While PrivateVPN isn’t a favorite for unblocking streaming content services, it offers exceptional performance for torrenting, and uses over 56 server locations to ensure privacy. Add in 24/7 customer service and a clean, organized interface, and you have a stand out VPN value. Some other highlights include:

Strict no logs policy Leak protection and kill switch 6 connections at once 30-day money-back guarantee

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Save significant money by choosing a longer subscription.

If you’re familiar with VPN subscriptions, you know that longer commitments generally provide bigger discounts. PrivateVPN is no exception, as their three service plans have vastly different prices and lengths. If you were to look at PrivateVPNs website without clicking on our link you would see a 64% and just 1 month free:

As you can see, by clicking on our link you will be taken to a special pricing page that includes this amazing 73% discount and 3 free months of service. Why wouldn’t you utilize this coupon? A one-month subscription costs $7.12, which is actually on the lower end of things as it is. However, if you go with a 3 month plan, you’ll save 37% off a monthly price. An annual plan offers the best savings because it includes the extra three free months that you won’t have to worry about your online security. The longer plan saves you 73% off, and ends up costing you just $2.88 a month, which is $43.20 each billing cycle. If you were to renew a monthly subscription for that long, it would cost you $106.80, so you’re saving a total of $63.60 with the longer plan. So, when ordering a 1.25 year service plan, you can get PrivateVPN at just $0.09 per day.

VPN prices change frequently.

PrivateVPN has some of the best prices available for VPNs, but like every other service out there, the prices are not permanent. Most VPN prices are always trending up, so your best route is to get in on the lower prices when you can. Click on the button below now to lock in the current price and ensure you’re saving the most money. You’ll then be able to browse the internet and use torrents extensively while having the full assurance of total privacy via an economical and effective VPN. Get it Now For more VPN deals and coupons visit here.