After trying a few methods, I found that connecting to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the easiest way to watch TVNow outside Germany. A VPN redirects your internet traffic to a server in Germany, giving you access to the platform from anywhere. I tested 30+ VPNs and shortlisted the top 5 that work consistently with TVNow. My top pick is ExpressVPN because of its unbeatable speed and streaming performance. It’s backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it risk-free. Watch TVNow with ExpressVPN

Quick Guide: 3 Easy Steps to Watch TVNow Outside Germany

Unblock TVNow with ExpressVPN

The Best VPNs to Watch TVNow in January 2023

1. ExpressVPN — Fastest Speeds for Consistently Lag-Free TVNow Streaming Outside Germany

Key Features: ExpressVPN has lightning-fast connection speeds. I ran multiple rounds of speed tests on various ExpressVPN servers and consistently got rates of around 300 Mbps. Since you only need 5 Mbps to stream HD shows, you can stream your favorite TVNow (RTL+) series without any buffering or quality drops. Connecting to an ExpressVPN server protects all your internet activities with AES 256-bit encryption, the same standard used by the US government to secure classified data. It also concealed my actual location by changing my IP address. I ran DNS leak tests on various German servers and found that ExpressVPN’s secure tunnels successfully protected my IP address every single time. When you purchase an ExpressVPN plan, you’ll also get 5 simultaneous device connections, so watching TVNow on all your favorite devices is easy. If you like to stream shows while you travel, you can connect your mobile device on the go, then continue watching the same show on a Windows laptop or Android TV when you arrive at your destination. All these features come for a price: ExpressVPN is a bit more expensive than other premium VPNs. The good news is you can save a lot if you go for a long-term plan. Purchasing ExpressVPN’s 1-year + 3 months plan means that you can save up to 49% compared to shorter-term plans. Best of all, its 30-day money-back guarantee allows you to get ExpressVPN with TVNow totally risk-free. If it’s not the right service for you, it’s easy to claim a refund through live chat. To test its customer support and guarantee policy, I claimed a refund via live chat 27 days into my subscription plan. A support agent approved my request in a matter of minutes and the refund was back in my account within 5 days — I appreciate how fast and hassle-free the entire process was. Access TVNow with ExpressVPN

2. CyberGhost — 1600+ Servers in Germany Provide Reliable Access to TVNow

Key Features: CyberGhost offers a vast network of 9633 servers in 91 countries, including over 1600 in Germany. There are more than enough server options to choose from, so my team quickly found servers that work with TVNow (RTL+). In the unlikely event one doesn’t work, simply switch to another. CyberGhost also has streaming-optimized servers designed to access German platforms such as TVNow DE, Netflix DE, ZDF, and 7TV, making it a great option for subscribers who often travel abroad. On multiple servers, CyberGhost showed great connection speeds — around 200-250 Mbps. This is slightly slower than ExpressVPN’s 300 Mbps average but still well above TVNow’s recommended 6 Mbps for streaming. I streamed episode after episode without interruptions. CyberGhost’s speeds are fast enough to ensure you won’t experience any playback errors in the middle of an episode. One CyberGhost subscription allows 7 simultaneous device connections at the same time, making it a good choice for a household VPN. It’s compatible with all the devices and operating systems TVNow works with, and then some — you can even use CyberGhost on devices commonly incompatible with VPNs (including Playstation, Wii, Apple TV, and more) via the My Smart DNS feature. Its short-term plans can be quite pricey but, CyberGhost’s longer-term plans make it one of the cheapest monthly VPNs on the market: at $2.19/month, you will be saving up to 83% if you purchase the 2-year + 2 months plan, making it an excellent long-term VPN option. Using its generous 45-day money-back guarantee, you can try CyberGhost out in confidence. If you decide that you don’t like it, you’re eligible for a refund. I tested CyberGhost’s money-back guarantee by asking for a refund (via live chat) 15 days after purchase, and my request was approved within minutes. The refund was credited back to my account in 4 days. Unblock TVNow with CyberGhost

