Many adware removal tools claim to remove pop-up ads, PUPs, and adware, but it’s difficult to find a competent tool. Some of the popular tools are actually adware in disguise. After testing over 30 adware removal tools, I found that the best options are found within antivirus suites. The top adware removal tools provide excellent results and can remove every form of adware from your system. Also, these tools offer real-time detection of adware. I found that Norton offered the best adware removal tool. Remove Adware with Norton

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Remove Adware with Norton

The Top Adware Removal Software — Full Test Results in January 2023

1. Norton — Best Adware Removal Software

Key Features: Norton is one of the best antivirus software. It can not only detect and fix risks on your computer but it is also very effective at removing:

adware unwanted applications troublesome malware threats that often go undetected

During my tests, Norton marked and removed the Fireball adware and every other adware I placed on all my devices. The adware removal tool worked perfectly and removed the following categories of adware:

Legitimate adware Potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) Browser hijackers Pop-ups ads Pop-unders and redirects.

Norton’s adware removal tool also comes as a standalone app named “Norton Power Eraser” which aggressively scans and removes adware, viruses, and spyware. It utilizes high-intensity detection (HID) scans that employ advanced machine learning techniques. This allows Norton to detect potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) and applications (PUAs). This makes it very effective at detecting adware and viruses that are missed by traditional antiviruses. Norton also offers real-time protection from every other type of web threat, including spyware, sophisticated ad trackers looking to collect private information, malware threats, and trojans. Its anti-phishing tools are one of the best I have tested, protecting against malicious and fake sites, deceptive emails, and messages. I also liked that Norton offers extra features like a VPN, dark web monitoring, webcam protection, parental controls, and other important security tools. You can get adware removal on any one of these Norton plans:

Norton Antivirus Plus — Covers only 1 device but offers additional features like online threat protection, 2GB cloud backup, a firewall, and a password manager. Norton 360 Standard — Includes all the features of the Plus plan but supports up to 3 devices. It also includes a PC Safecam and dark web monitoring. Norton 360 Deluxe — This plan supports all the features in the Standard plan but covers 5 devices and offers 50GB of cloud storage. It also includes parental controls, school time, VPN, and a privacy monitor. Norton 360 Select — Includes all the features in the Deluxe plan, offers 250GB cloud storage, and covers 10 devices. The Select plan also offers stolen wallet protection, identity restoration, credit monitoring, and ID verification monitoring.

Overall, I found Norton’s adware removal tools very effective at removing every type of adware on my system. The adware removal tool is available on every paid plan. I recommend Norton 360 Standard as it offers advanced adware removal tools along with tons of additional security features. You can try it risk-free using its 60-day money-back guarantee. Remove Adware with Norton

2. McAfee — Features a Robust Adware Scanner

Key Features: McAfee offers a robust adware removal tool integrated into the antivirus software. Its anti-malware program can remove and block different types of adware. To remove adware from your device using McAfee, you only need to run a scan on the latest version of the McAfee antivirus engine. I was impressed with the performance of McAfee’s adware removal tool. Like Norton, it detected all forms of adware including “scareware” and “rogueware”. It even blocked disturbing pop-up ads on my system and deep-rooted adware that traditional tools wouldn’t detect. McAfee also provides real-time protection, preventing adware from infecting your system. McAfee also offers additional security features such as its anti-phishing, anti-spam, and other web protection features. It offers a VPN, password manager, file shredder, and WiFi protection. The shredder feature helps you to completely delete stubborn adware files that could be hidden in the background. McAfee allows you to scan and remove adware from your device on every paid plan. It offers the following plans:

Basic — Only works on only 1 device but includes extra features like antivirus, VPN, identity monitoring, password manager, firewall, file encryption, web protection, and file shredder. Plus — Includes all the features of the Basic plan but covers 5 devices and 5 VPN licenses. Premium — Includes all features of the Plus plan, supports unlimited devices, and offers a personal data cleanup feature. Advanced — This plan has all the features of the Premium plan, with the addition of lost wallet protection and $1M ID theft coverage & restoration.

