For that reason, sites like Tumblr, Facebook, and even Google don’t exist in China without the help of a virtual private network (VPN). Tumblr isn’t exactly the malicious site out there, but it’s freedom of speech clauses worry Chinese Internet taskmasters who are concerned with the possibility that things expressly limited such as nudity, views of Chinese government and decision-making that don’t fall into line with party leadership. To fully enjoy Tumbler means having a VPN, and the knowledge of how to use one.

Operating a VPN

From there, you can open a new connection. This will allow you to pick from any server currently linked to this VPN. In the case of unblocking Tumbler while living in China, you will want to pick a fast server located as near China as possible. That will lower the latency speed, which is the time it takes the actual signal to leave your computer and reach the destination where the website you’re seeking is located. If you’re in China and the VPN server is in Japan, you’ve scored a great remote server. If the only one you can find is in Guatemala, well say hello to some very slow speeds. When you find a server you think will work best, connect to it. Depending on how tangible the link is, this might take the blink of an eye or several seconds to come to fruition. Once the connection is confirmed, head to Tumblr or any other website you want and enjoy.

Best VPNs for cracking Tumblr in China

Certain VPNs can’t handle China’s security protocol, so named the Great Firewall of China for its ability to squash threats and even take down foreign websites with DDoS attacks. Therefore, only the top quality of VPNs should be employed when trying to beat Chinese security.


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It has amazing security features including a kill switch, zero-knowledge DNS, and AES-256 bit encryption. It has excellent 24/7 customer service and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Its only drawback is that it can only support five simultaneous connections. Try Now Risk Free


It also possesses a kill switch and built-in leak protection to ensure your connection stays private at all times. A generous VPN company, PrivateVPN allows up to six simultaneous connections and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you want to give it a go before making the full financial commitment. Get it Now