Coverage of the league has been intense during the first 10 years with Indonesian television stations, Pay TV services, and streaming video systems all taking a piece of the pie. Things get tricky if you’re an Indonesia Liga 1 fan living abroad, however, because all coverage is domestic only. Thankfully for passionate soccer fans, the use of a virtual private network (VPN) can level the playing fields and will allow you to follow your favorite Liga 1 squad from anywhere in the world.

Why the ban on international viewership of Liga 1?

Like most businesses, Liga 1 TV broadcasters are fiercely loyal of their intellectual property, in this case, the ability to broadcast the sport with the nation’s most popular teams. If they are to allow markets outside of Indonesia rebroadcast the games, they’ll want a pretty penny to do so. Someone watching the games on an Indonesian website without living in Indonesia are not part of the TV company’s intended audience, and thus have little interest in the advertising that comes with the game. This is not acceptable by the TV companies, hence the block.

How a VPN Unblocks Regional Content

VPNs originally were used to guard the transfer of data for companies by encrypting it and using a third-party server to mask the course the data was taking from one party to the other. These remote servers are often located in other countries. When streaming content became popular, users of VPNs for Windows and other platforms began reverse engineering the way VPNs were used. The remote server list became the most important part of a VPN’s capabilities, as users would search for remote servers inside the country where the blocked content originated. For instance, an Indonesian ex-pat working abroad in France would choose a VPN that had multiple reliable servers located in Indonesia. When that person wanted to watch Liga 1, he would simply use the VPN to select an Indonesia server, then log on to one of the websites carrying the coverage. That site would see his new Indonesian IP address and allow him to watch or stream live matches.

Best VPNs for Watching Liga 1 Abroad

Speed is a huge factor for streaming any kind of video content abroad, and sports like football are so quickly played that only the best VPNs are capable of keeping up.


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