3. Private Internet Access (PIA) — “Small Packets” Option for High-Speed, Reliable Access to TVNow

Key Features: Private Internet Access’s (PIA) “small packets” option boosts your speeds for streaming TVNow (RTL+) while using the WireGuard protocol. During testing, the default OpenVPN protocol setting yielded speeds of around 60-70 Mbps; switching to WireGuard and enabling “small packets” gave me speeds of around 80 Mbps. This is a good go-to option if you’re connected to a slightly-slower WiFi connection, as you’ll still be able to stream without any irritating lag. While I couldn’t find exactly how many servers it has in Germany, PIA has the largest global VPN network of 35000+ servers in 84 countries. You can choose between servers in two German cities: Frankfurt and Berlin. Each test my team and I conducted proved that its servers have reliable connections, and I never experienced any sudden drops in connection. PIA has a kill switch feature that disconnects your device from the internet when the VPN connection drops, preventing your real IP address from leaking. Its “Advanced Kill Switch” option stops your device from automatically connecting to the internet before you launch the PIA app. This is perfect if you’re traveling through public WiFi hotspots. However, keep in mind that PIA is headquartered in the US and is a part of the 5 Eyes Alliance. This means that if authorities request your data, PIA is expected to hand it over. To reassure its users, PIA has made it clear that they do not store any user information and have proven that claim in court when called to testify against customers. Although the VPN is already wallet-friendly, you can save 82% off your subscription with its latest deal. Plans start from just $2.19/month. Try PIA out yourself: it’s backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. When I asked for a refund via PIA’s live chat feature, the representative asked me for a reason (I explained that I didn’t need a VPN anymore). They then promptly approved my request. The full refund was in my account within a week. Watch TVNow with PIA

4. NordVPN — Premium VPN With Cheap Prices on Long-Term Plans

Key Features: NordVPN is one of the best VPNs on the market — and you can get super cheap prices when you sign up for a long-term subscription. One thing to note, however, is that when it’s time to renew your subscription, prices do increase quite significantly. I did, however, have issues with using NordVPN’s native Fire TV app. Although it worked and unblocked some streaming services, it sometimes had issues unblocking Netflix US and kept crashing. I also found that NordVPN’s user interface for desktop devices was less user-friendly than ExpressVPN and CyberGhost. NordVPN has the following security and privacy features:

AES 256-bit encryptionA kill switch that cuts your internet access if your connection to a VPN server drops suddenlyBuilt-in ad and malware blocker, so you don’t need a third-party ad blockerFully audited no-logs policy (audited by PwC) – NordVPN doesn’t store any personal or identifying data while you’re connected to the VPN

In addition, NordVPN includes Threat Protection that protects you from viruses, infected websites, and trackers – and it works whenever you have the NordVPN app open, even if you’re not connected to a VPN server. With plans that cost as little as $3.49 per month, it’s easy to find a NordVPN subscription plan that suits your needs. You can also stream, torrent, and browse for free for up to 30 days with its money-back guarantee. To ensure that you’ll really get your money back, I tested NordVPN’s money-back guarantee. At first, the support team tried to give me an extended trial period — but they initiated my refund right away after I told them I wasn’t interested in the extension. I got my money back in 6 business days. Get NordVPN today NordVPN works on: Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Chromebook, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Fire Stick, and Android TV

5. Surfshark — Best Value for Money with Unlimited Device Connections and Fast Speeds

Key Features: Surfshark offers the best value for money out of every premium VPN on the market. You can connect an unlimited number of devices with a single subscription, which means you can use Surfshark on all your devices without getting logged out. I tested Surfshark’s simultaneous connections on 2 PCs, 2 phones, a Fire Stick 4K, and an iPad. My connection remained reliable on all 6 devices. Even while I was actively streaming on all my devices, my average speed was 112 Mbps — fast enough for UHD quality. When I saw the price of this service, I thought it couldn’t possibly have top-grade security features for such a low price, but I was pleasantly surprised. Surfshark has the following security and privacy features:

AES 256-bit encryption on all devices, with ChaCha encryption available for Android usersWireguard VPN protocol enabled by defaultDiskless, RAM-only servers to protect your privacy (no data can be physically extracted from any servers)Kill switch (although this isn’t enabled by default)IP and DNS leak protection

Surfshark offers two-factor authentication (2FA) on your account. This feature requires you to enter an extra code before you can log in to ensure that only you can access your account. While Surfshark does have slightly fewer global servers than rivals such as CyberGhost and PIA, I didn’t experience any issues during my tests. I easily connected fast working servers every time, and I had excellent speeds for streaming Netflix in UHD, downloading torrents, and browsing the internet.

