If you have a subscription that includes TBS, FOX, FS1, MLB Network, and ESPN, a VPN can route your connection through the US so you can access your streaming account. Sadly, not all VPNs can get past the location filters on streaming services. I tested 20+ VPNs, and ExpressVPN has the fastest speeds for livestreaming MLB games live without buffering. It also works on every platform that will air the 2023 MLB playoffs. Plus, there’s no risk when you try ExpressVPN for yourself. If you’re not happy, you can get a full refund with its 30-day money-back guarantee — no questions asked! Watch the MLB playoffs with ExpressVPN

Quick Guide: Watch the 2023 MLB Playoffs in 3 Easy Steps

Stream the MLB playoffs with ExpressVPN

How a VPN Helps You Watch the 2023 MLB Playoffs From Anywhere Without Cable

If you’re a cord-cutter, the only way to watch every game of the 2023 MLB playoffs is by subscribing to Hulu Live TV, Sling TV, YouTube TV, or DirecTV Stream, which carries the official broadcast channels TBS, FOX, FS1, MLB Network, and ESPN. However, if you’re trying to watch from outside the US, you’ll run into location errors, even though you pay top dollar for a premium TV account to stream live baseball. With a VPN, you’ll be able to reroute your internet connection through a US server and access your paid sports streaming accounts to watch MLB from blocked and foreign networks. After all, it isn’t fair that even as a paying customer, you can’t watch games whenever you want. The problem is that most VPNs aren’t powerful enough to get past VPN filters on streaming sites or aren’t fast enough to support lag-free streams. After testing more than 20 VPNs, ExpressVPN’s powerful, lightning-fast servers delivered the best streaming experience — so I didn’t miss one swing, strike, or slide. Better yet, there’s no risk in getting ExpressVPN to watch the 2023 MLB playoffs. It has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you’re unsatisfied with its performance, you can easily get a refund. Watch the MLB playoffs with ExpressVPN

The Best VPNs to Watch the MLB Playoffs in January 2023

1. ExpressVPN — Ultra-Fast Speeds for Watching the 2023 MLB Playoffs in HD

Key Features: ExpressVPN has blazing-fast speeds, making it a perfect choice for watching the 2023 MLB playoffs from anywhere. When I tested it, ExpressVPN delivered on speed, consistently giving me speeds over 300Mbps. This is almost double than my base internet speed which is virtually impossible for a VPN to achieve and fast enough to support buffer-free HD streams, which is critical for a live game. Even though ExpressVPN has servers in 20+ US cities, the app helps you choose the best available servers based on your location. In my case, it recommended New York, Washington, New Jersey, and LA. They all helped me get back into my Hulu + Live TV account without any issues. Although it is a bit more expensive than other providers, you can save 49% and get 3 months free when you sign up for a 1-year + 3 months plan. Plus, you can test ExpressVPN for yourself. All plans have a “no questions asked” 30-day money-back guarantee, so it’s easy to get a refund if you’re unsatisfied. I tested the policy by reaching out to an agent through the 24-hour live chat, and she approved my refund within a few minutes. My account was credited with the full amount 4 days later. Watch the MLB playoffs with ExpressVPN

