No religious person wants to see their deity lambasted, which makes the controversial video game “Fight of Gods” a particularly prickly subject. Online gaming site Steam carries this game and has been threatened with a total ban by Indonesia if it is not removed. If the threat is carried out, not only Indonesian Steam users but anyone visiting Indonesia will not have access to Fight of Gods. Note: My team and I don’t condone participation in any illegal activities, so please exercise a basic level of caution when using a VPN in Indonesia.

The “Fight of Gods” Controversy

“Fight of Gods” was developed by Digital Crafter out of Taiwan and distributed by UK’s PQube. It pits gods of several religions and cultures fighting each other in Mortal Kombat style 1-on-1 battles featuring special moves, magical powers, and “kill” one another. The game, clearly meant to either enrage or provide shock humor, was introduced with a press release in 2017 that read “Jesus and Buddha punch the holy $*!% out of each other in FIGHT OF GODS!” Available characters in the game include Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Odin, Zeus, Anubis, etc. Steam hosted the game when it was first released, causing Malaysia to block access to the site for 24 hours to serve notice that it should be removed back in 2017. Steam took the hint and removed it via geo-blocking in Malaysia. If you are a gamer traveling to Indonesia who wants to ensure that your access to Steam is guaranteed at all times, investing in a virtual private network (VPN) is a smart idea.

Picking the Best VPN to Unlock Steam in Indonesia

VPNs come it all shapes, sizes, and price points, but the best of them take security of their users’ identities and data as the most important part of the product.


A strong example of this type of VPN is PrivateVPN, which is based in Sweden. It uses 2048-bit encryption for all of your data as it is uploaded or downloaded and never records logs of where you’re going while you’re online. PrivateVPN’s security also feature an automatic kill switch and built-in leak protection. The kill switch will sever your connection to the Internet if the VPN connection fails suddenly. PrivateVPN also has a generous 30-day money-back guarantee and supports up to six connections on a single license. Get it Now A second characteristic that makes for a good VPN purchase when trying to safely access your local accounts such as Steam is have a large number of servers to choose from. To successfully access the full Steam library while visiting Indonesia, you will need access to servers located outside of the country that do not ban Steam. An important component in server selection is latency, which refers to the actual physical distance a signal must travel from your computer to the remote server of the VPN to the Internet website and back again. Even though data travels at dazzling speeds, small differences can mean longer and longer delays on loading pages and downloading files. For instance, a VPN user in Indonesia would much prefer its remote server to be located in Australia or New Zealand rather than US or Canada.

2IPVanish VPN

A strong example of this is IPVanish VPN, which has compiled more than 1,000 servers across in excess of 60 countries. One of the fastest VPNs around, it has a clean interface for first-time users, can run on up to five devices at once and offers unlimited server switching. Get it Now A third perk to look for is easy of use, especially if you are new to the VPN game.

3Trust.Zone VPN

Trust.Zone VPN is an excellent choice for novice users because it does not go overboard with unnecessary features and has a very easy-to-use interface. It comes with a free trial and a money-back guarantee for 10 days, although both of those features are limited to 1GB of bandwidth. Get it Now