But if you are one of the millions of Saudis living or working outside of the Kingdom, this does mean you are isolated from your favorite Saudi TV 1 programs. There is a safe, affordable, and 100% legal workaround to watching Saudi TV 1 whenever you want to from wherever you are. The solution involves using a virtual private network (VPN) emulate that you are using the Internet in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi TV 1 is geo-blocked so that only Internet users located in Saudi Arabia can access it. A VPN can replicate this condition as well as providing safety and privacy whenever you use the Internet.

What is the definition of a VPN?

A VPN is literally what its name suggests. It is a network in that it connects a user’s Internet-capable device with another server, usually located in a different city, state, or country. It is private in that it utilizes high-level encryption software and other security feature to keep the network safe. It is virtual because there is no physical connection between a user’s device and the remote server. The two are connected virtually. If you were in a helicopter above the mountain, you would know cars were travelling through it, but you could not determine what color they were, what model they were, or how many people was in each one. Similarly, third parties like Internet Service Providers(ISPs) and cybercriminals can see that you have an active Internet connection open, but they cannot see what information is passing in or out of it. The information that your computer send to the remote computer is encrypted and attached to a new IP address before being sent to the websites you have requested. When the information is retrieved, its comes to you via the remote server, where it is encrypted first and send through the covered tunnel. It reaches the user’s computer and is decrypted. For viewing Saudi TV 1, the key is to connect to a remote server in Saudi Arabia. Thus when requests are sent with the new IP address, the Saudi TV 1 website will believe they originated in Saudi Arabia and cooperate with the request. This will allow users to view Saudi TV 1 regardless if they are located in Geneva, Greenland, Guadalajara or Guyana.

What is the step-by-step process to watching Saudi TV 1 outside of Saudi Arabia?

What are the best VPNs for watching Saudi TV 1 outside of Saudi Arabia?


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VyprVPN is based out of Switzerland and features 256-bit AES encryption while never retaining any logs. It has an additional NAT Firewall in place for extra security. Start Watching Now