A VPN encrypts your connections and assigns you a new IP address, giving you rightful access to your Truecaller account from abroad. However, most VPNs either aren’t strong enough to work in firewalled countries or bypass restrictions on blocked apps. Of all VPNs I tested, ExpressVPN is the best for Truecaller in the UAE. Its TrustedServer network makes it impossible for third parties to see your calling data. You can try ExpressVPN for Truecaller, and you can get a refund within 30 days if you aren’t pleased. Get ExpressVPN for Truecaller

Short on Time? Here Are the Best VPNs for Using Truecaller in the UAE

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Quick Guide: 3 Easy Steps to Use Truecaller in the UAE

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Best VPNs for Truecaller in the UAE

1. ExpressVPN — #1 VPN for Truecaller With TrustedServer Technology to Keep UAE Call and Text Data Private

Key Features: ExpressVPN is the best VPN to unblock Truecaller safely and privately in the UAE as its TrustedServer network uses the most advanced technology to keep your calling data from being logged. Since TrustedServers run on RAM, they physically can’t store any information about you that can be spied on, leaked, or hacked. I’m also comforted to know the technology was independently audited by PwC to confirm that it really works. Plus, my tests found that ExpressVPN has lots of other standout features like:

ExpressVPN passed my IP leak prevention tests which confirmed that my real location wouldn’t leak past encryption, causing firewalls to block Truecaller 256-bit military-grade encryption makes sure no hackers or other third parties can spy on your connection to see your calls and messages A Network Lock protects your privacy even on an unstable internet connection in the UAE Its location in the British Virgin Islands is outside the 14 Eyes Alliance of countries that share your calling data with foreign intelligence agencies Perfect Forward Secrecy protects your data from cyberattacks in the UAE by changing your encryption keys for every message and call

During tests, ExpressVPN’s long-distance server in Australia worked well for rapid texting with lots of gifs and video-sharing. Despite being 7,000 miles away from the UAE, the speed was above 200Mbps for smooth group chats, even with 5 people messaging at once. ExpressVPN servers in other locations also delivered excellent speeds above 300Mbps. I also liked that ExpressVPN’s speed didn’t decrease by more than 7%, even when I connected on a maximum of 5 devices. This is a slight drop compared to other VPNs and made for perfectly smooth video calls. Plus, it took me less than 5 minutes to install ExpressVPN on my iPhone, connect to a server, and begin blocking spam calls. The one small disadvantage of ExpressVPN is its price, which is higher than other VPNs on this list. However, its audited servers and privacy protection technology are worth the price. I recommend ExpressVPN’s 1-year + 3 months plan since it’s the most affordable at $6.67 per month. There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee on all subscriptions. Though I was happy with the VPN, I asked for a refund via its 24/7 live chat to test the guarantee and my request was approved in under 1 minute. I got my money back in 4 days. Get ExpressVPN for Truecaller

2. CyberGhost — Stay Safe on Truecaller Even on Unprotected Public WiFi Networks in the UAE

Key Features: CyberGhost’s WiFi protection privately unblocks Truecaller in the UAE even on vulnerable networks. This feature automatically activates the VPN every time your device tries to connect to a wireless hotspot, preventing any communication that could reveal your calling data or real location. It’s especially handy if you’re like me and travel in the UAE with a smartphone, constantly searching for networks. In addition to military-grade 256-bit encryption, my CyberGhost tests shows it has all the essential privacy and security features for the UAE like:

A no-log policy regularly audited by Deloitte to guarantee your Truecaller metadata is never saved or shared DNS leak protection prevents your location in the UAE from being exposed to prying eyes An automatic kill switch disables your connection when WiFi is unsteady to keep your Truecaller activities private Specialized NoSpy privacy servers owned by CyberGhost to eliminate third-party security risks, and located in Romania where the government doesn’t track you online

I tested CyberGhost’s apps on a limit of 7 devices by connecting to a server in Turkey and making a Truecaller video call on each device. Despite moments of lag using the maximum number of devices, it was never bad enough to ruin a call. If you have any questions while installing CyberGhost or using it to unblock Truecaller, you can reach its live chat support team 24/7 to get help in just a few seconds. I asked which servers worked with Truecaller, and I got a helpful answer in just a minute. To find out if CyberGhost is fast enough for seamless voice calling, I tested nearby servers in Egypt and got a drop of only 7-10Mbps compared to when I wasn’t using a VPN. That meant I had no lag, poor audio quality, or dropped connections during my voice calls. On long-distance servers, the other person’s voice was occasionally hard to hear, so I recommend using servers in nearby countries. For the best deal, try CyberGhost’s 2-year + 2 months plan for $2.19 per month. It comes with one of the longest money-back guarantees I found — 45 days. If you change your mind, it’s easy to get a refund. I tested the process via 24/7 live chat, and a support agent approved my request within a minute. I had my money back in 5 days. Get CyberGhost for Truecaller