2. CyberGhost — Streaming-Optimized Servers for Streaming the Playoffs Without Interruption

Key Features: CyberGhost has specialized streaming servers for YouTube TV, Hulu, and Sling TV, which carry the 2023 MLB playoffs. These servers are constantly tested and upgraded to ensure you can always access your streaming subscriptions and enjoy buffer-free viewing in the highest resolution. When I tried these servers with MLB broadcasters, my streams were perfect — exactly like they do when I watch on cable. When I tested its non-optimized US servers, I was impressed that there wasn’t much of a difference in speed or performance. I randomly tried servers in Atlanta, Chicago, Las Vegas, New York, and Seattle, and all of them instantly worked with DirecTV Stream, Sling TV, Hulu, and YouTube TV. The Seattle and Chicago servers took a little longer to connect, and I had some buffering before the stream started, but I had no interruptions once it started playing. I noticed that my speeds dropped significantly when I was further away from my chosen server. My baseline speeds are pretty good, so it didn’t affect my experience too much, but I suggest connecting to a nearby server for high-bandwidth activities like streaming. Thankfully, CyberGhost has over 1300 US servers to choose from. CyberGhost’s best value plan is just $2.19 a month for a 2-year + 2 months term. But, with the longest guarantee period of any provider on this list, you can try CyberGhost’s optimized servers completely free. You have 45 days to decide if you like it or you can get your money back. I tested it by asking for a refund over live chat and didn’t even have to give a reason for canceling. The agent approved my request, and I had the money 3 days later. Watch the MLB playoffs with CyberGhost

3. Private Internet Access (PIA) — A Massive US Server Network for Reliable Live MLB Streams

Key Features: PIA’s 8500+ US servers make it easy to access live MLB streams for hours without slowdowns or interruptions. This vast network means you don’t have to deal with overcrowding on servers slowing your connection, causing mid-stream lag and pixelated video at critical moments in the game. As I expected, I never had issues with choppy livestreams when I tested PIA. But, on some of the most distant servers, I experienced speed drops up to 82%. However, with servers spread across 14 locations, you can prevent this speed loss by only connecting to servers closest to your actual location. I was impressed to find 2 US streaming servers designed to unblock live TV and on-demand US-based platforms. When I tested them, I quickly accessed DirecTV Stream and YouTube TV, but Hulu only worked on the east coast streaming server. I had similar results on its regular servers — Hulu only loaded on 6 out of 10 servers I tested. A malware blocker called PIA MACE protects your privacy while you watch games by blocking trackers and data mining bots. PIA’s integrated ad blocker also makes your streams faster and more reliable since these bots build up in the background and slow down your connection. While its 2-year + 2 months plan starts at just $2.19 per month, you can get PIA for free when you use its 30-day money-back guarantee. To test the guarantee, I sent a support ticket requesting a refund. The agent tried to get me to stay, but I told them I no longer needed the service, and my refund was quickly processed. I had my money back 4 days later. Watch the MLB playoffs with PIA

4. PrivateVPN — Best Budget-Friendly VPN for Watching the Playoffs From Anywhere

Key Features: Even with its small network of 200+ global servers and 12 in the US, PrivateVPN delivered excellent speeds — over 67 Mbps on all but one. While it wasn’t comparably fast, I could still watch 4K YouTube videos and livestreams after only a few seconds of buffering. I found PrivateVPN’s apps easy to download and set up, but PrivateVPN has comprehensive installation guides on its website if you need any help. I installed the apps to my Android phone, Macbook, and Fire TV Stick and used them for hours without any bugs or crashes. It’s also compatible with Windows, iOS, Linux, and some routers. Once you configure the VPN on your router, you can use it on all your devices, including Roku and smart TVs. If you’re looking for a short-term solution while traveling, PrivateVPN has one of the best monthly deals. But when you sign up for its 3-year plan, you’ll pay just $2.00/month. You can also use its 30-day money-back guarantee to get PrivateVPN free for 30 days. After testing it for 2 weeks, I used its 24-hour live chat to cancel my subscription and ask for a refund. The agent asked a few questions and then quickly processed my request. I had the money back 4 working days later. Watch the MLB playoffs with PrivateVPN