Overall, McAfee competes well, providing an impressive adware detection and removal tool within its anti-malware scanner. You can sign-up for any of the McAfee plans risk-free using the 30-day money-back guarantee to test it out before you commit. Remove Adware with McAfee

3. TotalAV — Real-Time Protection From Adware

Key Features: TotalAV is a budget-friendly, easy-to-use, and popular antivirus software that comes with a useful adware removal tool. To test the effectiveness of the TotalAV adware removal tool, I downloaded adware samples on all its compatible devices (Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows). TotalAV detected and removed most adware samples — it only missed some samples on my Safari browser. TotalAV offers a strong ad blocker. It blocked annoying ads including pop-ups, malware-laden ads, and potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) across all my browsers, including Safari. TotalAV’s ad blocker prevents advertisers from collecting and sharing your private information. You can use TotalAV’s robust malware scanner to detect and remove all types of adware. However, with real-time protection, TotalAV stops adware from getting on your computer in the first place. TotalAV provides other important security and optimization tools. I like that the optimization tools can remove junk files, clean up my browser, and uninstall unwanted programs. It also offers useful security features such as a dark web monitor, VPN to protect your internet connection, anti-phishing protection, password manager, and ransomware protection. You can remove any type of adware from your system using any of TotalAV’s premium plans:

Antivirus Pro — Removes annoying adware through malware scanner and covers 3 devices. Internet Security — Detects adware on up to 6 devices and offers a VPN. Total Security — Scans and removes different types of adware. Offers VPN, Adblocker, and password vault.

Although every TotalAV plan can remove intrusive adware and potentially unwanted programs, the Total Security plan offers the best value. It offers an ad blocker, unlimited VPN, and a password manager. You can try TotalAV’s Total Security plan risk-free using the 30-day money-back guarantee. Remove Adware with TotalAV

4. Bitdefender — Multiple Antivirus Plans For Adware Removal

Key Features: Bitdefender offers a free adware removal tool for Windows PC. However, you can still remove adware from other OS like macOS, Android, and iOS using Bitdefender’s paid antivirus suite. Bitdefender’s adware removal tools detect and remove annoying adware, potentially unwanted programs (PUPs), malicious toolbars, and other browser add-ons. In my tests, the Bitdefender adware removal tool marked a list of dangerous and annoying adware I installed before the tests. This included adware like SwiftBrowse, Plush, and BrowseFox. You don’t have to worry about having legitimate programs falsely flagged as the tool only deletes programs after your approval. Bitdefender’s adware removal tool goes further to fight against Bundlers. Bundlers are installers that typically send private data like your geo-location to third-party servers. It also blocks keylogger software that invades privacy and sometimes causes financial damage. Bitdefender comes with additional features such as:

VPN File Shredder Ransomware Protection Firewall Anti-spam File protection App protection System Optimizer Real-time Antivirus monitor

Bitdefender offers multiple antivirus plans, each offering a 100% adware detection rate.

Antivirus Plus — The basic antivirus plan covers 3 devices, removes adware, and offers ransomware protection. Internet Security — Compatible with Windows. It detects adware but lacks device optimizer tools. Total Security — Covers 5 devices, removes different types of adware, and provides tons of security features. Premium Security — Removes adware, includes every Total Security feature except identity theft protection, and protects 10 devices. Ultimate Security — This plan includes every Premium Security feature and identity theft protection. It also protects 10 devices.

All Bitdefender’s plans can remove every type of adware on your system. However, I prefer the Total Security plan as it offers the most security features at a budget-friendly cost. You can try Bitdefender risk-free using the 30-day free trial. Remove Adware with Bitdefender

5. IOLO — Removes Adware from Browsers and Optimizes Your System

Key Features: IOLO offers different products that remove adware from your device. It offers a “Malware Killer” that detects and removes adware and other types of malware found on your device. Unfortunately, it can’t detect real-time adware threats. For more comprehensive protection, IOLO’s “System Mechanic Ultimate Defense” detects and removes adware and offers real-time protection from every type of malware. During my tests, IOLO detected, quarantined, and removed all test sample adware installed on my PC. In addition, IOLO provides additional web protection tools like anti-spyware, privacy protection, and a password manager. It also provides a wide range of optimization tools. The PC Cleanup tool allowed me to clear junk files on my browsers and completely removed unwanted applications. Overall, IOLO offers many different products for removing adware from your system. Since the Malware Killer product fails to provide real-time protection, I recommend you sign up for the System Mechanic Ultimate Defense product instead. You can try IOLO’s products for adware removal risk-free using the 30-day free trial. Remove Adware with IOLO