3. PIA — Large Network of Global Servers for Steady and Fast Truecaller Connections

Key Features: PIA has the largest global network for steady Truecaller connections, with 35000+ servers in 84+ countries. This gives you lots of alternatives in case your server slows down due to congestion from too many users logging on at once. The huge selection of IP addresses prevented overcrowding, so my speeds stayed fast at all times of day on servers in Egypt and India. Though the large server base is impressive, PIA’s privacy and security features are excellent as well:

You can choose AES 256-bit encryption to prioritize security over speed, or AES 128-bit encryption when you need to maximize Truecaller’s performance for video calls An Advanced Kill Switch prevents your smartphone or other devices from using internet networks until the VPN is connected MACE blocks dangerous malware and suspicious sites from loading in case you tap a malicious link in a Truecaller text message PIA lets you pay anonymously with third-party gift cards from Starbucks, Walmart, and more

When I connected on PIA’s maximum of 10 simultaneous devices, it didn’t affect Truecaller’s audio or video call quality. Additionally, I could install both Android and iOS apps in less than 5 minutes without help from PIA’s online guides or a customer support agent. Connecting to a server only took a few seconds. Unfortunately, PIA’s iOS app doesn’t support split tunneling. This makes it impossible to use an encrypted connection to unblock Truecaller on an iPhone while making a local web search at the same time using your default connection. This wasn’t a big deal, since changing servers only takes a few seconds if I want to switch to an IP address in Dubai to access local sites. The VPN also has a very competitive price — the 2-year + 2 months plan is the most affordable at just $2.19 per month. Plus, all plans have a 30-day money-back guarantee to make it easier to test PIA with Truecaller in the UAE. I sent PIA an email to ask for a refund, including details like the order number from my confirmation email. An agent replied within an hour to ask why I was canceling, and I said I decided to get a different VPN. PIA refunded my money in a week. Get PIA for Truecaller

4. PrivateVPN — Stealth Mode Reliably Bypasses UAE Firewalls to Unblock Truecaller

Key Features: PrivateVPN’s Stealth Mode sneaks past VPN blocks to access Truecaller in the UAE. This feature disguises VPN traffic to make it look like regular data to prevent ISPs like Etisalat from interfering with the connection. In addition to Stealth Mode to bypass firewalls, PrivateVPN also has these security and privacy features:

Perfect Forward Secrecy continuously changes your military-grade 256-bit encryption keys so that hackers can’t intercept your Truecaller data Anonymous cryptocurrency payment keeps you totally anonymous in the UAE, since not even PrivateVPN will know you bought the service Leak protection to prevent DNS, WebRTC, and other data leaks that could expose your real IP address or other data during Truecaller voice or video calls

Though it’s not as fast as ExpressVPN, PrivateVPN’s speeds can handle clear voice calls on Truecaller. Even when I tested the servers in Romania about 4,000 miles away, I had smooth audio and no issues while sending photos to friends via text. One of PrivateVPN’s most unique features is that its live chat support is staffed by actual developers. With real experts answering your questions, they can handle more technical queries like which port unblocks Truecaller in the UAE. I also like that you can safely use Truecaller on up to 10 devices without having to log out of PrivateVPN’s apps. Unfortunately, PrivateVPN doesn’t have a kill switch in its iOS app. However, during my tests, none of my Truecaller data was ever revealed. A kill switch is important in the case that there’s a problem with your network connection. To use Trucaller privately in the UAE, I recommend the Android app since it comes packaged with a kill switch. If you only need a VPN to use Truecaller during a short trip to the UAE, PrivateVPN has one of the best monthly plans with very affordable prices. But to spend even less, the 3-year option is only $2.00 per month. Regardless of your subscription, you have 30 days to try PrivateVPN with Truecaller in the UAE. I put the policy to the test by asking for a refund via email, and got a reply within an hour. I had my money back in just a week. Get PrivateVPN for Truecaller

5. IPVanish — Use Truecaller Securely in the UAE on All Your Devices With No Limits

Key Features: IPVanish unblocks Truecaller on unlimited devices simultaneously in the UAE so your calls will never be cut off due to being connected on too many platforms. I connected to PIA servers and used Truecaller on 7 smartphones at once. Each one easily handled voice calls without dropping them to disconnect the VPN due to excessive bandwidth, which would have caused my connection to become visible to hackers. Aside from a couple of seconds of lag during video calls, I got high-quality video and audio on Truecaller with no call drops when I tested IPVanish’s servers in Germany, France and the Netherlands. The VPN also safeguards your privacy and security for calling and texting in the UAE with:

Powerful military-grade 256-bit encryption with secure protocols including OpenVPN and IKEv2, to conceal Truecaller usage in the UAE Zero IPv6, DNS or WebRTC leaks to keep your real IP address, calls, and messages completely hidden from eavesdroppers Malware blocking with VIPRE, an integrated antivirus that’s included when you sign up for the yearly plan

