The monthly price for the service is somewhat on the higher end, but you can get a huge discounts with the latest deals. Here, you’ll find top deals for a subscription to Hotspot Shield at discounted prices. Subscribing to Hotspot Shield allows you to benefit from all the premium features, including:

Unlimited data Robust encryption Connect five simultaneous connections 24/7 tech support

Best Hotspot Shield Coupon – Save 76% with a 2-year deal Hotspot Shield’s monthly plan costs $12.99, which is quite high in comparison to other services. Typically, VPNs offer better value for money with extended subscriptions. For example, a six month subscription with Hotspot Shield works out as just $8.99 per month. The best deal available with Hotspot Shield is a 2-year subscription with a total saving of 76%, at just $2.99 a month! However, this deal isn’t available on the usual pricing page, and to take advantage, you need to follow this link to access the exclusive webpage.

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Alternative Hotspot Shield Coupons

Save 73% off the 3 year plan: This lets you use the VPN at $3.49 Save 53% off the 1 year plan: This lets you use the VPN at $5.99 a month Save 31% off the 6 month plan: This lets you use the VPN at $8.99 a month Note: For any subscription with Hotspot Shield, you will always benefit from the 45-day money-back guarantee.

How to Tell if this is a Real Coupon – and How to Spot the Fakes

Nowadays, it’s tough to differentiate between a real and a fake coupon as many websites offer what is either expired or counterfeit. At Wizcase, we only provide credible information to the best of our knowledge and all coupons provided here are tried and tested. The best deal you can get at the moment with Hotspot Shield is the 76% savings with the 2-year plan, and you can use the link below to verify. Any coupons offering a larger discount is not genuine. Many of the links to fraudulent deals will mirror specific phrases you’ve searched for to entice you. Always make sure the pages you visit are genuine and secure before entering personal details or making purchases. Get the Hotspot Shield Deal

Is Hotspot Shield Secure?

Instead, Hotspot Shield uses 128-bit AES data encryption, and they offer a proprietary protocol known as Catapult Hydra. The team behind the VPN believes that 256-bit encryption is overrated and that 128-bit encryption offers enough protection with better speeds. To some extent they’re not wrong, but if you are looking for the highest security you can opt for ExpressVPN or NordVPN. To further boost the provided security, Hotspot Shield has both IP Leak Protection and a Kill Switch. The former ensures that your data doesn’t leak out to the ISP while connected to the VPN, and the latter guarantees that your traffic isn’t routed through your ISP in case of a VPN disconnection. It does this by completely blocking internet access in such a situation.

Can I get Hotspot Shield for Free?

Hotspot has a free version that you can enjoy without having to pay a penny. However, the free edition of the VPN has numerous limitations. These include a half-hour a day limit, and the fact that you won’t be able to choose a server. The free version of the VPN only offers a one-click connection, and you will be able to access only one server which is based in the US. Additionally, you will be inundated with ads every time you open the app, and a notification whenever you open any other app. The only way to utilize the 2,500+ global servers and unlimited bandwidth is by upgrading to the premium plan. Hotspot Shield do offer a free trial of the premium product, which will allow you to get a real feel for the VPN will handle your needs.

Is Torrenting Allowed with Hotspot Shield

With the services superb connection speeds, you will be able to transfer large files, stream in HD, and play online games. You don’t have to worry about your privacy or anonymity, as Hotspot Shield uses shared IP addresses and doesn’t keep any logs, even for free users. With these practices in place, you can torrent safely and privately with the VPN.

Does Hotspot Shield Work with Netflix

Unfortunately, even for premium users, you’ll still have to use trial and error to get a working server. The only good thing is that you can be confident of getting one. If you are looking for more than just Netflix US, you may have to look at other options like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and CyberGhost.

Wrap up

Hotspot Shield is a top VPN, but the premium service can be expensive. To take advantage of everything Hotspot Shield has to offer without leaving your bank account significantly depleted, you will need to use our VPN Coupon to get best the deal. If you go for the extended subscriptions, you can get a significant discount, and our exclusive coupon gives you 76% off.