TV from anywhere with a top VPN that has servers in the UK. Similar to watching British TV in Dubai, a VPN can get a UK IP address to access UK TV shows no matter where you are. For example, ExpressVPN has lightning-fast servers in 5 UK cities to watch bufferless British TV from Spain, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and other countries. It also has reliable networks in those countries and more to easily unblock local TV channels from around the world.

Can I use a free VPN to watch the best British TV in Dubai?

No, even the best free VPNs limit bandwidth and don’t give you enough data to watch even a single full episode of A Very British Scandal or other shows in UHD. Most free VPNs also don’t have servers in the UK, or easily get overloaded with traffic. This makes them so slow that there’s too much buffering to watch shows at all. On the other hand, there are also many untrustworthy free VPNs that leak your data or sell it to offset the cost of running the servers. Not all free VPNs get your permission or even state it upfront, so your data could end up being used to impersonate you or commit cybercrimes. Some free VPNs even inject malware to your device for various reasons like spying, cracking passwords, spamming you with ads, stealing your processing power, cryptomining, and more. The risks aren’t worth it. That’s why it’s better to take advantage of a money-back guarantee of top VPN like CyberGhost to use it free. That way you can watch UK TV shows safely and privately, then get a refund when you’re done using it. Most plans give you 45 days to use the VPN before you have to cancel, and the process only took 2 minutes via 24/7 live chat support. Try CyberGhost to watch UK TV in Dubai

Final Thoughts on Watching UK TV in Dubai

A VPN for watching UK TV in Dubai has to be able to bypass UK streaming services’ geo-restrictions. However, it also needs to be capable of sneaking past the national firewall that blocks VPNs in the UAE. Although many VPNs can do one or the other, most can’t do both. Some VPNs can access online UK TV channels but are too slow for streaming, or risk your privacy by not keeping you anonymous. This is why it’s better to get ExpressVPN to watch UK TV in Dubai. Its privacy policy is backed by proprietary technology and its super-fast servers in the UK can play live TV and on-demand series in flawless UHD. It’s also risk-free since it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If it doesn’t meet your expectations, it’s easy to get a full refund.

Summary: Best VPNs to Watch UK TV Shows in Dubai in 2023

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