Bonus Free Option: AdwCleaner

AdwCleaner, a standalone Malwarebytes product, is also a decent adware removal tool. It can detect and remove annoying adware, spyware, pop-ups, toolbars, unwanted plugins (installed with or without your permission), and browser hijackers. In my tests, AdwCleaner removed all the adware samples I installed on my PC. It went further to discover bloatware and junkware on my peripheral device (printer). AdwCleaner offers a user-friendly app that you simply plug in and run a scan, requiring no installation. Despite the user-friendly design, AdwCleaner lacks many other security features. For instance, it doesn’t offer real-time protection. It also doesn’t offer a firewall or malware scanner as top antiviruses do. If removing adware alone is all you want, AdwCleaner Tool is a convenient and effective tool to use. However, it’s better to use a complete antivirus suite to remove adware and protect your devices from more dangerous threats.

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Quick Comparison Table: 2023’s Top Adware Removal Software

3 Easy Steps: How to Use an Antivirus for Adware Removal

How I Tested and Ranked the Top Adware Removal Software in 2023

Adware removal — I focused on selecting the adware removal software that offers robust and competent adware remover tools. I also looked for virus scanners that would catch every type of adware. Real-time protection — I chose the adware removal tools that offer real-time protection against zero-day adware threats and other cyber threats. Extra features — I looked out for the adware removal tools within an antivirus suite that provides additional web protection tools like VPN, anti-phishing, and browser cleanup tools. Ease of use — I prioritized the adware removal tools that are easy to use and provide apps and browser extensions for all the popular operating systems like macOS, Android, iOS, and Windows. Value for money — I selected the best antivirus software plans that offer top-grade adware removal tools at an affordable price. I also ensured that each plan that made it to my list is backed by money-back guarantees so that you’re buying in confidence.

Is adware dangerous?

It varies! Although adware isn’t considered a virus, it can execute malicious intent. Some just display ads while others can spam your search engine and system, forcing you to dangerous pages. Other types of adware collect your browsing history to send you targeted ads, breaching your privacy.

2. Windows Defender

In many tests, Windows Defender has been shown to struggle with identifying and blocking the latest viruses and malware. This is due to its lack of regular updates, which means Microsoft Defender can’t consistently identify and quarantine zero-day threats and adware. Adware removal tools help you detect and remove any type of adware and PUPs on your system. Robust security suites like Norton go further by blocking these adware threats in real time.

Is adware impossible to remove?

No! While not every adware removal tool is competent enough, using any of our recommended adware removal tools will have your PC free of pesky adware in a few short minutes. During my tests, Norton’s adware removal cleared every PUPs including unknown adware from my system. McAfee also provided an effective adware removal tool.

What’s the difference between an antivirus and an adware removal tool?

Antivirus suites offer a wide variety of protections under a single subscription while adware removal tools like AdwCleaner do just that single task. Removal tools also won’t guarantee that you remain safe from further infections. So, you’re better off with an adware removal tool that’s part of an antivirus package. That way, you get rid of annoying adware and get additional protection from other types of web threats including phishing attacks, spyware, and even malware. Remove Adware with Norton

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Adware can serve you intrusive ads, redirect your search traffic, and cause other invasive issues. Traditional adware removal tools often fail to detect new types of adware. However, I found that an antivirus provides a more robust adware removal tool. Not every antivirus can detect and block all forms of adware. I tested over 20 adware removal tools found in an antivirus suite. After my tests, I found the top 5 adware removal tools that also offer additional web protection tools including firewall, anti-phishing, and ransomware protection. During my tests, I discovered that Norton provides the most reliable adware removal tool. Norton removed adware like pop-up ads, browser hijackers, potentially unwanted programs (PUPs), and even legitimate adware. Norton’s robust adware removal tool is included in the virus scanner of every premium plan. You can try Norton and remove adware from your device risk-free using the 60-day money-back guarantee.

Summary — Top Adware Removal Software in 2023