5. IPVanish — Stream the 2023 MLB Playoffs on Every Household Device Simultaneously

Key Features: With unlimited simultaneous connections, IPVanish will let you watch every playoff game — from the Wild Card games to the World Series — on all your devices. This means you can watch on your phone while commuting, on your desktop in your office, and on your TV when you get home (all without having to log out on any device when you switch). Of its 2000+ worldwide servers, over 1200 of IPVanish’s servers are in the US alone. My speed tests showed only a 30-35% slowdown on servers within 8000km of my location, and I only experienced slight speed reductions when I connected on 7 devices at once. Unlike ExpressVPN that provides excellent simultaneous streaming speeds, I did have some issues with pixelated video when I tried to stream 4K videos on all my devices simultaneously. With so many servers to choose from, I was glad that IPVanish picked the best server in my chosen location. All I had to do was select the United States and click “Connect,” and IPVanish automatically connected me to the best available server. The first time I tried it, the app connected me to a server in Boston that could access Hulu, Sling, and YouTube TV. You can subscribe to a 1 year  plan for just $3.99 a month or try IPVanish to watch the MLB playoffs for free. It has a 30-day money-back guarantee, and it’s easy to get a refund — you don’t even have to talk to an agent. I canceled my subscription in my account settings, and the refund process was approved immediately. The money was credited to my account later the same day. Watch the MLB playoffs with IPVanish

Where to Watch the MLB Playoffs in January 2023

The 2023 MLB Playoffs will only be broadcast on TBS, ESPN, FS1, FOX, and the MLB Network. If you don’t have cable, you’ll need a subscription to one of the following services that carry these channels. There are some third-party streaming websites you can use to stream the MLB playoffs, but I don’t recommend them. In addition to being unreliable, these sites are usually full of spam, ads, trackers, and malware. To watch the MLB playoffs safely, try:

Sling TV (US)

You can customize your Sling TV package to include all 5 playoff channels. Its Blue + Orange package gives you access to ESPN, FOX, FS1, and TBS — you’ll need to buy the Sports Extra add-on for $11 more to get MLB Network. You can stream on up to 3 devices at once, and you’ll get 50 hours of DVR storage. Unfortunately, your Sling TV subscription doesn’t include any RSNs, so you won’t be able to use it to watch any in-market games during the regular season.

YouTube TV (US)

YouTube TV carries all 5 playoff channels, so you can watch every postseason game in one place. You can connect up to 6 devices to your account and will automatically record games played by your favorite teams on unlimited DVR storage. It even has a 14-day free trial. Your subscription also includes some NBC RSNs and SportsNet NY. This means you can also stream regular-season in-market games for the Oakland A’s, San Francisco Giants, Chicago White Sox, Philadelphia Phillies, and the New York Mets. YouTube TV is only available in the US, so you’ll need a premium VPN like ExpressVPN to access it from abroad.

DirecTV Stream (US)

With DirecTV Stream’s Choice Plan, you’ll get 90+ live channels, including all 5 playoff channels, for full coverage of the postseason games. Its entry-level plan is slightly cheaper but doesn’t include the MLB Network. DirecTV Stream also carries the most RSNs of any service on this list — you’ll be able to watch in-market games for every team except the Phillies and Blue Jays during the regular season.

Hulu + Live TV (US)

Hulu carries 4 of 5 MLB playoffs channels (ESPN, FOX, FS1, and TBS). While you’ll miss out on some of the action on the MLB Network, your subscription includes ESPN+, Disney+, and 70+ live channels. You’ll also be able to watch regular-season in-market games for the Oakland A’s, San Francisco Giants, Chicago White Sox, Philadelphia Phillies, and New York Mets.

Sportsnet/SN Now (Canada)

Viewers in Canada will be able to watch the 2023 MLB Playoffs, all regular-season games, as well as every Toronto Blue Jays game.

RDS Direct (Canada)

In addition to all the playoff games, RDS Direct will also broadcast every regular-season game live.

Where to Watch Regular-Season MLB Games

Stream the MLB playoffs with ExpressVPN

How to Sign up With Sling TV and Watch the MLB Playoffs

You can sign up for Sling TV using a US credit card or gift card. Remember that you need to sign up before you travel, because signing up for Sling TV abroad, even using a VPN, could breach its terms and conditions.