Since IPVanish doesn’t allow cryptocurrency payment, you won’t be able to buy it anonymously before you go to the UAE. However, you can sign up with any major credit card or PayPal. I did some research to find the best deals, and the 1 year  plan costs the least — $3.99 per month. This subscription also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try IPVanish with Truecaller in the UAE without worry. To test the guarantee, I canceled my account on IPVanish’s website and the refund was processed automatically. It only took 4 days for the money to be returned to my account. Get IPVanish for Truecaller

Comparison Table: 2023’s Best VPNs for Truecaller

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How I Tested and Ranked the Best VPNs for Truecaller

I used these criteria to test all the top VPNs in 2023 and find the best ones for Truecaller:

Truecaller unblocking ability — The Emirati ISP Etisalat blocks VPN traffic, so most either don’t work in the UAE or aren’t effective at assessing Truecaller. Extensive testing proved that every VPN on this list would work. Strong security and privacy features — Military-grade 256-bit encryption, a kill switch, and IP leak protection protect your right to privately access your Truecaller account from anywhere without revealing your real location. Reliable connections — Since you never know when a country near the UAE will block Truecaller, your VPN needs reliable servers even in faraway locations to keep the app working. Fast speeds — All the VPNs on this list had fast speeds for data-intensive Truecaller features like voice and video calls. Customer support — To make sure you can get fast help without worrying about the UAE’s time zone, I only picked VPNs with 24/7 live chat support. Money-back guarantee — You should be able to get your money back if you change your mind about a VPN. During my tests, every VPN on this list refunded my money quickly and without hassle.

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Is Truecaller really safe?

Yes, it’s safe to use, but it’s essential to combine it with one of the best VPNs to unblock Truecaller in the UAE because the app is banned locally. Trying to access it will trigger internet firewalls and cause errors. I don’t condone using a VPN to bypass censorship or government firewalls, so be sure to research and understand the law before using a VPN in the UAE.

Does Truecaller work on iPhones?

Yes, it works with iPhones even in countries where the iOS app is banned — as long as you follow the right steps to use Truecaller in the UAE. If it isn’t working on your iPhone, the most common issue is that Truecaller isn’t enabled by default. Here’s how to fix it: Sometimes, the call identification setting above doesn’t show on your iPhone. Try reinstalling Truecaller or restarting your device if this happens to you. Then, try this if Caller ID still doesn’t work: Besides iPhones, Truecaller also works on Android.

What are the best Truecaller alternatives for the UAE?

I’ve listed a few here. Whether using one of these or Truecaller, one of the top VPNs like ExpressVPN keeps calls and messages private in the UAE.

Why isn’t Truecaller working?

Only one of the best VPNs can unblock Truecaller in the UAE as the app is blocked by national firewalls. If the VPN is not the issue, then try the following steps to get Truecaller working:

Truecaller hangs or stalls — Restarting your phone usually resolves this, so try it first. Server is busy or down — When Truecaller’s server is busy or under maintenance, it might not work. Wait for a while and then try again. Check internet connection — Many of Truecaller’s features rely on the internet, so check if you have at least 3G service or a strong WiFi connection. Clear the app’s cache — Clear the app’s cache by going to Phone Settings > Apps > Truecaller (storage) > Clear Cache Update Truecaller app — Older versions of Truecaller can sometimes stop working so try updating to the latest version. Update device OS — Check if your device’s OS is up to date and update accordingly.

If these don’t work, submit a ticket to Truecaller’s customer support team.

Can I use a free VPN to unblock Truecaller?

No, not in the UAE. Although the best free VPNs can access many sites and services, they have strict limits that make reliable calling impossible. Without subscription fees, free VPNs can’t invest in technology capable of bypassing the UAE’s firewalls to unblock Truecaller. Free VPNs also have smaller networks that aren’t usually located near the Middle East. With so few options and no servers located near the UAE, free VPNs are too slow to work well or they fill up fast with users and cut off your calls. What’s worse, a few free VPNs contain malware that gives hackers access to your data. Others secretly sell your information, violating your security and privacy. Free VPNs aren’t worth the risk, so I recommend taking advantage of a premium VPN’s refund policy. For example, you can use CyberGhost for free with its 45-day money-back guarantee and ask for a refund when you’re no longer in the UAE. Try CyberGhost with Truecaller

Unblock Truecaller Easily With a Trusted VPN

You rely on Truecaller to keep in touch with friends and family and avoid annoying spam calls, but it’s blocked in the UAE. The easiest way to unblock the app in the country is with a VPN, which encrypts traffic and gets past the UAE’s firewalls. But with a low-quality VPN, your Truecaller connection data may become vulnerable to eavesdroppers in the UAE. Without a top VPN you’ll also get much slower speeds, so you might not be able to make reliable voice or video calls while you travel. ExpressVPN is the best to unblock Truecaller in the UAE as its TrustedServer technology ensures that none of your data is ever logged. Plus, it’s the fastest of every VPN I’ve tested. You can even get ExpressVPN for Truecaller risk-free and if you’re not satisfied for any reason, you have 30 days to get a refund.

Summary: Best VPNs for Truecaller in the UAE in 2023