VPN Lifetime Plans

Online, you will find dozens of discounted services for long-term subscriptions, including lifetime plans, which look very appealing. Make sure to research before investing; customer reviews are a great resource, and if you can’t find any information on the reseller, you probably shouldn’t buy from them. All of the reputable, premium VPN providers have stopped offering a lifetime subscription because it just doesn’t make any sense.

Where is NordVPN’s Lifetime Subscription

NordVPN previously offered a lifetime subscription but have abandoned the offer, and the longest plan you can now purchase has been reduced to three years, which, let’s face it, is a lifetime when talking about the internet. Who really knows what will be going on with technology in 4 years. We looked into the complications and problems of sustaining lifetime plans.

Cost of Running a VPN

Providing a trustworthy, effective VPN service can be an expensive business. Having the required bandwidth available, the maintenance of servers and regular software development can be extremely costly. There is also the expense of providing good customer support and marketing. Considering these escalating costs, offering a lifetime plan could be detrimental to any premium VPN service.

When VPN providers aren’t able to generate enough revenue to run their VPN service effectively, it can negatively impact the performance, and directly affect customers.

Too Many Users

One problem that can occur, especially with lifetime plans, is that with more people subscribing for a nominal fee, the more the servers can become overcrowded. If the VPN vendor isn’t making enough money this way, performance can suffer as maintenance is overlooked.

Risks of Lifetime Plans

There are risks with lifetime VPN plans for users, for example, you could pay a substantial amount up front only for the VPN provider to shut down. Unethical businesses could use this loophole intentionally. In general, we recommend you avoid purchasing a lifetime VPN plan. With all the possible cons considered, it’s better to use a quality VPN with affordable annual plans and buy directly from the provider.

Save Money Without the Lifetime Plan

As an alternative to a lifetime subscription, annual plans are an excellent way to save money. You can often find coupon codes for VPN providers.


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