Planning a trip to South Korea? While the country has the fastest average connection speeds in the world, the internet in South Korea has some restrictions. In South Korea, freedom of expression is only partly free. The government wants to maintain traditional values which means some topics are still taboo. The South Korean government denies its citizens and visitors access to specific online content. Just like with anything else though, there are ways around these blocks. Found in this article will be information about South Korea’s laws in regards to the internet, and how to get around these blocks.

Unblock Web Content In South Korea Using These Top Five VPNs


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South Korea’s Censorship On The Internet

South Koreans’ are one of the most connected people in the world. By 2012, 97% of the population had an internet connection, and almost 90% owned a smartphone. This may be partially because the internet in South Korea is pretty cheap, and the high-speed internet is easily accessible in thousands of locations. South Korea also offers computer rooms for as little as one dollar an hour. While the connections are cheap, and the speeds are insanely fast, people in South Korea can’t access whatever content they want. If you plan on visiting South Korea soon, here is a list of some of the material you won’t be able to access:


Confucianism largely influences the population in South Korea. Not only this, there is a growing number of conservative Christians too. These religious influences mean that the government deems it appropriate to block websites with sexual content. The block on sexual content started when South Korea was under a military dictatorship. While the country is now under democratic rule, the government increased its efforts to stop pornography because it believes that this type of content leads to sexual crimes. Despite these efforts, Koreans are the largest consumers of pornography in the world. They also spend three times more money on pornography per individual compared to other countries. Their young and tech-savvy population uses tools to bypass these blocks in an attempt to revolt against their country’s conservative values.

Same-sex relationships in South Korea are not frowned upon and are legal. However, these same-sex partnerships cannot marry or engage in any other form of a legal partnership like one can in the United States. In Article 31, of the National Human Rights Commission, it states that no one should discriminate against another individual. But, in Article 92, it says that sexual relations between people of the same sex is considered harassment, and punishable by up to one year in prison.

South Korea’s Not So Pro-North Korea Web Content

It’s no secret, North and South Korea have been at war with one another since the 50’s. While the dislike between both Koreas remains clear, they did sign a peace treaty on April 27th, 2018. Despite the signing of the peace treaty, South Korea block pro-North Korea websites. In fact, research suggests that even with IP blocking, the government bans more than 65 websites having sympathy for North Korea. The South Korean government takes discussions about North Korea seriously. The president continues to crack down on pro-North Korea comments on social networking sites as well as reserving the right to arrest those who praise North Korea online.

Using A VPN to Unblock Web Content In South Korea

A VPN routes you to your favorite sites through an anonymous server of your choosing. These services offer different server choices, all of which are in various locations around the world. To access the content you want, you have to buy a VPN service and connect to a server in a country that doesn’t have the same restrictions. The VPN service hides your data from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). It also hides it from the Korean government. With paid for VPN services, you get the highest quality encryption. Due to the Korean government spying on most of the internet activity in the country, this is an essential feature you should look for. With it, you can access restricted content without fear of prosecution.  

Investing In A VPN For South Korea

While not as strict as China, South Korea blocks a lot of online content. The only way to bypass these blocks is by using a VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN because of its strong encryption and countless number of servers.