Gift Card Method

Credit Card Method

Access Sling TV with ExpressVPN

Can I watch the MLB Playoffs in Canada, the UK, or Australia?

Yes! You can use a VPN to watch the MLB games on US-based streaming services or stream the games on local services. In Canada, you can watch the 2023 MLB playoffs and regular-season games live on Sportsnet (SN Now) and RDS Direct. If you have a fuboTV or DAZN account, you can watch the National League Division Series on MLB Network. UK viewers with BT Broadband’s sports package add-on or a subscription to Virgin Media TV’s BT Sports Pack can watch every postseason game, including the World Series on BT Sport. Alternatively, MLB fans from the UK can simply sign up for BT Sport’s online-only monthly pass. Aussie MLB fans need to tune in to ESPN to watch every regular-season game, MLB Strike Zone, the Home Run Derby, the All-Star Game, all playoff games, and the World Series. ESPN is available via Kayo and Foxtel. Yes, you can stream the MLB games on all 3 platforms, but not all of them will broadcast the 2023 playoffs. For instance, ESPN will only broadcast out-of-market Sunday night games, the Home Run Derby, and the Little League Classic. The Wild Card series is the only postseason broadcast on ESPN. Sling TV subscribers with the Blue + Orange package can stream every MLB postseason game, including the Wild Card games, the Division Series, the League Championship Series, and the World Series. However, with no RSNs, Sling TV doesn’t broadcast any regular season in-market games.

How do I watch the MLB playoffs without cable for free?

If you don’t have cable, you can use the free trial of a service like YouTube TV or Apple TV+ to watch some of the MLB playoffs for free. Just combine one of their free trials with the money-back guarantee of a VPN from this list which gives you plenty of time to watch baseball and claim a full refund. Alternatively, you can also watch some MLB games on non-cable channels like ABC, Fox, and NBC.

Can I avoid MLB blackouts?

Absolutely! MLB.tv imposes blackouts in every team’s home territory, but you can use a premium VPN to get around them. If you’re a Red Sox fan living in New York, you’ll be able to watch all your team’s games. However, if you’re in East Boston, you’ll need a VPN to reroute your connection through another city. When you do this, you’ll be able to beat the blackouts and watch every Red Sox game on MLB.TV from your house in Eagle Hill.

What if my streaming device doesn’t support VPN apps?

If you have a Roku, smart TV, or another device that doesn’t support VPN apps, you can download a VPN directly to your WiFi router. This will let you use the VPN on all the devices in your WiFi network, including media players, gaming consoles, and smart TVs.

What else can a VPN help me do?

A VPN can do a lot more than just access the MLB playoffs. The best providers can also:

Can I watch the 2023 MLB playoffs live with a free VPN?

You can, but you shouldn’t. Unlike the premium VPNs on this list, free VPNs struggle to get around the location filters of platforms like Hulu and YouTube TV. Even the top free VPNs have limits on data, speeds, and servers that make it impossible to watch all the games. Some free providers will spam you with annoying ads that could cut off your video right in the middle of a home run. Others are outright scams or malware that steal your information to sell to the highest bidder. Stream the MLB playoffs with ExpressVPN

Start Watching the MLB Playoffs From Anywhere Today

It isn’t fair that I can’t watch some of the biggest games in MLB just because I travel during the playoffs. With a VPN, I never have to miss another game — but I had to test 20 to find any decent options for lag-free baseball. Only a few VPNs could unblock my Hulu + Live TV and other streaming accounts, and even fewer could play full games without constant buffering and pixelated video. ExpressVPN unblocked all the sites I tested it with and has super-fast servers for lag-free MLB streams so you can catch every inning. If you’d rather test things out for yourself, you can get ExpressVPN for the 2023 MLB playoffs without risking anything — it’s backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. After 3 weeks of testing, I contacted customer support through live chat, and my refund was approved within minutes. I had my money back just 4 days later.

Summary — These Are the Best VPNs to Watch the MLB Playoffs in 2023