You can try Surfshark for yourself with the 30-day money-back guarantee. It has plans that cost as little as $2.05. Requesting a refund is easy with Surfshark’s live chat feature. Although the support team asked why I wanted to cancel my subscription, I had no problem getting my money back (and it only took 4 days!). Get Surfshark today Surfshark works on: Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Linux, Fire Stick, Samsung Smart TVs, LG Smart TVs, Android TV, Kodi, and selected routers

6. PrivateVPN — HQN Servers for Guaranteed Bufferless Access to TVNow

Key Features: PrivateVPN’s smaller network of 200+ server options in 63 countries use high-quality bandwidth (also known as HQN), resulting in consistently stable connections. I got speeds of around 45-60 Mbps while connected to servers in Germany, and I never experienced drops in connections or interruptions. It uses bandwidth purchased directly from IP transit providers (not hosting companies) to offer higher-speed connections to their users, so you’ll get to enjoy TVNow (RTL+) shows on PrivateVPN’s German servers without any issues.

The Stealth VPN feature uses obfuscation to make your traffic look like regular, non-VPN traffic, allowing you to access TVNow undetected. This feature may cause speeds to slow down a little, but it can help to give you immediate access to geoblocked platforms and stop the annoying warning message from popping up on your screen. The headquarters are located in Sweden, and like PIA, that also raises some concerns when it comes to privacy. Sweden is a member of the 14 Eyes alliance (which includes all the member-states of the 5 Eyes alliance plus some other EU states). However, PrivateVPN has an indisputable no-logs policy that clearly states that it does not log any data, so a surveillance agency would find no personal information. You can even try PrivateVPN for free by taking advantage of its 30-day money-back guarantee. Watch all of your favorite TVNow shows, and if you’re unsatisfied, you can claim a refund via email. I tried it, and the entire process took around 24 hours. After confirming my cancellation, I was fully refunded in 5 days. Access TVNow with PrivateVPN

7. IPVanish — Stream TVNow on All Your Devices Simultaneously

Key Features: IPVanish’s unlimited simultaneous device connections let your entire household enjoy TVNow (RTL+) shows at the same time. You’ll be able to stream all your favorite TVNow series on holiday while your household members at home connect and protect their devices using the same IPVanish account. IPVanish is a solid choice if you’re looking to share the costs of a VPN. This is one of the fastest VPNs I’ve used with TVNow. I got speeds of around 60-70 Mbps, allowing for smooth and bufferless streaming. You’ll be able to binge-watch an entire season of any show without experiencing any interruptions or quality reduction.

Another thing I liked about IPVanish is the interface: the list view displays information such as ping rate and server load to help you choose the best server. IPVanish has 55+ servers in Frankfurt, so this comes in handy — you can find the one with the lowest ping rate and server load to ensure optimal streaming speeds. Unfortunately, IPVanish doesn’t unblock a lot of platforms like BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO Go, or any other German streaming platforms like ARD, ZDF, DAZN, and Pro Sieben. However, IPVanish is still a great option if you only need to access TVNow. For uninterrupted access to most of the streaming platforms, choose ExpressVPN. Prices start at $3.99 per month for the 1 year  plan. Considering its unlimited device connection feature, you can split costs with as many people as you’d like — IPVanish’s rates provide excellent value for money. Plus, it’s backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try IPVanish with your TVNow subscription, then claim a refund if you’re unsatisfied. Requesting the refund can be done quickly via your account dashboard. It only took a couple of clicks to reset my account status, and I was fully refunded after a few hours. Watch TVNow With IPVanish IPVanish also unblocks: TNetflix (DE & more), Showtime, Discovery+, Paramount+, ITV Hub, ESPN, Vudu, and more.

