As with many VPN services, the annual subscription offers the best value for money. Right now, IPVanish has a great discount coupon that can help you save up to 66% depending on which plan you choose.

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Get 66% off your annual plan

IPVanish annual plans usually retail at $143.88 per year. With this coupon, your first year of VPN service amounts to $3.99 per month, which is an incredible saving of 66%.

How to use your IPVanish coupon

Some VPNs require you to add a discount code at the checkout, meaning you have to put in the work to find them. With this IPVanish coupon, a couple of clicks is all it takes to get an amazing discount. Everything is automated for your convenience, saving you time and money. Here are 7 simple steps to use your IPVanish coupon: I tested this in January 2023 and the coupon works. The offers change from time to time so you should check back for updated deals and discounts. Save up to 66% on your IPVanish plan today

Why you should get IPVanish: A quick review

IPVanish is an effective, simple VPN that is continuously updating its service to improve accessibility for users. This premium service includes 256-bit AES encryption, platform support for all of your devices, and a huge network of servers in different locations. You can read our detailed IPVanish review here. Pros: Cons:

Can IPVanish Access Netflix Content?

Netflix is very tough on the use of VPNs to access its content and is constantly improving its detection technology. No VPN is immune — and I found that IPVanish had some inconsistent results when I tested it with Netflix. After some trial and error, you will be able to find a server which connects without the dreaded “Netflix Proxy Error”. I found that I could access Netflix through many US-based servers, but servers in parts of Europe and Australia were blocked.

Does IPVanish Allow Torrenting?

With its unlimited bandwidth, zero-logs policy, and guaranteed anonymity, IPVanish is a top choice VPN for users who enjoy torrenting.

Torrenting with IPVanish IPVanish employs a SOCKS5 feature that obscures your IP address through an offshore proxy, meaning you can torrent without sacrificing anonymity or speed. Masking your IP address prevents your ISP or any government agencies from tracking your online activities, keeping you safe while you perform peer-to-peer (P2P) transfers. Additionally, IPVanish sticks to its no-logs policy, protecting you from any potentially incriminating evidence. With no data cap, you are able to torrent as much as you want without fear of having your connection throttled.

Don’t Fall For Fake IPVanish Coupons

A quick Google search for “IPVanish coupon” brings up a ton of different websites promising you the best deal. Many of these generic coupon codes are expired, don’t work, or don’t exist. Some are even created by spam sites to generate affiliate profits with zero benefits for you.

Save up to 66% on your IPVanish plan today