The Bahrain government imposed strict internet censorship guidelines in 2011, which leaves people vulnerable to prosecution for simply visiting a banned website. It’s important to remember that your device could be under surveillance and you won’t be able to access certain websites without using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). To avoid leaving yourself open to prosecution and to increase online security, we advise you to use a secure, trusted and sophisticated VPN service while visiting Bahrain. Let’s take a closer look… There are a number of reasons to consider using a VPN service in Bahrain. Those reasons include:

Access websites which might be banned under the country’s strict censorship laws Unlimited access to websites and content around the world The ability to stream content that’s otherwise geo-restricted A masked IP address so no one can trace the activity back to you Freedom to enjoy the internet freely – the way it was intended

1 Our Top Choice – ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN has superior speeds when compared to other providers and has a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Apart from ExpressVPN’s exceptional pace, they also offer a significant number of servers in numerous countries worldwide. The abundance of servers allows you to choose the country that works best for your needs, especially when dealing with geo-blocks. ExpressVPN has a strict no logging policy, so everything you do is private. The Bahrain government simply won’t be able to keep tabs on you while using this VPN in their country. If you run into any trouble with its user-friendly software, ExpressVPN’s support team is available 24/7 and is always on-hand and ready to help. Some of their top features include:

Unlimited bandwidth, data and server switch Offers five varying tunneling encryption protocols Strong 256-bit encryption Connect up to five devices simultaneously (or install on a router) Provides a 30-day money-back guarantee Offers free apps for most popular devices

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Choosing the Best VPN for Bahrain

When selecting the best VPN service for Bahrain, there are several qualities you’ll need to look out for:

1 Numerous Server Locations

You need a wide range of server options, so you have the flexibility to choose the one that fits your needs. VPNs hide your location and provide you with a virtual location in another country.

2 Strong Encryption

With defensive tunneling procedures and secure protocols, third-parties can’t intercept or see your Internet activity.

3 Trial Versions or Money-Back Guarantee

You want to be able to test the program before committing to it. Not every VPN program has a trial version, but they usually offer a money-back guarantee for a specified number of days. If you find the service doesn’t work for you, cancel within that timeframe and pay nothing.

4 User-Friendly Interface and Easy Installation

Good technical support is essential, but what’s more important is that you’re able to install the program and use it without hassle.

5 Speed

VPN services often slow down the internet connection due to the labor-intensive process of encryption. Finding the one that offers the best speeds is critical for continuing to maintain the level of internet browsing you desire. That’s why using a free trial, or money-back guarantee is essential. That free trial period allows you the opportunity to ensure the company provides high speeds and delivers what it claims.

Why You Must Use a VPN Service in Bahrain

While most of the people living in or visiting Bahrain have access to the internet, it is restricted. Here are the main reasons visitors and residents of the country must consider a high-quality VPN service. To avoid government censorship subscribe to the best VPN for Bahrain.

The Legalities of Using a VPN in Bahrain

With that in mind, using a VPN won’t make your illegal online activities legal.

Stay Safe by using the Best VPN in Bahrain

By using the best VPN service in Bahrain, you will remain safe, secure and protected online. The encryption capabilities of ExpressVPN will give you the security, anonymity, and freedom you deserve. Remember, your connection will be established through an IP address that’s not traceable to you. None of the traffic and data is stored either. By using a VPN in Bahrain you’ll be able to surf the internet stress-free and without fear of being prosecuted. Try VPN Now Risk Free