Before we get to that, let’s take a look at their average prices. Get Big SAVINGS with PureVPN

Now, look at the PureVPN pricing when going through the coupon link on our site.

Notice the pricing tiers are different for subscription length. The PureVPN site offers 1-month, 3-month, and 1-month pricing. However, it gets better. There is a trick for getting a 1-year subscription at an even lower rate. You can use our coupon link for 82% off, giving you a PureVPN subscription for an incredibly low $1.99 a month. Here’s how:

Go to the prices through our coupon link Stay on the page for a moment Move your cursor to the corner and hover over the close window tab

This will trigger the following pop-up:

The window gives you five minutes to sign up, so don’t click until you’re ready to pay.

How to Tell If This Is a Real and How to Spot the Fakes

Here are some crucial aspects to look at when searching for VPN coupons, and avoid getting scammed.

1 Source of the Coupon

Avoid websites that are mainly just lists of coupons, and nothing else. These are likely fake sites, or they’ll send you on endless affiliate click-throughs. You should instead use reputable websites that are full of other VPN content, including reviews, blogs, articles, and news. It’s also helpful to look at the actual URL. If the site’s URL has “https,” it’s secure and safe.

2 Coupons That Cost Money

If you see a site that has you pay for a coupon code or VPN discount, or requires a paid membership to access them, it’s a scam. Do not waste your time and money.

Legitimate coupons should have a link back to the VPN’s website because the VPN company is advertising their discounts and coupons on someone else’s site. Always try to trace the link back to that particular VPN provider.

Is the PureVPN Coupon Real?

The PureVPN coupon we provide is genuine, and it works. However, the deal won’t last forever, so if you’re considering trying PureVPN, now could be the ideal time to invest.

Is PureVPN Secure?

PureVPN has exceptional internet security features:

256-bit AES encryption Multiple protocol compatibility Kill switch DNS/IPv6/Web RTC leak protection Ozone security add-on Ad blocking

However, PureVPN has been known to suffer from leaks in the past. With an emphasis being put on various leak protection protocols, hopefully, the issues are a thing of the past. Additionally, PureVPN has previously been shown to keep logs. We decided to ask their support team about this, and got the following response:

Other Features


PureVPN’s speeds are not the fastest, but with all servers supporting 1Gbit connections, they are adequate for transferring data quickly and streaming content in high quality without buffering or lag. The interface will connect you to the fastest server automatically. P2P is enabled, and specific servers are optimized and dedicated for file sharing and streaming to provide the best possible performance. Additionally, unlimited server switching helps avoid ISP throttling and restrictions.


Every PureVPN package offers full access to a secure network of 2,000+ servers and 300,000+ IPs, across 140+ countries. You’ll have no problem getting around geo-blocks with PureVPN. Additionally, PureVPN servers allow users to enjoy better net neutrality, with IP obfuscation and anonymous browsing for a more private and secure online experience.

The Best of the Rest

Unlimited bandwidth Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Smart devices, and more Connect up to five devices simultaneously 24/7 live chat

Can I Get PureVPN for Free?

Unfortunately, PureVPN doesn’t currently offer any free versions of their service. However, all new subscribers can benefit from a 31-day money back guarantee if not entirely satisfied with the service.

Does PureVPN work with Netflix?

PureVPN does have the capability to bypass geo-restrictions and stream Netflix content. However, the service is only compatible with Netflix US, and while that offers the largest content library, it may not be suitable for all users. If you are interested in accessing Netflix US as a traveler, ex-pat, or like the material on offer, PureVPN provides access from:

Australia United Kingdom Canada New Zealand Denmark France South Africa Singapore Germany

Final Word

PureVPN is popular for a reason. Aside from having a ton of servers, it’s easy to use, offers good speeds, and has a lot of extra features and additional add-ons that can further improve its functionality. Get Big SAVINGS with PureVPN