But all is not lost, we’ve done some research and testing and have come up with four potential solutions: We wish there was a simple solution or a server that we can provide you with, but we haven’t been able to find a consistent answer ourselves. In fact, when we asked NordVPN for help, the helpful customer service rep told us that they don’t have any servers that will work with Netflix France.

1 What To Do When NordVPN Can’t Unblock Netflix France

There a few things you can try if you find yourself wanting to watch the French Netflix with NordVPN and have discovered it not working.

1 Try Connecting To A Different Server

This is the easiest option to try when attempting to access Netflix France with NordVPN. There are rumors that NordVPN isn’t able to access the French Netflix whatsoever, but that simply isn’t true as we’ve tested out several of the servers located in France and have been able to bypass the geo-restrictions and use Netflix like normal. This process is really just trial and error as you must disconnect and reconnect to a few of the varying French servers NordVPN has available to discover which ones work with Netflix. We’ve found that it can take a considerable amount of time to complete this task, which is annoying, but overall it’s the easiest work around and will allow you to keep using NordVPN as your provider.

2 Connect To Versions Of Netflix That Have French Shows

If you’re really struggling with the tedious nature of sorting through each French server NordVPN has in their massive collection, the next option we’d suggest is researching which other Netflix sites have your French shows or movies available. More Netflix sites have been showcasing foreign and international shows in recent years, so by looking up a registry online you might find your show available in a country that NordVPN has no problem accessing. For example, by choosing a NordVPN server in the United States, you’ll gain access to their extensive content library, which does contain French shows, subtitles, and audio. You can filter and search for these shows via subtitles and audio with this link when logged into your Netflix account. If you come across a country where the French audio and subtitles do not appear as an option, such as Japan, you can visit the Netflix Help Center and go to the “Netflix is in the wrong language” page. By following the simple instructions they provide, you will be able to add in French (or any other language you desire) to your account.

3 Utilize Your 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you can’t find the specific shows you’d like to watch by visiting another country’s Netflix website and haven’t had any success with switching servers, you can use NordVPN’s 30-day money-back guarantee to switch to another service without losing any money. This is provided that you are still within the first 30 days of use. Yet if you do decide to put this guarantee to use, all you have to do is send NordVPN’s 24/7 customer support team an email or a message through their live chat feature and you’ll be given a full refund, no questions asked.

4 Try a Different VPN

While it may not be ideal if you already have NordVPN, the truth is that they are currently struggling with bypassing the Netflix France geo block. We’ve tested ExpressVPN and it had no trouble bypassing the geo-block. Both services comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can try it for yourself before committing to a lengthy subscription. You can read our reviews on both of these VPNs below.

2 Why You Can’t Access Your Netflix When Abroad

Regardless of where you are in the world, accessing Netflix from different countries will provide you different content. Around 200 countries have a unique Netflix library with a wide variety of TV shows and movies you can choose from, however each library is only available in its specific region. If you are traveling or live outside of France, you won’t be able to access French content at all, including Netflix, because of these geo-blocks. However, with a VPN, you can overcome these geo-restrictions by changing the appearance of your physical location as you connect to servers in different parts of the world. Typically, a VPN works by tricking a website into thinking that you are in an authorized country to access it, but Netflix has developed an ever-evolving algorithm which has the ability to spot people using VPNs and subsequently block their access. This means it’s important to invest in a quality VPN to increase your chances of success and that sometimes even these excellent services, like NordVPN, are caught out by Netflix’s complex firewalls.

3 A VPN That Can Always Access Netflix France

If you’ve decided to go with the fourth option of finding a new VPN to easily watch French Netflix we have 1 solid option for you. It’s been proven to work successfully with the French Netflix, so you won’t run into the same issues you did with NordVPN.

ExpressVPN: The Most Reliable

ExpressVPN is one of the best choices you can make if you’re looking for a reliable and trusted service. While this VPN does cost more than its competitor’s, we believe their product is most certainly worth the price. ExpressVPN is an industry leader and is known for having the fastest VPN speeds around which is perfect for streaming shows through Netflix. They also have an incredible range of servers in more than 60 countries so you’re able to connect to whichever Netflix site you desire. If you ever have any trouble accessing a site when using ExpressVPN, their customer support team will respond within minutes with a solution for you. With Express, you’ll be able to connect 5 devices at one time and they have dedicated apps for all major platforms including a few select routers. They also have some incredible security features such as a kill switch, a strict zero logs policy, and split VPN tunnelling. Like the other VPNs, ExpressVPN offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee to try out the service and decide for yourself if they’re worth the money. Try Now Risk Free

4 Conclusion

There are ways you can access Netflix France using NordVPN, however these methods can take time and effort which is understandably frustrating. If you’re still within the 30-day money-back guarantee period, it may just be simpler if you ask NordVPN for a complete refund and try out another service in its place. ExpressVPN has been proven successful when it comes to bypassing the geo-blocks put in place by Netflix France, so it will provide you with the access you need to watch all of your favorite shows, no matter where in the world you’re located. Whether you decide to stick it out with NordVPN, by switching servers and finding French shows on other accessible Netflix sites, or you opt to change providers completely, we hope you enjoy watching the French shows and movies you love most.

Summary — Best VPNs for Netflix France in 2023