How a VPN Helps You Watch TVNow Outside Germany

Due to broadcasting rights, TVNow (RTL+) restricts the viewing of its shows to specific locations within Germany. If you travel a lot, expect to see this message whenever you try to play a geoblocked video: Moreover, your internet service provider (ISP) or even TVNow themselves can accidentally block your IP address while you’re in Germany. To regain your viewing rights in the event of an ISP block, you’ll need a high-quality VPN. A VPN redirects your connection through encrypted servers located in your chosen country, giving you an IP address from that location. Your new fully-encrypted German IP address unblocks TVNow and secures your internet data, so you can make the most of the TVNow streaming plan you’ve already paid for. ExpressVPN is the best VPN for TVNow (and regularly tops other best VPNs lists, too) for good reason: it allows me to enjoy all of my favorite TVNow shows in stunning HD. Best of all, you can try ExpressVPN with TVNow completely risk-free. It’s backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, and if you decide that it’s not for you, you can easily claim a refund. I tested the process myself and received a full refund in just 6 days. Try ExpressVPN with TVNow

How to Choose the Best VPN for Watching TVNow

There are hundreds of VPNs that have servers in Germany, but not all of them offer high-speed access to TVNow (now RTL+). I made sure that all of the VPNs recommended above come with:

Multiple servers in Germany — The top VPNs have German servers that reliably work with TVNow. Superfast server speeds — The recommended VPNs have fast speeds so you can enjoy bufferless streaming in HD. Advanced security features — All of the listed servers come with top security and privacy to protect your data at all times. Reliable customer support — In the unlikely event you run into a problem, customer support is easy to contact and helpful. Money-back guarantee — All of the top VPNs give you enough time to test how well the VPN works with TVNow and offer a full refund if you’re unhappy.

The top choice for TVNow is ExpressVPN because of its blazing-fast speeds and reliable German servers. Plus, you can test ExpressVPN with TVNow at no risk to you. Thanks to its 30-day money-back guarantee, you can claim a refund if you’re not satisfied with its performance. Get ExpressVPN to watch TVNow

How to Securely Sign up for TVNow

You can sign up for TVNow (now RTL+) via prepaid card, credit card/direct debit, or Paypal. Remember that you need to sign up for TVNow before you travel because signing up for TVNow outside the EU while using a VPN could breach its terms and conditions.

Prepaid Card Method

Credit Card/Direct Debit Method


Watch TVNow with ExpressVPN

How to Watch TVNow on Different Devices

Unblock TVNow with ExpressVPN

What is TVNow and what can I watch on it?

TVNow (now RTL+) is one of the most popular streaming platforms in Germany. It features series, movies, and live TV that you can watch on most major browsers or through a native app. While TVNow offers a wide variety of free, ad-supported content, the most well-known shows like Temptation Island, Deutschland sucht den Superstar, Frauentausch, Berlin Tag & Nacht, Die Bachelorette and Der Bachelor are available through its paid package. International shows such as Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Smallville, The Vampire Diaries, and 90210 are also available on the platform. TVNow also offers live TV channels, including (but not limited to):

Nitro RTL Zwei Vox Super RTL Geo Television Now Toggo Plus

Whether you’re paying or not, most of these shows and channels are unavailable outside Germany. You’ll need to use a top-tier VPN such as ExpressVPN to ensure access to your TVNow account while abroad.

Can I watch TVNow for free?

Yes, TVNow (RTL+) has a good selection of content — although limited — that you can enjoy for free. A Premium or Premium Duo account gives you access to TVNow’s entire library and allows you to watch shows via the TVNow app. Signing up with an email address is good enough to watch a couple of free shows; you can even enjoy one-off episodes without signing up. TVNow offers a free 30-day trial period for its Premium account, so you can check out everything the platform has to offer before having to pay for anything. To enjoy all these shows outside Germany, you’ll need a reliable VPN. CyberGhost comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee, more than enough time to help you make the most out of your 30-day free TVNow trial. If you end up not liking it, you can easily claim a refund via their live chat feature.

Which devices does TVNow work on?

