While Safe Wi-Fi is a VPN service it doesn’t provide the same features and specs you’re used to from actual VPN services. If you want a higher-quality VPN service, I highly recommend ExpressVPN. On top of protecting you from hackers, it also allows you to access streaming services with high speeds and change your IP address location. Best of all, if you don’t like the service, you can get a refund with its 30-day money-back guarantee. Try ExpressVPN today!

Using Verizon Safe Wi-Fi

Safe Wi-Fi is available for Android (4.4.1+) and iOS (10+), and the download, installation, and user processes are all the same.

The app is only available for the following service plans:

One Unlimited for iPhone, Welcome Unlimited Unlimited plans you can mix and match: 5G Start, 5G Play More, 5G Do More, 5G Get More, Play More Unlimited*, Do More Unlimited*, Get More Unlimited*, Above Unlimited*, Beyond Unlimited*, Go Unlimited*, the Just Kids plan* Shared Data Plan – 5GB*, Shared Data Plan – 10GB* The Verizon Plan*, most MORE Everything® plans*, Nationwide plans* Connected device plans International plans and features

After downloading the app, you then open it, follow the prompts, and then agree to the terms and conditions. You get the first 30 days for free as a trial, with the $3.99 per month being billed automatically after unless you opt-out. Everything is done from within the app, so there’s no need to navigate to your phone or tablet’s settings. Once you open the app, you can turn the ad blocker on or off and see a list of available secured and unsecured networks. You then pick your network, and turn the VPN on. Upload and download speeds are then displayed so you can monitor them as needed. Unfortunately, that’s all the app allows you to do. You can sign up for ExpressVPN instead and you don’t need to be a part of a service plan. It’s just as easy to use, and will also allow you to change your IP address to a specific region. Try ExpressVPN now

Benefits of Verizon Safe Wi-Fi

Using public wifi always comes with a sense of risk if you’re using a normal connection without any protection. Even the most amateur of hackers can come set up shop in a Starbucks, and find ways to access the computers and mobile devices of unsuspecting customers just a few feet away. VPNs offer an effective way to prevent that from happening, and apparently so does Safe Wi-Fi. It uses servers powered by trusted security company McAfee, although Verizon doesn’t say what protocol the app uses. Still, for VPN novices it’s a cheap and easy-to-use service from their own phone provider that provides a sense of security and comfort.

User Experience and Features

The Safe Wi-Fi app is incredibly easy to use, very simple, and self-explanatory, which appeals to VPN novices. It’s good that everything is handled from within the app, without the need to adjust settings within the phone manually. The ad blocker is a useful feature that makes web browsing much more seamless. It blocks pop-ups, prevents your data from being tracked, and can grey out entire ads on a webpage if needed.


Verizon Safe Wi-Fi is certainly affordable at $3.99/month, and the 30-day free trial is appreciated as well. You can even add the fee onto your current Verizon bill, rather than pay a third party separately.

Disadvantages of Verizon Safe Wi-Fi

While the network protection is good, and the ad blocker works well, this is a bare-bones VPN service that lacks all of the basic features you expect to find with a VPN. For instance, you can’t choose your server, security protocol, or IP address location, there’s no kill switch, and it only comes with 128-bit AES encryption. All you get is a secured network that hides your IP address and basic ad-blocking. There’s also the issue of an ISP providing its own VPN network protection. Verizon explicitly claims not to track browsing information, but I fully understand people not trusting that claim. Many other VPNs offer everything Safe Wi-Fi does and more, often for a cheaper or similar price. If you want a higher-quality VPN with advanced security features that give you total privacy online, I recommend you try CyberGhost. At $2.19 a month, it’s a great option for budget-conscious users. You can also try it free for 45 days using its money-back guarantee. Try CyberGhost now


It’s interesting to see a phone company provide its own VPN app for its customers, but aside from being a little awkward in theory, the Safe Wi-Fi app itself is just too minimal in what it offers. It’s basically just a safety feature for public networks, plus an ad blocker. You can get a lot more for the money elsewhere, and not have to worry about potential logging or your info being sold. If you’re looking for an effective, safe, and secure VPN for your mobile device, I strongly recommend ExpressVPN instead. It offers servers in over 94 countries, a kill switch, IKEv2/IPsec protocols, and more, along with a simple user interface, and outstanding 24/7 customer support. Plus, you can get it for just $6.67 a month — similar to Verizon’s Safe Wi-Fi pricing. If you don’t like the service, you can get a refund with the 30-day money-back guarantee. Try ExpressVPN today!