With Holland celebrities Martijin Krabbe and Wendy van Dijk running the show as hosts, the competition is must-see TV in The Netherlands. But if you love “The Voice of Holland” and you don’t live in Holland, you’re out of luck being able to watch the show live or as a streaming service. Why? Because RTL geo-blocks its content, meaning that if you don’t live in its normal service area, its content online is off limits. What’s the big deal? Well, networks like RTL make their money by selling licenses for their programs to different carriers like cable networks, satellite TV companies, etc. If they let viewers outside of their home market view their programming for free, what incentive do foreign networks have to buy the rights to those shows? If you live or work outside of The Netherlands, but still want to follow “The Voice of Holland”, there’s an easy solution that is low-cost and 100% legal. By using a virtual private network (VPN), you can check out all of RTL4’s current and previous coverage of “The Voice of Holland”. This blog will take you behind the scenes on how a VPN works, discuss the step-by-step procedure to get you online and streaming “The Voice of Holland” with a VPN, and check out some of the best VPNs on the market for streaming blocked content.

The Ins and Outs of a VPN

VPNs’ primary function is to provide the most secure connection possible when connected to the Internet. It does this by secure an encrypted ‘tunnel’ between your Internet-capable device and a remote server which could be located in another city, state, or even another country.

When the websites you are querying begin sending back information, files, and data, they are routed to the remote server. It encrypts them, sends them through the same encrypted tunnel, and back to your device. In the case of streaming “The Voice of Holland”, the remote server will be located in The Netherlands. When it decrypts your information – to visit RTL4 and stream episodes of “The Voice of Holland” – it assigns them an IP address in The Netherlands. When the RTL4 website recognizes the Holland-based IP address, it allows it to proceed with its requests. The streaming program will download to the remote server first, pass through the encrypted tunnel, and to your screen.

How to Use a VPN to Stream “The Voice of Holland”

What VPNs are best to view “The Voice of Holland”?


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