You can access TVNow (RTL+) on most major devices and operating systems, including: Keep in mind that one TVNow account has a maximum limit of 5 devices. Once you hit the limit, you would have to delete a device from the “device management” settings to be able to watch TVNow on another device.

Why can’t I access TVNow with my VPN?

You might be connected to a blacklisted server, using a port blocked by TVNow (RTL+), or using a browser that contains location-identifying cookies. You shouldn’t run into any issues when you use a quality VPN, but if you’re still seeing the proxy error, try:

Reconnecting to a different server in Germany. You can also check if you’re connected to the correct location by using this IP address checker. Clearing your cache and cookies. This will ensure your browser is clear of any trackers and will present you as a new TVNow user. You can also try to access your TVNow account through an incognito tab to see if the problem has something to do with cookies. Changing your encryption protocol and a VPN port. You can try switching to a different protocol, particularly secure socket tunneling protocol (SSTP), or switching to a different port such as 443 (for unencrypted traffic, so it’s less likely to be blocked) or port 80. Talking with your VPN’s customer service. If you’re still experiencing any issues, a customer service representative will walk you through the solutions, step-by-step. This is why it’s important to use a VPN with a reliable customer support service.

Do I need a German payment method to access TVNow?

No, you can enjoy a few TVNow (RTL+) shows without having to pay for an account. But if you want to enjoy all TVNow content, the easiest way is to sign up for TVNow Premium/Premium Duo using a gift card from a participating retailer like PayPal, REWE, and Penny. You can also pay with a credit card or via direct debit, with a payment method from the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) countries: EU states, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Switzerland, and Monaco. Don’t forget to connect to a good VPN like ExpressVPN — it will help you access all the TVNow shows you’ve paid for while abroad.

What other benefits do I get from using a VPN to watch TVNow?

Aside from allowing you to access your TVNow (RTL+) account outside Germany, a good VPN can also help:

Protect your sensitive data. Connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots can put your data at risk. By encrypting your internet traffic, a VPN keeps you safe from online security attacks. Keep your online activities private. Random, seemingly-unimportant pieces of information — from your IP address to your computer hardware and the language you’ve chosen for your browser — all make up a unique “fingerprint” that third-party observers use to identify your movements all over the internet. A VPN hides this information to protect your privacy and anonymity online. Speed up your connection. In some cases, ISPs can slow connections down for high-bandwidth users (people who are streaming, gaming, torrenting, etc.). This is called bandwidth throttling. A VPN stops you from being a target by keeping all of your traffic hidden.

Can I use a free VPN to watch TVNow outside Germany?

You can, but quality VPNs work better with TVNow (RTL+). While there are some good free VPNs out there, most of them don’t have enough servers for users to choose from, meaning you’ll have to suffer from frequent buffering and quality degradation due to overcrowding. Unless you’re using a high-quality free VPN, the free VPN you’re planning to use might not have enough server options that work with TVNow. Some free VPNs even put rigid data caps in place, in which case, you’ll reach your bandwidth limit halfway through one video. There have also been reports of free VPN providers selling network access and user data to third parties. Instead of risking your privacy, I suggest getting a premium VPN with advanced security features and a proven track record of keeping users’ data private, like ExpressVPN. Access TVNow with ExpressVPN

Don’t Miss Your Favorite Shows on TVNow While Abroad

TVNow (now RTL+) is home to many amazing shows (that you won’t be able to find anywhere else), so it would be a shame to not have access to it just because you’re traveling. A VPN will allow you to make the most of the streaming subscription you’ve already paid for and let you access TVNow from anywhere. After rounds of extensive testing, I found that ExpressVPN is the best VPN for watching TVNow outside Germany. Not only does it offer the fastest speeds for streaming, but it’s also compatible with most major operating systems. Its state-of-the-art security features keep you protected when connecting to WiFi hotspots in airports and hotels. Try ExpressVPN with TVNow totally risk-free. It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, so if you decide it’s not for you, you can simply claim a full refund. When I tried it, I had my money back in 5 days. Watch TVNow with ExpressVPN

Summary — These Are the Best VPNs to Watch TVNow in 2023